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    The Bill Callahan era began here at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. For the first quarter it was really,really bad football being played by both teams. 
    The Redskins were determined to establish the Run game. The First Quarter all they established was that they still couldn’t run. Or pass. Or do much of anything. 
    It wasn’t until the 2nd Quarter that Peterson was able to start ripping the worst Run D in the League for chunks of 18 & 24 yards. The Skins managed to score a TD with a 25 yard pass to Scary Terry McLaurin. 
    The Dolphins would open the Second Half only managing five plays before the Redskins would get the ball punted back to them. They would run a balanced run/pass attack of six plays for 70 yards in 1:25 ending in McLaurin’s second touchdown of the day. The Defense would then get a turnover allowing the Offense to get to Field Goal range and add another 3 points to make the score 17-3. 
    To open the Fourth Quarter, Hopkins would miss a 55 yard Field Goal, leaving the score at 17-3.  After being sacked five times, the Dolphins would pull their own switcharoo at QB and go to Ryan “Neckbeard” Fitzpatrick which resulted in a touchdown drive for them, making it 17-10. They went for & recovered the Onside Kick. They also managed to not score any points after that. The Dolphins would find theirselves with ball at the 2:00 Warning. Fitzpatrick would take them on a 9 play 75 yard touchdown drive with six seconds remaining on the clock. Miami went for the win with the 2 Point Conversion and failed. The Redskins would recover the onside kick by Miami and Keenum took a knee to get the Redskins their first win of the season. 
  2. TK
    In sales, there's a saying when you just can't get one on the books. A deal is like a jar of olives. They're there. You know they're there, but they're just not coming out because they're packed in tightly in the jar. But then when you eventually get that first one out, the rest start to come out easily.
    Three weeks into the Season and the Redskins are still shaking their olive jar trying to get that first win. This weekend is their third Divisional game in four weeks. They're on the road and facing a rookie Quarterback in his second start. The Giants are also without their First Round running back pick from last year in Saquon Barkley. And OBJ was shipped off to Cleveland during the offseason. 
    Is this the week the Redskins finally take a hammer to their olive jar and smash out their first win? 
    Vote now! As usual, poll will close at kickoff. 
  3. TK
    The Redskins have opened their 2019 season with two losses. Both against Divisional foes. Now they get to close out Week 3 at home on Monday Night against the visiting 1-1 Chicago Bears. The Bears don't have much of an offense but seem to have what may be an elite defense.
    On the flip side, the Redskins have a developing passing attack and a disastrous defense. The Redskins haven't had a Defense this vanilla since Mike Nolan received his ice cream. Oh, and the Redskins already have more guys on IR then any other team this season. 
    Will the Redskins finally put one in the win column? 
    As usual, poll closes at kickoff. Go vote!
  4. TK
    In today's Divisional Debacle, the Defense under Greg Manusky in the first half, gave up 207 yards of offense (105 rushing/102 passing) and two touchdowns.  That said, they did manage a single INT on which the Offense actually managed to score a touchdown off of. They allowed 12 of 16 passes to be completed . 
    In the second half it was 107 yards given up (58 rushing//49 passing) a field goal and a touchdown. They traded their first half pick for a second half sack. However, Dallas completed all five of their pass attempts. 
    Don't read that thinking "Well it seems like they tightened up some in the 2nd half."  They didn't. They simply had about half the plays in the second half. 30 plays in the First and 18 in the Second.
    So far in two Divisional matchups, the Defense has faltered in the Second half. They start out like a house of fire for the first few drives until their opponents gradually make adjustments. This Defensive coaching staff fails make any adjustments, whether in game or at the very least at Halftime. They've given up over 30 points per game for a total of 63 points given up in two games. While the Bears are up next, the Pats await and they've put up over 70 points in two games. Yeah. Ok. They did shut out the Dolphins today which is looking like the NFL version of ... ahem... shooting fish in a barrel. 
    The frustrating thing is Manusky is the DC that the Front Office actively looked to replace during the off season without firing him. When you know they're looking to replace you, most people would make a concentrated effort to show an improvement. Yet Manusky's Defense still keeps acting like it's starring in Groundhog Day.
    In his post game presser, when asked directly about if any coaching changes would be made, Gruden said "No, I think after two games – you’re talking about playing two very good offensive football teams and two of the best offensive lines in pro football we just played back-to-back. That’s no excuse whatsoever, but I don’t think we need to hit the panic button yet. We just have to continue to focus on what we can do better to win. Get Jonathan [Allen] in here, get a couple of our corners back in here and let’s go back and strap it up against Chicago [Bears] next week and see what happens.” 
    Here's another frustrating thing. The defensive communication was an issue last season as well. Wasn't this supposed to have been worked on during OTA's and Training Camp? It's understandable that the rookies would still be on a learning curve, but NFL vets like Collins and DRC you'd think they would have down by the start of the season. 
    Gruden said they're a very talented group on Defense but that they weren't reaching them. When questioned as to why the coaching staff that has been in place for several years, wasn't reaching them, he defended the comment as them being a young defense. “We have some moving parts now. Landon Collins is a veteran guy but this is his first year, [Montez] Sweat’s in his first year, [Cole] Holcomb, it’s his first year, [Jon] Bostic is in his first year. We’re playing Dominique [Rodgers-Cromartie] at corner and this is Jimmy Moreland’s first year, so it’s not like we are the most experienced group. We feel like were very talented, but we`re still fighting through somethings. There are a lot of things to look forward to, without a doubt, but we do have to play better and strap it up and get back to work."

  5. TK
    Last year the Redskins home opener was 57,013 which was roughly 20,000 empty seats. And the Redskins had a 1-0 record
    Two years ago, home opener attendance was announced as 78,658. 
    This Sunday, the Redskins have their home opener in a Week 2 Divisional matchup against the 1-0 Dallas Cowboys. 
    Cast your vote now & feel free to discuss below. 
    Poll closes at Kickoff.
  6. TK
    Let's start off by saying that if an NFL game was only 30 minutes long, then the Redskins would have left Philly with an easy win. They out controlled the Eagles with 16:41 on Time of Possession. It only took them 4:06 on their opening drive to go 80 yards in 7 plays when Keenum hit Vernon Davis on a short pass to the right sideline. Davis would hurdle the defender, not get touched down, and take it to the End Zone to hush the crowd. 

    Rookie WR Terry McLaurin would introduce himself to the League in their 3rd drive. The drive started with a 2 yard run by Guice, a Time Out, and then Keenum hits McLaurin for a 69 yard Touchdown. This 52 second drive put the Redskins up 17-0 & in cruise control. 

    It wouldn't be until a little over four minutes before the Half that the Eagles would avoid the shut out as the Defense would get torched by DJax for his first touchdown of 51 yards. It was like the old days before Chip Kelly released him and the Skins signed him. It doesn't matter who's running the Defense or who's playing on Defense, it just seems that the Redskins have yet to find a way to stop him. Well, except for that time they signed him. Maybe they should have found the cap space to re-sign him.
    For an Offense that was believed to go through Guice and the run game, Guice could never get going in the First Half. Philly would continue to stack the box & take away the run. Even if AP wasn't a healthy scratch today, he may not have made much of a difference. The run game game managed to sputter out a measly 31 yards. Case Keenum managed to overcome this though the air with 257 passing yards.

    At the Half it was Redskins 20 - Eagles 7. 
    And then the wheels came off. In the Second Half the Eagles would flip the script and control the clock. The Eagles would come back with three unanswered touchdowns, one with a 2 point conversion, and a field goal. It would take the Redskins all the way to the final seconds of the game before they'd score again. Keenum would hit Quinn with a 4 yard touchdown pass to cut the final score to 32-27. 
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