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  1. What will the Redskins roster makeup/strategy be?

    Wasn't sure where to post this but out here in San Diego I was listening to the Dan Sileo show on 97.3 the fan on the way into work this morning. Coincidentally, they had Jay Gruden on because I guess he and Sileo go way back. It was a great interview but the one takeaway I had was how pumped up he seemed when talking about the state of the roster. Sileo asked him straight up, "Is this the best collection of talent you've had since being in DC?" And I have never heard Jay so excited when speaking about the state of the roster. The thing I love about Jay, is he doesn't sugarcoat things. So when he says something positive, or sounds optimistic, you can take him at face value more than a lot of head coaches out there, like say a Shanahan. He also seemed pretty jazzed about Payne now that he's gotten a look at him up close and personal. Stressed balance and again mentioned stopping the run and running the football. If they get better in those two areas, which they should, it will be big. We know Jay is going to scheme an offense that can throw the football. I think he's proven that. Combine that with a team that is strong up front on both sides and you could have something there. He seemed to indicate that in his interview and has total belief that we can take the East this year. Just thought I would pass it along.
  2. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    This Kirk discussion ends up going in circles because there is a segment that complains about lowball offers and disrespecting Kirk and “They are paid to evaluate and to know.” Then there’s another segment that acknowledges that many factors (some of their own wrong doing, right about that) created an extremely unprecedented situation, and that while Kirk had the leverage of the franchise tag in his back pocket, he was never worth top 5 QB money. The disagreement from segment number two doesn’t stem from not understanding that yes, in the grand scheme of things, the Redskins didn’t present him offers that he would reasonably expect on the open market. That’s fairly obvious. The disconnect is that some don’t believe he was worth the average salary of the top 5 players at the position. But also didn’t want to lose him and would hope that he would accept a more team friendly deal so that a strong roster could be put around him. Which is what some believe he needs in order to be a QB that regularly contends for the playoffs. You know, like how he already proved he couldn’t win a playoff game with an average or injury riddled roster here in DC for the past 3 seasons. The biggest blunder, and one that I have already stated I highly disagree with, was letting Kirk play another year on the franchise tag. And the reasoning behind it probably was half trying to keep him away from the Shanahans and half to keep butts in seats and remain competitive. It was extremely short sighted on the FO’s part and I called for them to trade Kirk last off-season because of it because we could have gotten really good value. Instead we milked him for one pointless year and had to lose Fuller so that we didn’t take a step backward at the position. Dumb. However, this is the one reason I’m not completely livid. http://www.espn.com/blog/washington-redskins/post/_/id/35994/in-contracts-for-kirk-cousins-alex-smith-new-teams-got-what-they-wanted There are a lot of respected opinions out there that think we upgraded at Quarterback. Most likely it’s a lateral move and they will bring different strengths to the table. Worst case scenario we take a small step back. Yet we will be allocating a significantly less percentage of the cap toward the QB position. That’s a win no matter how you slice it. It means more money to allocate to the rest of the team, which as the Eagles just proved, does matter. I do think they deserve credit for not going outside of their comfort range and ponying up what was needed to keep him in DC. We’ve seen what that can do to franchises like the Ravens and Seahawks. And I do think they deserve credit for making the best out of a really messy situation. The thing I’m most excited about with Alex is what he seemingly will bring as a leader and his ability to win. There’s no denying Smith has won some games, much more than Cousins has. So while it blows losing Fuller, I will say I’m excited to watch Smith and see what this season brings us.
  3. I'm sorry you took it as a jab but it was merely a way of expressing that I think your view on FA, if followed by the team, would cause them to run into trouble resigning our own who we value to second contracts. It's not like I attacked you or labeled you anything. Your Macro view on FA is what I said above. If you are going to sign someone, make it worth your while. 1 Calais Cambell>2 McC's. Is that not correct? Because yes, I do agree Campbell is a hit while the McC's weren't. But the McC's also have 50% of the cap hit that campbell carries. And we have already ridded ourselves of one. They don't affect our ability to resign a Preston Smith nearly as much as Campbell would have. And the McC's clearly were not long term solutions in the FO mind, as evidenced by the drafting of Jonathan Allen and Daron Payne in consecutive first rounds. They were bodies, stop gaps. McGee looks like he could be a decent rotational piece as well. In a vaccum, I agree with your premise. It's better to pay elite money to a really good player than it is to pay average money to below average players. I just think that fails to see the big picture. No doubt we would have been better with Campbell. But how much better? And are we better in 2019 going forward with a 33 year old Campbell and losing Smith to FA and trying to replace him through the draft? Or Smith on a second contract entering his prime and plugging the DL with high draft picks. Which we did. It's just an example, but I think it paints an accurate picture of how these decisions need to be viewed. Like I said, I think it's great to use FA as a tool. The Richardon's and Garcons, Cornelious Griffins, and Marcus Washingtons are my favorite types of FA signings. A bit riskier, but young guys that are actually capable of out performing their contracts if you hit on them. And I too would rather us totally avoid a McClain and get a young guy in there instead of wasting money on a JAG. But I think you need to be careful throwing large sums of money on veteran players just because they upgrade your team in the here and now. Aka Campbell, DRC.
  4. Again, it’s pretty clear with how they are operating here they have a strong belief some of the guys in house are more than capable. Were you confident in nickel CB going into last year? Was Fuller considered who he is today? It’s beginning to make sense why you couldn’t quite understand my take on the Bruce Allen situation. You run with things that are inconsequential to the point at hand. I pointed out Newman since you asked and could only think of Vernon Davis. My post didn’t at all center around the idea that Scandrick was going to beat the odds. Like at all. I think it’s safe to assume since he’s still a FA that his asking price didn’t match what ball clubs valued him at. They probably wanted to sign him at a certain price but once that price reached a level that was uncomfortable for us we decided to go a different direction. If they thought corner was that dire, they most likely pony up for him, or somebody else. It’s not the strongest spot on the team but its not dire. And certainly more passable than our current LG situation. 6 million you don’t have to roll over to next year for Smith/Scherff extension purposes. Never said it wasn’t an important position. It’s just obvious you aren’t seeing the plan or motive behind not giving a veteran a large sum of money. Scandrick isn’t even guaranteed to make the roster. And that’s because it’s clear there is a lot of hope that Dunbar and Moreau are more than capable of stepping up into CB 2/3. Not sure why you think they are blindly running with Holsey and hoping for the best. I pointed out that he does indeed have a good amount of potential himself but I don’t think he’s the sole reason another really good CB wasn’t added to the roster or Bree wasn’t brought back. Dunbar and Moreau much more so. I think it’s a bad guess. Wouldn’t be surprised to see it done this offseason. If we do let him go, count me in the group of not approving. I might even start ripping Bruce Allen a new one. Wow that really hit home huh? Strike a nerve or something? It doesn’t change the fact that you straight up argue that if you sign someone, make it worth your while and open up the checkbook. That’s great and all, but that does in fact have a tangible effect on the roster as a whole. Spend 6M on Cromartie, ok check slot corner is strengthened. But now 6M less to roll over to next off season to extend Smith. Just an example but that is how these decisions are weighed. I highly doubt that a team who’s defensive coordinator who has gone on record as saying “you can never have enough good corners” would roll into the season feeling that position is suspect. There’s a reason they aren’t bringing Breeland back, even at the discounted rate. We will never know exactly why, but I think it’s fair to say part of it is that they think Moreau and Dunbar will become really good players. Or perhaps theirs the internal belief that Holsey will be the real deal. Whatever it is, I can assure you that if they thought CB was that weak, DRC or someone of his price tag would have been inked. Too important of a position and they realize that. I get that player development is a relatively new concept for everyone here since we were so bad at it for so many years. But these are the first few years we are beginning to operate like the Steelers/Patriots do. Players move on because we don’t value them or want to go in a different direction. And their replacements are in house. And even though their replacements haven’t broken onto the scene yet, the belief is that they eventually will. It definitely feels more unsettling because who knows if the plan pans out and that those guys materialize. You never do know until you see it consistently on the field. But that is what is going on here, we’re beginning to rely on in house replacements before they have broken out. I won’t lie, super strange and foreign concept for a Skins fan. But a healthy one I think.
  5. Not going to bat for Scandrick but a few things here. It's already been laid out that we couldn't get another draft pick. Best case scenario was one of our comp picks got bumped up to a higher round, though that's unlikely with Bree's situation and being this late into the off season. There are actually a few that come to mind. Sticking with the CB Dallas theme, Terrance Newman was said to be washed up in Dallas and had some productive seasons with Cinci/Minny. There are many more examples of productive players a bit past their prime with down years that return to form with a change of scenery/scheme/coaches, etc. But that's besides the point. It would be much more the point if we were relying on Scandrick to be anything other than veteran insurance. If you signed Cromartie for the 6-8 M or whatever he was looking for this off-season you do 2 things. For one, you prevent Dunbar and Moreau from getting the reps and experience that the coaching staff clearly believes they deserve. Both are outside guys but can play inside if need be. And 2, you throw a fairly sizable chunk of cap space at a 32 year old that could either be used this off season to extend a guy like Preston or rolled over to next off season when we will need to resign Smith and start thinking about extending Scherff. IDK who said anything about being all in on Holsey but to be honest I don't think there is anything wrong with that. It would be a huge risk for sure, but when he was a 4 star recruit with a ton of talent who showcased in 31 games in College he could line up with some of the best SEC receivers. We're talking about a guy who if he doesn't have his injury history that would have gone much higher. Just like Fuller and Moreau, except he had 2 major injuries and not one. Huge risk in that department, but from a pure talent standpoint this is not your typical 7th rounder. And I think he showed that in pre season last year. I really like Stroman as well. So signing a Scandrick allows you to have somebody with experience that has played a bunch of games in this league should the young guys not materialize. However, his contract also means he isn't even guaranteed to make the team should the young guys prove up to the task. Cromartie means we aren't giving as many opportunities for Dunbar/Moreau to take the next step. And also probably means we don't have room for a Holsey/Stroman even if they prove worthy bc we can't cut the guy set to make 6M. I also wouldn't have this level of confidence in this approach if it weren't for Gray coaching. I think Gray is a major coup for us and was a big reason Fuller made such a gigantic leap from year 1 to 2. I expect similar for some of these other guys, and that wouldn't happen if Cromarties price tag demanded he be on the team. Difference was we were relying on Reyes to be a key contributor as our DL was in shambles. CB might not be an absolute strength considering the question marks but it's also not nearly as questionable as our DL was when Reyes was brought in. I would be absolutely shocked if Smith does not get a second contract with us. That would be a HUGE mistake IMO. Preston is a really good player just entering his prime at one of the most impactful positions in the game. Though I will say, how you envision FA should be used would lend itself to not being able to retain an important one of our own. The only time I recommend going out and signing a big name on the market is if you make it to the NFC championship game lets say the year before and you think he's the missing piece to bringing a lombardi home. Otherwise, it just hinders your ability to reward the guys YOU drafted and developed and instill a healthy locker room culture.
  6. What will the Redskins roster makeup/strategy be?

    I'm not sure about the positional breakdown and we probably won't have a better idea until training camp and pre season. But I do think with the way QB contracts are, and just veteran contracts in general, that it is absolutely imperative to have as many guys on rookie contracts as possible to balance it out. The best way to create a window to contend without a Rodgers at QB is to string together 2-3 really strong draft classes in a row. And the best way to do that is to have more picks. Which is why I am stoked we have 11 picks next year in addition to what looks to be 2 very strong classes back to back.
  7. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Yeah, my initial reaction to that poll was really? I'm sure there are some good ones out there, but a lot of agents are probably just as slimy and sleazy as Brucey boy.
  8. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Thanks for sharing, definitely seems Doug has his imprints on the personnel side. Curious to hear him say they valued Guice as a first rounder but were still willing to drop back to 59 and potentially pass on the opportunity to land him. There were a ton of rumblings that NFL FO people thought rounds 2-4 were the meat of the draft and adding an extra pick for them I guess trumped taking a first round talent at RB. Not sure I really agree with that, I would have drafted Guice at 44 and called it a day. Somehow, someway we still ended up with the guy. So guess it worked out...
  9. Per PFT: Scott Campbell Out as Senior Personnel Executive

    I've already admitted that a lot of what is said about his personality is probably true. You keep saying that the other guys in the FO don't get disrespected. Sure, I get that. But Bruce is the guy at the top of the totem pole. The other guys aren't. If Bruce left, and the Redskins don't perform, bet your bottom dollar the guy who takes over or Snyder would then be the subject of negativity within the media. That's just how big sports towns media like DC operates. a=And the National Media is pretty slanted toward the Skins, a lot of it probably having to do with the name controversy. Wouldn't expect that to change with Bruce's departure. And my point is, since the broth is good, why is the guy who heads the operation so hated? He clearly isn't adversely affecting the broth or getting in the way of having productive drafts and off-seasons. I think if Bruce were that poisonous, the broth wouldn't be good in the first place and you would be able to tell. You seem to place a really big emphasis on likability. I'm sorry, but if the dude is a tough negotiator and comes as a douche to the agents and media, I don't give a crap. As long as it doesn't impact our ability to build a quality football team or attract talent (which it doesn't seem to) then I literally could care less. I've worked with and for tons of people I don't like because of their personalities. That's inevitable in any industry. As long as it doesn't affect the results personnel wise, which I happen to really like the past two off-seasons, then it really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. I'm not sure what's so confusing to you. I am bothered and have admitted as much. That IS why I post on the matter. You are just off on what is bothersome to me and I am done trying to explain since you clearly don't get it. You really just can't drop Bruce lol. OK all of this I agree with. Again, for Point C I just think you play way too much emphasis on perception. Haven't we come to the conclusion that Bruce doesn't run personnel? Or if he does, he's not doing a terrible job lol. Question. If everything remained constant regarding personnel the last 2 off-seasons except for Bruce wasn't the team president, would that drastically change the prospects of the team in your opinion? Not perception, but on-field performance.
  10. Per PFT: Scott Campbell Out as Senior Personnel Executive

    In short, I find it misguided and the hostility toward him not fitting. When Ceratto was here, and we were trading 3rd and 4th rounders for TJ friggin Duckett, I loathed the guy. He was an OK talent evaluator it seemed, but had zero idea of the big picture. And it resulted in a crumbling roster and some embarrassing stretches of play on the field that were masked somewhat by Gibbs' coaching. And If you look at our roster around the time Shanahan took over, so right after Vinny left, it was literally embarrassing the level of talent we were trotting out. Much of that was paying the price for all of the traded draft picks and bad free agent signings during the Vinny era. Griffin was the only shining light during the Shanny years. So when Vinny was dismissed, I literally celebrated it. So it's not like I have some weird affinity for protecting the Redskins FO members. It is correct that this is a Redskins message board and totally appropriate to delve into the FO and discuss. My frustration definitely stems from the fact that the team is still portrayed in a similar vein as it was during the Vinny era. I find that pretty remarkable. Then again, Dan made so many embarrassing transgressions over the years, on and off the field, that he made himself and the Redskins an easy target. That along with the name. So I can see why it still happens. It will take a few contending seasons in a row for the narrative to begin to shift. Winning does cure everything. But no, I don't really care about the criticism leveled at Bruce. I think he acts as Dan's shield and takes some of it on unfairly. But again, if he were to be reassigned or go work for the Raiders, I wouldn't suddenly think we were destined to suck. Similarly, I wouldn't think his departure would mean the glory years would automatically circle back around. Again, I'm convinced after two stellar drafts (IMO) in a row that Jay and now Kyle Smith know how to find talent. I think our coaching staff and position coaches in particular are excellent and it shows with the huge increase in player development. And I totally trust Schaeffer is another driving force behind allocating money responsibly and retaining our own. So if Bruce were to move on or go work on the stadium, I think we have the setup to succeed here. Proof is in the pudding though, have to see what happens on the field this year.
  11. Per PFT: Scott Campbell Out as Senior Personnel Executive

    Don't have the time or energy to discuss point for point with both of you but do appreciate the debate and responses. I don't at all feel like my position is that hard to understand. I'm not backtracking or being disingenuous and I stand behind everything I've ever said as totally meaning it. I guess a lot of what I say is either not being adequately communicated, or maybe I'm just being misunderstood. Not sure, but if we were talking in person maybe my attitude or feelings would be more clearly communicated. Sometimes hard to do that on a message board. I love our last two drafts. I love the fact that we don't totally ignore free agency but rather use it as a tool to augment the roster. Basically, you could say, I am in total agreement that this is the best way to build a contender since we don't have a HOF QB to fall back on. My stance wouldn't change if Bruce were reassigned or let go. He happens to be the team president while all of these positives, in my opinion, are taking place. So yeah, chalk me up as confused at the level of hostility directed his way. I choose not to partake, because I care way more about the actual moves taking place. And not trying to figure out the inner workings of Redskins Park, which is a futile exercise in my opinion. I don't trust the local media at all when it comes to reporting accurately or fairly about the team. Just like all of us, I want to see the Redskins win. And talent and stability wins, both of which we now have. That's all I really care about. We will see if that translates to 10+ wins this year. And again, there is a huge difference between defending Bruce as you say, and simply dismissing much of the media hoopla surrounding him as overblown and inconsequential to the part that really matters when it comes to success in the National Football League. Which is building a talented roster and winning football games. I am choosing to take this stance BEFORE they actually prove they are capable of becoming a consistent contender. That is probably part of the confusion and why my stance is somewhat unpopular. I am of the belief that they were a playoff team last year derailed by injuries. I think we got even better this off season. So I operate from that vantage point. There are things I like that Bruce has presumably brought to the team. And there are things I don't like. More good than bad, but again, I don't really think he's the main driving force behind personnel decisions. I think Jay and Kyle Smith (previously Scott) are. Which to me, indicates someone that is allowing the experts do their job. Another reason why I think the media spin about Bruce is overplayed and overblown and not factual. I don't think all of the things I am praising would be taking place were that truly the case. Not going to open up the Kirk can of worms again, but all I will say is that was an extremely complex situation dictated by very unusual circumstances. And I attempted to shed light on some of those and explain that I thought Kirk should shoulder some of the responsibility for not working out a LTA. If that means I love Bruce and hate Kirk, so be it. And lastly, the press conference. Once again, it seems some have a very difficult time discerning defending and dismissing. My take was similar to Cooleys. It backfired, but just didn't think it was that big of a deal. I re read it a year later, and it still didn't seem like that big of a deal. I realize that's a unique take and I'll own it. But that's very different than me saying "Bruce should have absolutely conducted that press conference." Nothing good can come from airing negotiations in public. But again, just not a huge deal. I don't care to partake in a media firestorm for a 3 paragraph and 30 second long message that basically detailed we offered Kirk a long term deal, he chose to play on the franchise tag, and we are excited to see what this season has in store and hope to come to an agreement in the future. I hope this doesn't trigger some long drawn out response about following the whole process closely and paying attention to what everyone is saying. I get it. I just don't care nor care to join in with the pitchforks. If that makes me a Bruce lover, so be it
  12. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    @HTTRDynasty agreed on those 3. Settle it doesn’t bode well for in my opinion. Big school, talented. Maybe we just got lucky and some other teams reached on other guys and pushed him to down to us in the 5th. But there has to be a reason he fell so far.
  13. Per PFT: Scott Campbell Out as Senior Personnel Executive

    Don’t disagree that perception matters. I just think a lot of it is way overblown. And so you agree with Vegas’ over under being at 6? And all of the mock drafters who have us in the top ten? And with that article you posted above with Loverro claiming that staying with the Redskins organization for 17 years must mean you have a character defect? That’s honestly a pretty disgusting and disrespectful thing to say but whatever. People like you eat that stuff up. Because those are just a few examples of the widespread poo pooing on the Washington Redskins. You think that aligns with the reality that the Redskins had 2 winning seasons in a row, followed by a more than competitive team for most of the year before injuries absolutely undid them and derailed their season? Because while nothing to celebrate, these last three years don’t really indicate to me that we are destined for a top ten pick this year. That’s what I mean by misalignment. If you agree with those predictions for the team and buy takes like Loverros selling (which you seem to) then the narrative of the organization is properly aligned with reality in your opinion. Which is why we disagree. Never gave Bruce credit for the draft or said that. Thank god you aren’t our de facto GM is all I gotta say. You can’t sign everybody to second contracts with the current cap structure and the QB position requiring such a large chunk of cap. You just can’t. It’s also not realistic to expect you are going to trade all of the players for picks in the same round they are drafted in while on their rookie contracts. Teams don’t do that. Recouping a 5th and 2 6ths for those guys is a huge win. Gives you more at bats and chances for hits. That’s potentially a Tim Settle, Shaun Dion Hamilton, and Kyshon Jarrett right there. So the fact you speak so negatively about this tells me we also strongly disagree on how a roster should be built. I’ve commented on not getting value for Kirk as something I really disagreed with. Unfortunately, I wasn’t around on here posting but I was beating the trade Kirk in the 2017 offseason drum pretty hard. So when they forwent that opportunity and then decided they weren’t going to sign him long term or figured out he didn’t want to be there, that was pretty inexcusable in my mind. Seemed strictly short term. Big no no. I don’t care that some would use it as a punchline. I really could care less. So much more has changed other than overspending in free agency. But sure, keep thinking like that. Idk what you’re getting at. It feels like more of you thinking I love Bruce. You are confusing indifference with support. I could care less about Bruce. If he were dismissed tomorrow, I think we’d be just fine and I’d lose zero sleep over his departure. I just think him being labeled this narcissistic, manipulative, cancerous FO figure is super overblown and wrongly detracts attention away from a lot of really exciting and promising things going on with the Redskins right now. Strange detour because it’s really not applicable to me. Not only are the points of my post not intended to defend Bruce, but I don’t trash players in favor of supporting Bruce. I think it’s mega weird that you assume that’s what I am doing or that’s my view. And if you weren’t actually projecting that on me, then yeah, I agree it’s mega weird to stick up for the FO over the players on the team. Man we’ve switched places then. I was livid at the thought of John Beck. It’s OK that you hate Bruce, I’m really not offended by it. I find it funny but not offended. You literally admit he plays the figurehead role, yet spend so much time posting about how you can’t gloss over he’s the weak link. And me saying I don’t understand all of the hate for Bruce and that I like what the Redskins are building does not = I love Bruce Allen. I think he’s brought or at least now oversees a much more conducive and productive way to building a roster. And for that, I personally don’t hate him or understand all of the hostility toward him. It doesn’t mean I think he’s our savior or screwed without him or some savvy talent evaluator. I don’t know why that’s so hard for you to understand. Bruce brought Jay.
  14. Per PFT: Scott Campbell Out as Senior Personnel Executive

    I guess I’m trying to understand how something so convoluted inside Redskins Park with Bruce at the head of everything produces anything but terrible results on the field? I mean, with how poorly we used to be run at the top it was no surprise to me that we were literally terrible with a roster in shambles. So I gather you are saying it’s possible we fluke ourselves into ten wins despite being weighed down by a terrible FO? Because maybe that’s the root of the disagreement. I don’t think you luck yourself into competency and succeed in spite of such a convoluted and messed up structure. I think you start making competent decisions which leads to a competent roster and competent results on the field. This was a joke, hence the smiley. Lighten up Francis. What strawman arguments? I feel like I’m not even trying to argue anything lol. I just think it’s funny how hated Bruce Allen is and how saying anything of the like or bringing that to light means I love Bruce Allen. I am legitimately so confused with what you are even saying. I said I don’t think he’s running the draft so it’s dumb to say what that Eagles beat guy said. As in it doesn’t apply so why tweet it in the first place? And then why post it here (I know it wasn’t you) as if it’s indicative or representative or relevant for that matter to how other perceive the Redskins as. How does that imply I don’t acknowledge separation of duties? And why are separation of duties such a bad thing? Schaffer is the capologist, super intelligent it seems. Steady and level headed so it appears. Probably a good influence on Dan. There’s been an emphasis on turning over the scouting department (finally) and Kyle Smith seems to head the draft board. Doug is a facilitator and good face to the media. Bruce I guess decides tie breakers and takes the heat off Snyder lol. What exactly is the big deal? I feel like you are talking definitively about the structure not being conducive to success when it has, at the very least, no matter how you slice it, lead to a much better roster and more competitive team on sundays. Which is all I care about.