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  1. HardcoreZorn

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    yeah true you right! I think it hits home because I invest a lot of energy into this team and it hurts to see them torn down and booed so quickly. Even at the first sign of things going wrong.
  2. HardcoreZorn

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I simply do not understand all of the checking down at the end of the game. Like at that point you are just playing to get injured. But it's still just one game. It worked against the cards, and everybody loved it. It didn't, and everybody is ready to mail it in. Dig deep down, take deep breaths, and remind yourself that there are 14 games left. Honestly reminds me of Luck and Griffin's rookie years where every week people would say "NOOOO look at what he just did this past week compared to him, he's SOO much better." And then the next week the narrative would flip. One week overreactions are weak. There are 2-0 teams right now that will pick top ten. Probably a couple win less teams that straighten the ship. And then everybody else in the middle. Let. It. Play. Out. Desean Jackson threads, Bruce Allen comes popping back up, Smith sucks, Snyder will never learn. It's no way to act as a fan base, at least not in my opinion. Maybe every fan base reacts this way, I dunno. But I took a couple day break from the board to reflect on the colts game, and while it was a total egg, I can't seem to remotely wrap my head around some of what is being said around here. Maybe I'm just different and the crazy one though...
  3. HardcoreZorn

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    All this tells me is the fanbase isn't that great then. Teams like Buffalo, Cleveland, etc. have stunk worse than us for years and still go and support their team. You don't think that the players looked up and saw how pathetic that was? And that it didn't have some sort of affect on the emotion and outcome of the game? I mean congrats to everyone who stopped supporting Snyder and putting money into his pocket, but unfortunately, you are just showing the guys who are here NOW that you don't give a damn. None of these guys were part of all the shenanigans that went on before them. I have never seen a bigger overreaction based off ONE game. We are 1-1. We go 3-6 I'll be right there with everybody with the pitchforks. We go 8-8 and Bruce/Jay have to go. But right NOW, we aren't there yet. So some of these comments around the board are straight up overreactions. Hopefully the boys get it together this week, because last week was not pretty. I mean next week we beat Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay and then what? One game overreactions especially in a league as uneven as the NFL from week to week is so ridiculous to me.
  4. I agree with your first point, and I can't say anything other than I just felt something different last year watching the team. Even Kirk I think reiterated multiple times how close we were. And that was with injuries! But even in games that we lost like the Eagles games, both time I came away thinking we came to play and made it very difficult on Wentz. You could see the start of something really good up front on both sides, but injuries were sustained at a rate that didn't allow for us to play to our potential. Now, as to your second point. I will never understand how we magically just started drafting better players and building a different style of team. As if there wasn't some change or direction from the FO that has allowed us to see a better/more talented roster and better results on the field. Now, it's far too early to know where we stand after one game against an inferior talent, but Sunday they did exactly as I expected. We simply overwhelmed them up front and have a smart, heady QB. We have talented lines with two of the best line coaches in the league. That's a recipe for success and you saw glimpses of that sunday. I just don't know why it's so difficult for some to give credit where credit is due. And before somebody chimes in about nuance, and that you can like certain things without liking others, please just don't. Please spare me the time, because I get that. But "the FO is an embarrassment" doesn't exactly capture that sentiment and actually shows a deeper rooted hatred for the higher ups AT THIS POINT IN TIME that I am unable to wrap my head around.
  5. HardcoreZorn

    Is this the best Defensive Front we've had in years?

    Said it all off season, but I don't know how you block all the guys we have up front. It's seriously exciting stuff. Man I'm stoked!
  6. HardcoreZorn

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    If you think the Vikings are making a mistake, then you might want to turn this insider's notifications on." 45.1 percent of Josh Doctson's targets were accurate passes. He was the only receiver in the league below 50 percent #Cousins — Cian Fahey (@Cianaf) March 4, 2018 On previous page too for reference
  7. To be fair, that was different. Following Vinny especially, that 2011 draft felt like a breath of fresh air. I see your point, but for me, it's not just how we are going about building the team that's different now. It's the execution. Compare Smith and McCoy versus Beck and Grossman. Our line outside of Trent was Kory Lichtensteiger, Will Montgomery, Chris Chester, and Jamaal Brown. Yeah Lavaou blows, but there were no Scherffs or Moses on the team. Gaffney at WR. Compare a free agent only DL of Cofield, Bowen and Carriker to Matt Ioanidis, Jonathan Allen, and Daron Payne. And I think everybody here can agree they will take the talent of Nicholson over OJ Atogwe. On Sunday we will have 8 guys acquired from FA/Trade that are starters, which should be 7 but I counted Pererson over Guice. In 2011 the number was 15. So double. It's hard to buy in and win a bunch of games in the national football league if 15/22 starters are from other teams. That doesn't foster a great culture. At least not in my opinion. That doesn't even speak to the stark contrast in talent level. I fully understand there were I'm sure fans back then hyping that roster up, that's natural for fans to want to see things through rose colored glasses. That doesn't mean we can't look back and go "oh wow, what were we thinking" or acknowledging that the talent base is drastically better today than it was back then. I also am fully aware that projection is involved here. The wins haven't come yet, which causes fans to have this "show me" attitude toward the team as the years pass and the impatience rises. Its a process though. It takes a long time to stock up a cupboard that was as bare as it was back then. Don't even get me started on the backups. Anyway, I sense we are beginning to build a talented enough coaching staff and roster that the leap is coming. I think last year was a 10-11 win team that couldn't overcome the unprecedented level of injuries. I would bet the house we don't see that again. Just giving a little perspective from somebody who does believe we are now building the right way.
  8. @TD_washingtonredskins Exactly. Build the lines and suddenly we are boring? Approaching Vinny levels of bad? This is a concept I simply will never understand. What did all of our playoff runs or "successful" seasons have in common? All of them were fueled by unlikely winning streaks on the backs of emotion and/or just getting hot at the right time. There was nothing sustainable at all about those seasons in hindsight, because we actually weren't that great in the first place. 2005 might be the exception. Griffin was the final straw. Glitz clearly didn't work here and once our self-anointed STAR QB wasn't enough, it was clearly time to go a different direction. It was time to build something sustainable. That's where we are trending in my opinion, for the first time in Dan's ownership. Still, as the years go by, the impatience grows. Which is what you see today. But make no mistake, we turn in 11 wins this year there will be articles upon articles about how Dan stayed patient and it finally worked, we built the lines, we are set up to be good for a longer period of time, etc. Smith Jerseys will be everywhere. Allen and Payne will be touted as the next big thing. All hypothetical, but winning brings the glamour. Not the other way around. I truly think we shock some people this year. I really do. And I really hope we do so that I can stop reading about how we've over corrected and are too boring now. They are finally building the way that lends itself to not crashing and burning after a miracle mirage of a run.
  9. HardcoreZorn

    Predict The Skins W/L

    11-5 eff it im going deep
  10. HardcoreZorn

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    https://twitter.com/cianaf/status/970120371818123264 Not sure if it means anything or how accurate this is... But I don't recall many flat out drops from Doctson. It does seem like the majority of his targets came on 50/50 chuck it up types but who knows?
  11. HardcoreZorn

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Agreed on both counts. I am intrigued to see how different we look this year on offense and just how much of the RPO they sprinkle in. Is it a wrinkle, or do we come out looking like a completely different offense due to O'Connell's input and Smith's ability to run that type of offense? Another thing to think about. Jobs are on the line, I think everyone here can agree on that. Does Jay think the element of surprise will catch Arizona off guard and lead to a MUCH needed win in week 1? I could see it. As for Peterson, I was meh at first on the potential of signing he or Charles. Even in the beginning, I was reluctant to believe a 33 year old RB was going to provide a boost. But the more I've heard, the more I've changed my tune. There is a small part of me that believes maybe he's the exception to the rule and carves out a really nice year here. Just as a small part of me believes maybe Smith is that rare QB who trends upwards in his mid 30's and gets better and better meaning last year wasn't a crazy outlier. But the realist in me tempers those expectations. The fan in me can't wait to see it play out.
  12. HardcoreZorn

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    @Skinsinparadise thanks for posting! Excellent read. Lends some credence to those that believe there is more to a QB than CMP% TD's etc. Especially when comparing across different schemes. I will be fascinated to see the Cousins/Smith situation play out if I'm being honest.
  13. If all of those things happen we will be legitimate SB contenders. I agree unlikely, but there's hope to still be a very good team this year even if all of those things don't break our way. A few things. You say you don't care about 2016 and 2017 when it comes to predicting this year, yet you are acting as if guys like Doctson, Allen, Nicholson, etc. are always injured. Not the case, at least not yet. Also, it kind of bothers me how some are writing Doc off so soon. He went from a lost rookie year to 500 and 6 TD's or so. I'd call that a substantial leap. He also went up for some balls unlike any Redskins receiver I've seen in my lifetime. Let's see what he has in store this year before saying it's likely he'll be "just ok." Also, Allen fell for shoulder concerns, completely unrelated to last years injury. We are going to suffer some injuries this year. Already have with Guice. But so will every other team, and frankly I'd be absolutely shocked if we come close to the level of injuries from last year. It was simply unprecedented. So staying even healthy relative to last year would be a boost to the win column, no? Which puts us firmly in the mix for the playoffs. And fun fact for you. Jay Gruden has never finished 8-8 as Redskins head coach.
  14. HardcoreZorn

    Redskins vs Cardinals Prediction Thread: 2018 Kick-Off Spectacular

    I'll be there as well. I think we start slow on offense but our defense holds it down and our front seven overwhelms. Peterson goes for 80 and 2 TDs. Give me 24-13 good guys.
  15. @kleese speaking my language. Here's to hoping!