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  1. If you are shy, but try to act confident, you end up looking sketchy.
  2. "The world is not beautiful, therefore it is." -Kino's Journey
  3. Guys, didn'y you see the broadcast of the Pats game? We were dominated in the Moss yards category! Only by signing Sinorice Moss can we recover.
  4. For a while, I've had a very reliable 1994 Toyota Camry that has worked like charm for many years. However, last weekend my car overheated, and me being the stupid person that I was, I thought I could drive a new miles to the nearest service station. As I soon learned, this was a horrid idea as my car shutdown in the middle of the road. After getting my car towed and opening the hood, I soon notice that my radiator has sprung a leak. The next day I had my radiator and thermostat replaced, and the car starts just fine. I lucked out, I thought. The next day however, my car does not start, and w
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