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  1. They’re certainly trying..
  2. I think some unintentional good that came from Josh's comments are that he created a little intrigue, as well as lighting a fire under the players to not come out and blow it like against ATL. This team is boring, but that comment reached some people you better believe it. This is a BIG game, glad he threw some added pressure on them.
  3. Guice, Allen, Payne, TBD, TBD. TBD most likely through the draft and not yet on the team in my opinion. But those three are our foundation IMO. And one hasn't played yet, one is a rookie with half a games of experience, and one is second year guy. This year is fun, I expected playoffs and think we get there. But next year is when I think the real fun will be. Hoping we bring back AP too. Trent Scherff and Ioannidis are all Blues as well. DJ might be one too. But I put 2 TBD above because I think we are missing a physically dominant offensive pass catcher, and en elite edge rusher away from being there as a true contender IMO.
  4. It was sarcasm. I've spend a large chunk of my time on here debating with those who claimed we went from terrible in the personnel department during the Vinny days to nothing impressive. Where as I was of the belief that what we were doing was pretty damn good in the context of all 32 teams. And we have 10 draft picks presumably next year. Only going to infuse more talent. Then there will also be guys like Adonis, Shaun Dion, Settle, that start emerging on defense. We need to attack the offensive side of the ball in the draft this year, at all positions. Not one should be off limits. It's too bad there aren't any high end receivers in FA this year, it would have been the year to pursue one hard. Ended up rambling a bit, but yeah, what we're doing through the draft is impressive and Finlay's numbers back that up. And I think in a hard salary cap league, it's far more important than anything else.
  5. How would you weight draft vs free agency? Honestly curious. Also maybe I'm in the minority on this as well but Josh DJ and Zach Brown are damn good FA signings. Before that Djax. To a lesser extent guys like foster and VD. Guys like AP and Cooper coming in last minute and exceeding expectations (early for Cooper, Peterson already far surpassed them). The recent trade for Haha seemed low risk high reward and liked it. IDK, not saying we are perfect and have some misses, albeit at minimal cap impact, but on the whole I don't hate what we do on the pro personnel side either. At least not of late.
  6. Eh this is basic 101 stuff, not impressive in the least.
  7. It's possible for Smith to be protective of the football, which helps us win games, while also not playing very well in multiple other facets, which is holding us back from being much more complete and scarier to opponents. Everyone here knows that, right? It doesn't mean he's willing us to victory all by himself, carrying all 52 other guys on his back with his arm. It just means simple things that are boring and annoying, like advancing 8 yards on 3rd and 15 where everyone is booing, instead of slinging it 25 for a pick let's say, actually do make a difference. Especially over time. It's just an example, and assumes nothing was there and that the QB was forcing it, and didn't miss a wide open guy for the 1st. This example could also result in other outcomes, like first down for the offense, which would be a net positive. But just for the sake of providing an example of where Alex's conservatism contributes to a net positive on a game. So take the example above and say we were on the 50 yard line, 3rd down 15 to go. 8 yard pass gets us to the OPP 42. Tress Way is ballin so he pins them at the 8. VS throwing a pick to the OPP 35 where he is tackled right away. 27 yard difference in field position, that's pretty big. Especially since most would have had the thought "well we were just going to punt anyway, not the worst thing that could have happened." And they're right. It's not the end of the world. But field position is critical, and makes a huge difference over time. There are countless examples of plays throughout a game just like this, that tangibly effect the other two phases of the football team in special teams and defense. The crowd that puts zero credence into the positive effect of little negative plays and TO's is so confusing to me. It doesn't mean Smith is playing like a great QB so chill out on feeling so annoyed. But it helps. And it's OK to point it out. As for the beat guys, I have little doubt this isn't what they signed up for. Jay/FO I'm sure all expect better, as the contract justifies. I'm sure they also realize the value in the above, as Jay has pointed out on numerous occasions.
  8. Well games played it's more like 11 years, or 2 a year on average. Still, to say he can NEVER do it is a blatant lie. He's done it 22 times throughout his career. BTW Rodgers has 19 in about ten years worth of games played for comparison. Arguably the best arm talent of all time. Nah, me and some others have realized that playing smart football and managing a football game, while boring, isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's why KC finished top 5 in TO differential all 5 seasons there, and coincidentally went to the playoffs all 5 seasons. It's part of the reason we are 6-3 this year, because we find ourselves top 5 in that very statistic. Me and others also realize there's a lot to improve on, he must be better, and we call him on it. That's called looking at the good and the bad. You only look at the bad. To say, "this is the best he's played in a month plus but still a bad performance" is not you acknowledging positives. No one is buying that garbage. Said it many times, unfortunately you read what you want to read. And @wit33 is a 100% right. It's guaranteed money and % of the CAP you should be looking at when trying to build a team around a QB. That's why those last two years on the deal DO serve a purpose, even if he never sees them. It spreads the cap over more years. After this season Smith will be hovering around the 20's in % of cap allocated to the position. That means only roughly 10 teams will be allotting less of their cap to their starting QB. That equals more money to spend on other guys, to help the team. It's pretty easy to understand, not sure what is rocket science about it. So you'd rather be a fan of the 3-6 Bucs? Cool, good to know. Says a lot actually and makes sense you post the way you do. I'd rather play meaningful football in december and go to the playoffs. God bless you.
  9. @OVCChairmanI agree with all of that, makes sense from that standpoint. Good post.
  10. Disagree other than needing a QBOTF. The young defense gives me great hope actually. More hope than I've had since Griffin's rookie season, and before that when my old man called me to say Gibbs was coming back. And I'm stoked on Guice waiting in the wings, I think that guy has star written all over him. This draft will be the offenses turn to get a shot in the arm with our 10 draft picks. I'd go edge, CB, and then all offense. Maybe not the same kind of hope as having a Mahomes let's say, but great defenses can also anchor sustainable runs. Just look at the early Patriots Super Bowls. By the way, we still aren't there on defense. But our defense hasn't even scratched the surface I don't think. Wait till Payne and Allen are in their prime.
  11. So basically what you are saying is, take the good with the bad? Cause the good has helped to contribute to our 6 wins and the bad has certainly contributed to our losses. But one of those numbers is greater than the other. Alex has pretty respectable come from behind wins and 4th quarter come backs prior to this season by the way. But the above is why you don't come off as objective, at all, when discussing Smith. Those like @wit33 play both sides. He acknowledges that being careful with the football and managing the game has been helpful for this type of team. Yet also plain as day has admitted he hasn't been good enough, needs to improve, and a big reason why when we went down early we were unable to come back. Alex hasn't been good enough, period. Not for the money we paid him, nor the fact we had to give up Fuller in the process. So it's more than understandable to think maybe going after a Bridgewater would have been a more prudent move. Though let's not forget he was coming off a potentially career threatening injury, and it wasn't until he demonstrated in pre-season with the Jets that he seemed to have bounced back. Still, I could see the argument. But the insistence on only focusing on the negative, and acting as if playing safe and smart football does nothing for a football team just makes it seem as if you have a constant axe to grind. And we all know why, can't talk about it anymore. But you truly represent yourself as someone who would rather be a fan of the "exciting" 3-6 Bucs. Would you prefer that? After all, if that team goes down, they have a chance to come back!
  12. HardcoreZorn

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Maybe wishful thinking, but Dan at least saw what a legitimate talent evaluator like Scott being brought in could do. Fan base was jazzed as they should be. I’d be shocked if Dan having brought in Lafameina (spelling) and the smoke about Bruce being phased out doesn’t amount to a guy like Smith getting the GM title. I’d be pissed if they let Smith walk out the door, very pissed.
  13. I wasn't around for the glory years, but I don't ever remember thinking or hearing those teams were littered with super stars. At least not in the traditional sense. I mean 3 Super Bowls in a decade and what, 3 HOF? Green Riggo and Monk? Don't ever remember learning the Redskins had the flashiest of players and a bunch of super stars. Just great teams. Maybe I'm wrong, Idk. I think guys like Guice, Allen, Payne have the potential to be stars in this league though. Peterson is the closest thing we have now, and even though he's 33 and a one year rental, he's doing star things. Just unconventional how it happened but we shouldn't discredit his accomplishments thus far.
  14. First, thank you for responding this way instead of joining in on a pow-wow calling me Bruce Allen. It's appreciated. You then, wouldn't be someone Josh is referring to. And that's admirable. And nothing wrong with chanting Beck that year. Beck/Grossman make Alex Smith look like a HOF lol. I get where the frustration stems from. I just don't get why now? And it's the why we vehemently disagree on, no reason to travel that path. But just so you know where I'm coming from. It's not like I haven't been paying attention for the past 15 years and am confused Fed Ex isn't rocking like RFK back in the glory years. Josh could have maybe taken a different approach, I don't disagree that it could become counterproductive and shun some fans even more. But I am glad he said something, because to me, the environment plays such a pivotal role in football. It was huge on our only playoff runs, 2005 2007 and 2012. I was at many of those games and the place was rocking. Momentum, atmosphere, they DO play a part. And a bigger one than many realize. So in a season where we are where we are, which is at the top of the division, it seems counter productive to create an atmosphere the players feed off negatively. That's all Josh is saying IMO. If I hadn't moved out West, I'd still be there. I know it comes off high and mighty when I trash those fans. But I just will never understand a post like the one I saw a couple pages back, asserting the Skins could win back to back super-bowls and he still wouldn't be drawn back in. At that point, it's probably best to move on...I care about the team and it's success as much as you and all the others here. I just channel my energy a little differently, and try and realize there's nothing you can do about the past. So I focus more on what's going on now, and I like what's going on now. You and others don't and that's cool. We agree to disagree.
  15. Here's where Josh and DJ and some of the fans aren't understanding where you are coming from, at all. You can say we keep losing till you are blue in the face, but fact of the matter is we made the playoffs in 2015, weak division or not. We controlled our own destiny in 2016 and fell flat on our faces against a Giants team with nothing to play for, yes, but still finished with back to back winning seasons for the first time under Snyder. Progress, right? 2017 if it weren't for catastrophic injuries on BOTH sides of the ball, instead of just one like this year, we most likely are a 9-10 win team. We won 7 with the most injured NFL team since 2002 or something like that. Now this year we are 6-3, with a 2 game lead in the division. Now, does the above represent some powerhouse dynasty that deserves no criticism? Of course not. Does it represent a team that is continually dysfunctional like it used to be that "keeps losing?" Eh I don't think so. In reality, it's somewhere between those two extremes. Except a large segment of the fan base acts as if we have been 3-13, 5-11, 4-12, and now 3-6 the past 4 seasons. It was an operative point for me all off-season and actually caused me to join the site instead of lurking like I did for years. I couldn't wrap my head around the bitter hatred for the team, despite to me the tremendous progress that had been made. And yes, I'm well aware the bar was not set high. Haven't we beefed up the scouting department? These past two drafts have been excellent if we are being real. Even before that is upper echelon when comparing to the rest of the league. A big part of that has to do with the work of Kyle Smith supposedly, who is being empowered by those at the top. You don't luck into becoming a good drafting team consistently. You have continuity, systems in place that the evaluators are familiar with which enables a guy like Kyle Smith to identify potential schematic fits. It enhances player development. It creates a better football team. That's what's going on here, yet all you can think about is the 20 years before that. Take a look at the defense. The defense that everyone can admit has played an instrumental part in being 6-3 currently. Ioanidis-Drafted Payne-Drafted Allen-Drafted Kerrigan-Drafted Anderson-Drafted Smith-Drafted Moreau-Drafted Dunbar-UDFA Stroman-Drafted Nicholson-Drafted Josh Harvey Clemons-Drafted That's 11 guys who were drafted/developed by this organization who have contributed to the defensive side of the ball this season. Not even counting lesser knowns like Settle and Shaun Dion Hamilton who I'm excited about. We are becoming a pipeline of talent, and through the draft. We've supplemented them with guys like Norman,Zach Brown, DJ, now Haha. Even Mason was a good find via FA. That's a damn good job of building a defense right there, and they will only get better as most of these pieces are very young. You, and the others who feel this way, are broken. And I'd be lying if I said I didn't understand it, cause I've endured the same thing. But change is evident. Results are coming. And I think it would be far more productive to create a competitive homefield advantage instead of using it as an outlet to boo snyder/allen. But to each their.