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  1. Season Ticket Renewals

    I went to the fan forum at Fedex field a couple of months ago and everyone there said they hated the digital ticket idea. And 1 lady mentioned her rep told her that for the 2019-20 season it will all be digital. I don't remember if it was Jake Bye or one of the other new guys at the front office, but he said that is totally incorrect and they plan on having hard tickets for the foreseeable future. Now weather he was telling the truth is another thing....
  2. Season Ticket Renewals

    If the Redskins ever make it to the Super Bowl again or even better yet win it will be impossible to get tickets again. I waited on that stupid waiting list for 15+ years, I finally have tickets in the upper deck row 1 (though I refuse to pay more to move to the lower levels). Take the Caps for example. They won the Stanley Cup and now you can't get season tickets anymore, only partial game plans. There is always going to be 1000s of fans who flock to whatever team is hot at the time, so just remember this down the road.
  3. Season Ticket Renewals

    Also haven't seen anyone mention it but they went to dynamic pricing this year fully. Last year Pre-season had a cheap face value and all the other games had a higher value (but they were the same price) This year most of the prices are different (will use my upper deck sidelines as an example). Pre-season - $44 (both games) Colts - $86 Packers $111 Panthers $86 Cowboys $159 Falcons $86 Texans $86 Giants $111 Eagles $111
  4. Season Ticket Renewals

    They actually just posted that photo on their Facebook page. can we assume if they are sending this out they didn't open any of the seats from folks who didn't renew to the public?
  5. Season Ticket Renewals

    My Chiropractor got his yesterday. I got a Fedex shipping email the other day saying mine would be here on Friday (3rd). Assuming they were all shipped the same, they now come in this box with a mini charger, USB drive and such. Sort of looks like how the Caps have been shipping their tickets the last couple of years.
  6. What Stadium has good bathrooms? At the Redskins game I can go in and out quickly. When I go to a Caps game, I wait in a line for 15 minutes to pee.
  7. Season Ticket Renewals can see all the seats available and buy them here now.
  8. Met Brian at the Season Ticket Holder Practice last week. Seems like a nice guy.
  9. Redskins Season Ticket Holder Private Practice

    Lol, Photo bomb?
  10. Had a great time at the Redskins STM private practice yesterday. About 100 folks were there. Re
  11. Season Ticket Renewals

    not much going on in the upper deck now that my time just started. I'm in 449, Row 1 on the aisle. Only decent seat I see is 451 row 2 (2 seats from the aisle). Dont think its worth giving up and aisle and front row for 2 sections closer to mid field. Thoughts?
  12. Season Ticket Renewals

    The email says " Great seat locations will be available! " So is that true? Also anyone with upper level seats. Hows the nosebleed looking close to midfield.
  13. Season Ticket Renewals

    Grats that's awesome. I won the Pro - Bowl trip this year in Orlando. Was awesome. Love Redskins Rewards So I emailed the Redskins to find out why my time was so late on Friday now and this was their response: "In terms of the timing on the seat relocation program, this year we have fewer time frames with more Season Ticket Members in each time frame group. In the past we’ve had over 20 separate time frames/Season Ticket Member groups. This year, we have 8 separate time frames/Season Ticket Member groups for relocations. The purpose of the larger groups is to allow Season Ticket Members more time to look at availability and to relocate their seats. With that said, since the groups are bigger this year, some people who may have fallen into the earlier time frames in the past are now part of the larger group towards the end of the relocation time period."
  14. Season Ticket Renewals

    Hmm you mention you are in the upper deck and your time is Friday. Wonder if they are having the folks in the lower bowl move first to try to fill those.
  15. Season Ticket Renewals

    Just got my email about the seat relocation program this year. The odd thing is this year I got 2:00 pm on Friday but last year it was 10am on a Friday. So unless they are only doing 1 day vs 2 days this year, I moved way later for some reason. (had season tickets for 8 years).