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    Random Thought Thread

    If you are shy, but try to act confident, you end up looking sketchy.
  2. SellersHappens

    Random Thought Thread

    "The world is not beautiful, therefore it is." -Kino's Journey
  3. SellersHappens

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Guys, didn'y you see the broadcast of the Pats game? We were dominated in the Moss yards category! Only by signing Sinorice Moss can we recover.
  4. SellersHappens

    The "Ask a Mechanic" Thread

    For a while, I've had a very reliable 1994 Toyota Camry that has worked like charm for many years. However, last weekend my car overheated, and me being the stupid person that I was, I thought I could drive a new miles to the nearest service station. As I soon learned, this was a horrid idea as my car shutdown in the middle of the road. After getting my car towed and opening the hood, I soon notice that my radiator has sprung a leak. The next day I had my radiator and thermostat replaced, and the car starts just fine. I lucked out, I thought. The next day however, my car does not start, and when a car repair service looks at it, they show to be that coolant was in the engine, meaning the problem was a blown head gasket. I was given a $1500 quote for the engine repair, which is worth more than the car itself. This really surprsed me as the engine started and ran fine the previous day. I took a taxi to work the following day and I find out that the taxi driver is also a used car dealer, and he claims that he know people that would replace a blown head gasket for $200. My questions: 1) If my car has a blown head gasket, why did it start right after the radiator was replaced? 2) After talking with the first mechanic, it seemed like the parts themselves for the repair work would be over $200, and reviewing other websites, it seeems like $1000+ is the nom for head gasket repair. Am I correct in assuming that the $200 offer is very likely a scam?