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  1. I have watched Zach Wilson from BYU. Now I'm not professing to be a talent scout but he looked real good. Very few mistakes, sees the field well, lots of touchdowns passing and running. Appears to have a good head on his shoulders. If you know anything about him, What is your take?
  2. I have watched him these past few years (Aggie fan) and I am not sold on him at all. Now I don't profess to be a talent scout but as far as picking in the 1st round, no way. I also followed Zach Wilson at BYU, now he is much more of a Possibilty in my humble opinion
  3. I like traditions but that is one I can't stand. I can't say why but it bugs me royally.
  4. Lol to you thinking it's over. Thete is 50 secs. And This is the Redskins you know
  5. O don't think they are trying to tank, I mean if so why did they stop Gibson from making a first down. Oh wait rhey jump offsides never mind
  6. True and I really thought winning would hurt us more then help us draft wise
  7. This team is absolutely pathetic, cant take advantage of miscues and playing what is basicly a 2nd string team. Smith is Not the answer that's for sure and we won too many games to have a shot in the draft for one of several decent qb prospects
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