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  1. This needs some tweaking but was fun to play with. I picked up Connor Vernon, Denard Robinson, and Justice Cunningham in the 7th rd. That's some great offensive talent to get that late.
  2. http://www.thefirstrow.eu/watch/137884/1/watch-tampa-bay-buccaneers-vs-washington-redskins.html
  3. Anyone else having a problem getting channelsurfing to load?
  4. Every link goes to the same feed and all of them lag like crazy.
  5. "What are we, the Ravens? We can't start down that path until London Fletcher murders someone.
  6. I'll look for it in just a bit when I'm on my lunch break. I'll pm it to those that asked if I find it. I didn't know it existed either until I saw it on another forum. If I can't find it I'll delete my post. I wouldn't want to say something like that and not be able to back it up. Keep in mind I'm not judging or trash talking Kimbo. I don't care if he had a crazy past, tons of people do. I give him a lot of credit for taking his training seriously and trying to make a career out of MMA. I'd love to see him fight some better competition so we can see where he stands.
  7. Straight from a Kimbo interview for the drugs part. I've seen the video of him in porn. I can try to find the link and pm it to you, but I obviously can't link a porn vid on the forum.
  8. Kaitlin Young http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qczQL_BAaYs
  9. Kimbo a classic rags to riches story? Wow I had no idea the classic story involved being a drug dealer and user, being a porn star then being a body guard for other porn stars, beating up a bunch of nobodies in your back yard, then getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to beat up nobodies in a new organization. I'm taking Kaitlin Young over Carano. Gina hasn't taken her MMA career seriously in 3 years now. She's done nothing but promote herself for movies, tv, etc. She's like Tito with less dedication and less accomplishments. There's nothing wrong with her trying to further othe
  10. Ok I just got back from watching this at a local bar, but the ****ing idiots had a live band playing so I had no audio the entire time. Can someone fill me in on what was said during tito's and penn's post fight interviews? Thanks in advance.
  11. Here's the biggest clue regarding Sherk's test for me. When they tested the lab for contaminates, a bottle of water came up positive for steroids. If this were a court of law and not an athletic commission the case would be over right there.
  12. Marc Laimon calls Tito Ortiz the new Ken Shamrock "A funny thing happened at UFC 40, I was in Tito’s corner, I was one of his trainers for that fight. My friend was telling me, we were drinking, celebrating afterwards, and he’s like “You know what? In a few years Tito’s gonna be (inaudible) the Ken Shamrock, getting his ass kicked”. If you look at it, people saw Tito Ortiz but Tito Ortiz isn’t really anything special. He couldn’t even finish a season of college wrestling. Now that he can’t implement his game plan on people, he’s kind of a like, he’s a dying breed and now he’s become the new K
  13. I'm taking Sherk by UD, Wandy by KO, Machida by UD, Thiago Silva by Sub, and Gouveia by KO if anyone wants to sig bet.
  14. When did I claim to know more than them? BJ and Babalu held their chokes even with the ref telling them to stop, that's what I was addressing. And if you think that they didn't know they were holding them too long then you're sadly mistaken. Babalu even said post fight that he did it intentionaly to teach Heath a lesson.
  15. LOL! I only do that when I'm quoting part of someones post instead of the whole thing. So what are the sig bets for tonight? I know there were a bunch of us talking about them but I don't remember if I actually have one or not.
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