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  1. Trent Williams convert to LG, Will Shields #HOF

    Trent Williams is absolutely one of the GREAT players in this league.
  2. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    @Skinsinparadise Let me ask you this and then I'm going to drop it because this is evolving into much more Kirk than Alex talk. Have you ever stopped and thought it was less about "winning" the negotiation and more about not giving into unreasonable contract demands based off of his career to date? For me, this isn't really about siding with Bruce vs Kirk. It's about not overpaying based on his value. I just can't help but think about when Josh Norman and Desean Jackson were suddenly released and we basically locked them down and signed them to large deals. We seem to have a system in place where we place a value on a player and don't really budge from that number much. But if we value you, we're going to get it done. So is it possible that a lot of Bruce's frustration was that Kirk didn't at all seem interested in playing ball and instead took offense to the "low ball" initial offer? Is it possible that Bruce was heeding the advice of Scott and didn't agree that Kirk was worth THAT much? Maybe he thought eventually Kirk would see we had a pretty good thing going here with a good system in place, really solid coaching staff, good OL, and some solid weapons and would meet somewhere in the middle? A lot of it is conjecture, but it seems like Kirk's attitude was, "if you pay me an exorbitant amount of money I'll stay. Otherwise I'm bouncing. So pony up or I'm out of here." I don't doubt that the guy who brushes his teeth with Coors light isn't as good of a dude as the Midwestern boy who drives his grandmas van and has a reverend father. But does any of that have any bearing on what I just said above? Do you honestly believe Kirk made a good faith effort to sign with the Redskins? Like Kirk was all about it but then Bruce was so much of a douche bag that he ruined it for him? I have an extremely hard time that's how it went down, but that's kind of the picture you paint. It just seems to me there was a fundamental disagreement between the FO and Kirk's party on how much he was worth. And that Bruce's little jersey rants were because Kirk wanted the brinks truck backed up to him or he wouldn't budge. Both sides pretty clearly were rigid in their stance, so why is one an incompetent douche and the other a golden goose who got screwed over? I have such a hard time wrapping my head around that concept. I 100% agree Bruce is the main reason Kirk isn't here. I trust all the beat guys on that. But for me it's more about, "Was Bruce wrong to not cater to his contract demands?" And I don't think he was. It's really as simple as that for me. You can remove all of the "he said she said" "Bruce is a douche" nonsense from the equation for me. Because I simply agree with him that Kirk was a good quarterback. You don't pay good quarterbacks record breaking contracts. You don't pay quarterbacks with 0 career playoff wins the first 100% GTD contract in NFL history. You just don't man. Where Bruce lost me, and the reason I don't think he's the best General Manager for the job, is that he allowed emotion and stubbornness to factor into his decision to not trade him last off-season. This is never really discussed on here so I never really touch on it. But allowing that to happen was incredibly short-sighted and stupid. And potentially cost us Fuller. Inexcusable in my book. I would bet money that's where he lost Dan too. To bring this back to Alex, and this is my last post on this go after once again entering into the Bruce/Kirk black hole. But it's nice to have a guy here who was willing to sign a LTD here. A deal that will still permit us to continue to build around him. I think we secured a similar caliber quarterback and we are allocating a smaller percentage of the cap to him. I think that's a (small) silver-lining. Kirk's a good guy and I'm sure will be a fine leader for the Minnesota Vikings now that he secured his mega deal. But that clearly was not going to happen here, and the players could clearly sense he had one foot out the door. So he wasn't going to ever be that for us unless we caved and over payed him based off of the value we assigned him. Kind of a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation. And I'm just glad it's over and that we have a QB capable of going places with an adequate supporting cast. Which I sincerely believe we have. I agree this will be the most interesting season to watch play out in a good long time.
  3. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    @Skinsinparadise things like self-serving, money driven, not a great leader, and any negative descriptions of his play on the field that you see posted on here does not equate to “Kirk is a bad guy.” Who here is saying Kirk Cousins is a bad dude? I know tons of people in the workplace who are self motivated and driven by greed. And they may very well be successful, just as Kirk Cousins is. But fortunately for those in the common workplace, they aren’t tasked with leading a group of 52 other grown men toward a common team goal which should be to win a championship in the most physically demanding sport there is. To win and be successful in football more than anything, everybody needs to be on the same page. You have to sacrifice personal success sometimes for team achievement. There needs to be trust, comraderie, and the belief that every man out there would lay down for the man next to him. It is the fostering of this environment more than anything that leads to sustainable success in the NFL, and that’s a really tough thing to create. This is just my opinion of course, but this is what I think makes the Patriots so successful year after year and a team like the Browns bottom dwellers. Does Kirk Cousins’ actions and most recent comments, combined with his rather lackluster play and critical mistakes during key moments scream being the guy to lead you to a Super Bowl? Not in my opinion. And if that’s the case, why make him one of the highest paid players at his position when he’s not one of the very best at his position? Saying “that’s just how contracts work and eventually someone else will be paid more,” is a nonsense answer and would get you fired eventually if you were the GM. But again, none of that equates to Kirk Cousins is a mean or bad dude. At least not in my eyes. I just don’t think his personality and the way he comes off lends itself to being a great leader of men. Which is what you need at that position. Now, some are rightfully pissed off by Kirk Cousins’ own handling of the situation which may lead to some overly negative comments directed his way out of frustration. But I really don’t see too many people trashing his character or thinking the guy is a bad dude. He’s just a good, not great quarterback, who expected to be paid far more than he was worth to somehow justify being the guy and having a platform from which to lead. I can understand why that makes some mad and leads to some harsh comments. But for the most part, I really don’t see too many people acting as if Kirk is some con man who lies through his teeth and steals from children. He just talks out both sides, seems rather fragile minded, and is financially motivated. Not the guy I want as QB1, but I’m sure he can still run one heck of a summer camp and is a cool dude. It’s just like the Bruce Allen topic. It’s totally possible to think Kirk contributed to this mess and had his hand in it without thinking Bruce is a 5 Star general manager who was all class and rainbows during negotiations. They aren’t mutually exclusive. Why is that so hard to understand?!
  4. Crowder vs. Richardson

    What I think potentially makes us dangerous is that the whole will be greater than the sum of its parts. No one will confuse any of our guys as OBJ or Antonio or Julio, but collectively I think they all compliment each other extremely well. IF Reed stays healthy, and IF Richardson continues to progress and be the receiver we saw last year, and IF Doctson lives up to his first round billing then we have a chance to feature a pretty special group of pass catchers. A lot of Ifs though, and a lot contingent on staying healthy since Reed, Richardson, and Thompson are all prone to injury relatively frequently. So not holding my breath. Basically a long winded way of saying, the talent is there to be pretty dangerous. But a lot still needs to come together. Side note, I kind of expect the passing offense to take it’s fair share of lumps early on. New QB, new WR, some guys returning from injury. I am hopeful that our defense and Guice can shoulder the load while the rest catches up.
  5. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I read this board for a very long time before joining, so yes, I do recall. I actually was one of the few at the time that understood the logic behind it. Once you get to the third day of the draft, it's just as likely you draft Keenan Robinson with your 4th round pick as Beshaud Breeland. Had we invested a second round pick after trading the farm, I too probably would have been furious. Because second rounders have a higher hit rate and that pick would have been better utilized to help build the team around Griffin. And second round QBs in theory are supposed to be the guy sooner than later. But spending a 4th rounder on a guy you had a second round grade on at the quarterback position should never be looked at through a negative lens in my opinion. Backup QB is one of the most important positions in the game and if he performs well in spot duty, all of a sudden you have a valuable trade chip. The drafting and handling of Griffin was dysfunctional, but that was over 6 years ago. We are going on year 5 with the same coach, we are stockpiling and hitting on a high percentage of picks, we have extended some of our homegrown. We don't let Ryan Clarks and Antonio Pierces leave anymore in favor of bringing in other teams' players looking to cash in. I'm going to call a spade a spade. Griffin=Dysfunction. What's going on right now doesn't scream dysfunctional to me, but quite the opposite. We are building a really good team right now, and it has nothing to do with some blind allegiance to the Redskins and Dan/Bruce and they can do no wrong. On the whole, we are going about the process the right way and the state of the roster reflects that. It's one thing to hope, and a completely different beast to openly question whether the team willing to give you a shot "really wants to do that." If you are a QB that gets drafted in the 4th round, that means every team in the league passed on you at least 3 times. You clearly aren't viewed around the league as anything more than a developmental backup. What is the worst case scenario getting drafted behind Griffin if you are Kirk? You sit 4 years under the tutelage of some really good offensive minds and then hit free agency at the age of 27? Aaron Rodgers sat 3 whole years before he had an opportunity to start and he was a first round pick. Instead of embracing the opportunity and being appreciative of the Washington Redskins giving him a chance, a chance that 31 other teams skipped over at least thrice, he came off like an entitled brat. Which is the same attitude that's carried all the way through his tenure in DC, and is validated further by his most recent comments. He comes off as extremely self-serving, and that's not the guy I want leading my team. I'm not sure how you can see this any other way, but that's whats great about a board like this. Different opinions leads to great dialogue and discussion about the team we all love. That 80% of posting history you are referring to often times was an effort to explain a minority take. For example, I attempted to explain that there were many other factors that contributed to Kirk Cousins leaving. Some of which are coming to the surface right now. Unfortunately that take was extrapolated to mean that I loved Bruce Allen. And I grew frustrated that a lot of my points were completely ignored and dismissed because I wasn't toeing the company line and solely attributing Cousins leaving to Bruce Allen's suckage. That 2015 deal was a hail mary attempt on their part that if we had agreed to, of course he would have taken it. He was a season removed from being benched for complete incompetence, and only had a half season's worth of really good games. 20M/year would have been looked at in a similar light to Osweiler receiving 18M. It just didn't seem prudent at the time to invest so much in a player with his inconsistency to date. So don't believe everything that is said publicly by players, but believe everything you read in the media? That seems like a shift in stance to fit a narrative. There were many more teams interested in acquiring Smith's services, I'm sure of that. Denver was another but pretty sure the report that came out was at least a half dozen teams were interested.The fact he chose Washington and wants to be here is a positive. Why do you feel the need to be so dismissive and twist it in a way that makes it sound as if it means nothing?
  6. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    What it does illustrate though, is that Kirk Cousins for whatever reason felt wronged by being drafted as an after thought to Griffin. And it showed. The damage was done right then and there. Instead of relishing the opportunity to come in and learn from the Shannys, he had the audacity to ask over the phone on draft day “ Are you sure you want to do this?” As if he was some golden armed prospect that had the ability to pick where he wanted to play and be “THE guy” from the get go. Its something I touched on from the beginning since I started posting here. Kirk Cousins never really wanted to be here. From the beginning. You can talk till your blue in the face about how horrible Bruce Allen is. The fact is, if he was serious about being here, he makes a better faith effort to negotiate than what he did. The damage was done long before Bruce Allen “lowballed” him. Unfortunately that point seemed to be lost among many, as it was preposterous for them to take any other stance than “Bruce Allen royally screwed up.” Andy Reid has said that he worked with Alex to get him to a spot he could succeed in. And I believe him. His words about Alex show how much respect he has for the guy. Make no mistake, Alex was going to get a handsome contract and opportunity to be the guy somewhere around the league. So the fact that he seemed excited about Washington as a destination seems genuine to me. And having your starting QB wanting to be here, and the fact the team now knows that, has to count for something. It doesn’t mean Kirk is a bad guy and Alex is the best thing since sliced bread. But it is in fact a very good thing that should help this team get to where it wants to be. I wish Kirk the best but I am excited about Alex leading the team.
  7. I kind of took Fuller's tweet to mean Gray lost one of his boys (Fuller) but added two more (Stroman and Alexander). Who really knows though. And yeah, Not too concerned with Alexander's workout. For one, he didn't have months of preparation gearing up for the combine. And two, as others have pointed out there are plenty of other very good CBs that have similar measurables.
  8. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Pretty much how I feel, what the heck. The fact his tape was much better when Gray was his coach makes it enticing at the very least.
  9. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    @Skinsinparadise just to be clear, you like but don't love Alex Smith?
  10. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I would throw a second at Beal, no doubt about it.
  11. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Also pretty sure that quote from Gruden was in reference to practice wasn't it? Which is why Beat guys claimed they saw more deep balls in one practice than they did all year? That was my take on it.
  12. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Ehhh I kind of view that as a physically limited Quarterback, which clearly Alex Smith is not. I liken it to a PG in basketball who always has the offense set up in the correct play, is able to adequately distribute the ball, maybe doesn't score a ton but rarely turns the ball over. The PG who runs down the floor and makes a dazzling pass, followed by a terrible TO is more flashy and exciting to most. But is that the best guy to run your offense?
  13. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    When did becoming safe and careful with the football become such a negative? I mean I get that running around and slinging it with a rocket arm is more "exciting," but does it necessarily translate to "better?" I'm not so sure. Would the same KC fans that beat the drum that "Alex is so conservative he will drive you crazy" be the ones that would piss and moan if Cousins were their Quarterback slinging it into tight windows from time to time but also throwing very costly interceptions in key situations? I bet they would. This whole game manager, taking care of the ball, and not taking chances mantra that is generally perceived as a negative is really fascinating to me. How many offensive drives do you get a game? 12? What's a great day at the office if you are Alex Smith? I'd say 3 TD's and 2 FG's and feel pretty good about it. That means on more than half your drives on a great offensive day will result in failure. Smart QBs recognize that and instead of rifling it 30 yards down the field on third down that results in an interception, will take the checkdown five yards short of the marker and punt. Now the opposing team starts at their own 15 instead of own 40. And then if your defense gets a stop, all of a sudden you have flipped the field position game and likely start on your own 35 lets say. ^^ That's just an example, but that five yard checkdown I just alluded to drives fans nuts. I went to a lot of games over the years and I can't tell you how many times I heard fans screaming about that. Hell, I'm sure I am guilty of it myself. But sometimes it really is better to play for another down. Too many times I felt like Cousins took an untimely sack, or fumbled, or threw a game clinching interception. I think you'll see much less of that with Alex. Racking up passing yards and passing touchdowns are nice and all. But what really matters are PTS/G. And Wins. Things like TO's, starting Field Position, checking your team into the correct play, using your legs to create and open up the run game, etc. are also very important but very underrated by fans because they don't show up in a Quarterback's stat sheet. In sum, I'm not even attempting to decide whether or not we upgraded at the position. I'll wait and see what Alex looks like in Jay's offense before coming to that conclusion. But I do not think we downgraded at the position simply because he's careful with the football and hasn't put up gaudy volume stats prior to this past year while Cousins has. Too many variables at play. Different schemes, different supporting casts over the years. What I do know is that Alex has won a lot of games over the years. And when he took over in KC, that was a 2-14 squad with no Tyreek Hill, Kareem Hunt, Travis Kelce, etc. So I consider the supporting cast argument and the fact he was more aggressive last year to be irrelevant. He found a way to win with a completely different team around him before that. And that's what I want out of my Quarterback. Just find a way to win.
  14. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Direct quote from AJ Francis, currently of the Giants, who is good friends with my roommate and staying with me for a couple of days. “Bruce Allen is an asshole”
  15. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    @HTTRDynasty got me thinking with the Andy Reid first 4000 yard passer stat. I kind of agree that Alex has quarterbacked two teams that didn't have to throw very vertical down the field. Why ask your Quarterback to take a bunch of chances and chuck it down the field with the kind of defenses that were backing him? A lot of people use the "no defense" as a way to prop up Kirk Cousins but is that necessarily the correct way to look at it? Or does the fact that Kirk had shoddy defenses lend itself to better bulk stats but not necessarily better Quarterbacking? Jay Gruden's first year as head coach in 2014, we had a QB carousel of Griffin/Cousins/McCoy. Those guys combined for a 67% CMP% and nearly 4500 yards. Yet Andy Reid, another great offensive mind, has never had a 4,000 yard passer prior to this year? Wow. Oddly enough, I see this being way more about Jay than I do either Cousins/Smith. It's really no secret that Dalton had some really productive years under Jay and outside of 2015, he's kind of fallen way off. In 2014, with a QB carousel, we still had little trouble collecting yards through the air. So if Alex easily tops 4,000, what does that really say? What's the point of all this? Scheme is VERY important when it comes to trying to glean something from a QB's stats. There are countless examples of QB's looking mediocre at best in one scheme only to explode in another. Jared Goff looked lost as a rookie. In his second year, with McVay calling plays, all of a sudden he's lighting it on fire? There is a lot of talk about what Cousins didn't have, but what about what he did have? I think Jay's offense and ability to scheme a passing game is under appreciated around here in general. This year will be very telling in one way or another.