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  1. That brings up the point that the majority of season ticket holders would have to defer anyways. They already said limited # of fans. So how are they going to decide who gets to use their tickets and who doesn't. With that being said if you do defer them what sort of benefit are they offering. I'd rather hold only that 2k for another year, then let them have it and collect interest. Though if they offered some benefit as a STH to keep my money then that is a different story.
  2. I won't shed a tear for no Pre-season, I was lucky to be able to give those games away. I used to donate them to Most Valuable Kids. Then they adjusted the prices and those games value was really low.
  3. So for some reason I never got that email, but I had happened to email my rep about something else and she said, " We are planning to send detailed information by email in the next few days that will explain the (limited capacity, refund policy and deferral program). Did you receive our email on Tuesday? " Which is how I realized I didn't get an email. Not sure what happened as it didnt go to spam and I've never missed a Redskin Gold Email. (not including that last virtual chat which they said was their fault).
  4. I'm actually pretty disappointment with the Skins right now. As a current season ticket holder they literally have not told us much of anything. And while I understand its been a crazy couple of months due to Covid as well as the name issue and the recent sexual harassment issue I can't imagine not even saying something to your season ticket holders (aka your most loyal fans) We received no email when they said they were dropping the name/logo. (To add insult to injury, in their announcement, they stated, "As part of this process, we want to keep our sponsors, fans and community apprised of our thinking as we go forward." Should have put fans before sponsors in that announcement. We have received no information on what their plans are for this season (typically season tickets would ship by now. Have already missed out on multiple Season Ticket Holder Gold Perks (Taste of Fedex, OTAs, VIP Training Camp Access, In Person Town Halls) Even a "we haven't forgotten about you, will have information soon" would be fine. But completely silence is insulting.
  5. Interesting your mention that. While I don't know how that would work with regular tickets since its not a contract, I almost 100% sure that would be an excuse to get out of a Club Level or Suite Contract. I have to believe those contracts state something to the effect you are buying tickets to see the Redskins and now just a Football Team. On a side note Eagles just announced no fans at all for this seasons Football in the stands. -
  6. On that note, they have a chance to do something really cool. ie "Founding Fan of the Washington XXXXXX". For instance when the Washington Valor AFL team started we all got cool Founding Fan Jersey's. We were also supposed to get our name on the Wall on the Capital One Arena (Though that never happened and I'm still ****ing about it as it was advertised as a Founding Fan Perk). Was also a Founding Fan for the DC Defenders, but they didn't really do anything super special for us. I really think the Ex-Redskins could use this to their advantage.
  7. Should have replied, "if you don't know what sport it is shut up. " j/k but this is a problem, people who have no clue about the team are now automatically on the that is offensive side.
  8. I can't imagine the NFL would ban Redskins jerseys or gear from the stadium. That would open up a whole new can of worms.
  9. Curious if folks will still wear their Redskins gear if the name changes. In Public? To a Game? In Private? I've spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars or Redskins clothing/gear and I'm don't see myself hiding it away in a drawer. I honestly could care less if someone gives me a nasty look for wearing the stuff I bought. Now if people start saying something to me, that might open a whole new can of worms.
  10. Interesting news about tickets for the 2020 Raven season. Wonder how the Redskins will handle this.
  11. So just heard back from my rep. Supposedly they had an issue where it wasn't sent to anyone on the payment plan. They said they have fixed that issue going forward.
  12. Nope, I check my spam emails every couple of hours.
  13. Yep, I dunno myself and at least 2 other season ticket holders I know didn't get it. I've emailed my rep to ask what happened. But that could explain the turn out if it wasn't sent to everyone.
  14. What chat last night? I didn't get any emails regarding that. *edit* checked with a couple of friends and they didn't get any invites either.
  15. I wonder how the cancellation of 1 home pre-season game will effect our season ticket cost. Are they going to try to say the ticket is only worth the lower face value because its pre-season or they going to count it as 1 out of 10 games not actually played.