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  1. Been hearing that excuse or variants of it for 30 years
  2. Why was that not a helmet to helmet call on the tackle of Haskins. Oh thats right it wasnt rodgers who got hit
  3. yeah, held McCaffrey to 44yrds rushing and also a few sacks
  4. Ok but for me i will just say it could have been worse not he played fine
  5. Yeah i guess no td's 144 yrds and not being able to blame the qb for losing the game ranks as fine. umm 100 in the first half 8 in the second so...and 0 td's
  6. Unbelievable. AP has a 100 yrds rushing in the first half and ends up with 108. Only the deadskins, whose half time adjustments seem to be what the other teams want them to do
  7. Dude was 23 for 26 285 yrds. that aint chump change
  8. vikings had over 400yrds of offense cuosins 23 for 26 285 and you say we played well?
  9. I am so sick of joe suck. Have to listen to him fawn all over the Yankees and Nationals in the Astros playoff games
  10. Only victory I see out of this game is we held Cousins from having a huge game against us. Well there is 2, we stay on pace for a great draft pick
  11. Geez d is finally worn out 8 yrd runs each time now
  12. whats that, your right you are not what we need.
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