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  1. Is is possible to replace a broken aftermarket car alarm FOB without going to an installer? Meaning, once I get a replacement FOB could can I pair it with the system without special tools? its crimestopper btw
  2. Can anyone recommend a cordless power drill that's powerful enough to be used as a ratchet on cars?
  3. Thanks for the information! I'll check out the sensor.
  4. I have the following situation. 2000 kia spectra After driving for a while (car is sufficiently warmed up) and coming to a complete or near complete stop, my vehicle will backfire out of the tailpipe for about 5 seconds (not long). It is not loud or very noticeable but if it goes on for a couple of seconds the idle will drop and the car will sputter. It does not do it all the time but here the situations where it can happen: 1. Cool-cold days 2. Cool rainy days (never noticed while warm-hot outside) 3. When complete stop or slowing while going up a hill. More info... About 1 yea
  5. Good points, but ironic since you start your reply with "It sounds like it was their fault. "
  6. I am going to beat Jack to death if he offers to buy me a drink again.
  7. I overheard a conversation the other day where a guy advised another to clean out his engine by changing the oil and filter and replace one of the quarts of oil with a quart of transmission fluid. He should then drive the car for 1000 miles and change the oil as normal. Has anyone ever heard of this and is it true?
  8. I forgot to say thanks. I ended up changing the pads the weekend of that post. You were completely correct. I immediately saw the "polished" contact point on the bracket.
  9. Does a light screeching noise that goes away when braking means its time for new pads?
  10. ---from the have you been in a tornado thread.
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