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  1. I got my hat today. To be honest I'm not that excited about it anymore. Might have been cool to wear before they lost in the Playoffs, but who wants to wear a Division Team Hat for a team with a 7-9 record.
  2. Let me re-write this: Dear loyal Season Ticket Holder who has already paid or mostly paid for next season. We are sending you a NFC East Champs hat and no we will not threaten to raise your ticket prices next season if you don't renew.
  3. I put Washington Redskins. I also put I miss the Reward points.
  4. ya I got a fedex notice I have a package from BDA coming today. I had no clue what it was till someone posted on Twitter.
  5. I got another email the other day saying tickets were still available.
  6. They are now showing up for my noon time slot (at 1pm) so maybe their system is 1 hour off.
  7. I literally got an email right at noon telling me to login. So I'm guessing this is just another screw up on their part.
  8. Ditto, logged in right at noon, says no Events Available
  9. Scalpers are already out in force, tickets selling on the 3rd party market sites for $300+ a ticket. Washington should have made them non-transferable. Though I feel like with only 3000 available, they can easily track who has them.
  10. Mine is at Noon on Wednesday too. Have had season tickets for either 10 or 11 years if they count the obstructed view seats. Would have been nice if they also took into account if you let them hold onto the money you paid for this season into account too.
  11. Lucky! I entered, wonder how many they actually picked vs how many people entered.
  12. Anyone get a package in the mail from the team? A friend of mine got some masks, lanyards, and the 2020 Yearbook, but that was last week.
  13. So I'm letting them hold $1800+ from me for another year and collect interest and they want me to pay $150 if I want a Fan Cutout during a game? What kind of BS is that. https://washington-fan-cutouts.aaaflag.com/products/washington-fan-cutout?variant=36285134700702
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