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  1. Android users...

    Download FakeGPS app (then have set default Mock GPS app in Developer Settings... pretty easy)... then download the free Locast app. Set your FakeGPS location for DC area (or anywhere you want in the country to watch any game where Locast app is supported)... Then launch Locast... You'll then get all local channels from where you set your location. I used to do all this with YouTubeTV, but that has not worked recently... but It does work with Locast and I can see just about any game in the country live from here in North Carolina.

    Then if you have a Chromecast device on your TV you can cast the game from your phone to the TV.


    This set up has worked flawless for me. Locast does interrupt the broadcast with some ads about every 10-15 min... but you can have those removed for $5/mo... 

  2. On 11/12/2020 at 10:14 AM, slinky said:

    this is probably just dumb, but regarding the name change I want to live in a world where i still get to see Redskins when I read the news about the WFT. So, I added a chrome plugin that changes any reference to "Redskins" to "Redskins". This will let me live somewhat in my alternative reality for a while longer. Sorry if this doesn't belong in this thread.


    I love this false-reality I am living in when i can see news headlines like this. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, DefinitelyMaybe said:

    So Deandre Baker has all charges dropped against him


    Would you give him a call if you were Ron?

    apparently they arrested the plaintiff's attorney on extortion charges... so, yea, why not sign Deandre if things were never as bad as they seemed? 


    he'll be on the on the Bucs, Seahawks, Packers or... roster in 3-2-1...

  4. i am 100% positive Rivera just grabbed any bag he had lying around for his hospital visit, but I love seeing that he grabbed the one with the most beautiful NFL logo the league has ever seen... HTTR! (someone on twitter posted this trying to rip on Rivera instead of congratulating him on his last cancer treatment).

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