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  1. Howdy Z
    As you may or may not know, I'm with TheBayNet.com, local southern maryland news website. I wanted to let you know we'll be doing something interesting for churches this Christmas..  we are going to make a page that have small-self contained little websites  for churches that want in. (in comparison to newsprint, they are about 3¾" x 4¼)
    It will have your events calendar, worship schedules, and google map pinpointing your church so folks can get directions, links to your site and social media pages. it offers a lot more info that the usual newspaper ad on their worship pages, and a viewer can navigate within your ad to a lot of different information.
    we're going to promote it heavily, offer an alternative to the costly (and underperforming) print options.
    if you'd like more info, let me know and we can get you together with one of our account staff.
    A full time worship section is already in development and should be ready as we begin the new year.



    1. Zguy28


      Cool. I will take it to the other pastors and see what they think. Thanks!

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