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  1. My son makes me so proud. He "boos" Dallas anytime he sees them on tv. HTTR
  2. Wife went to store to get some Graeters Ice Cream and they were sold out....:mad:
  3. That sucks. I hope you find it. I lost mine waaaayyyyy back in about 7th grade then got another one the following year, yeah still rockin' it. :point2sky
  4. Just downloaded the app "mafia wars" on my touch, anyone else here play it?
  5. Anyone have a 8gb Ipod Touch? If so, do you like it? I'm thinking I should probably just go with the 32gb, or is it best to wait for the new ones?
  6. Is it true the 8gb Ipod touch doesn't support GL language for games?
  7. Awesome!!!! Post a pic if you can man. Enjoy.
  8. Thanks MissU28, I also teach 7th. You're right it's amazing what parents will let their kids walk out of the house with.
  9. Didn't know if this was worth it's on thread, if you think it is, I'll make one. At school on Friday the students were allowed to dress up, and there is a costume contest at the end of the day. The assistant principal and I were talking about costumes when he mentioned there was a 6th grader dressed as furniture. He finally told me she was a night stand. I was shocked. I explained to him that it meant "one night stand" and she should not be allowed to be in the contest. I told him it wasn't my decision to decide how to handle her (I had never seen this student before, don't know anyt
  10. something to get your blood really pumping: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lb6_opxV1TA
  11. There might be a thread on this somewhere, but just decided to put it here. Lewis to Smith to Campbell who then has to check his wristband....wow, I fear we will see a lot of delay of game penalties tonight.
  12. So what 1 o'clock game is everyone watching? I've got the browns-packers game on and am watching GB Pitt.
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