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  1. Howie411

    Redskins Rewards

    Try emailing or since Lisa left who knows who is running the show now. Might also want to email your ticket rep.
  2. Howie411

    How was the stadium crowd today?

    I bet the Redskins Gold Lines for Food and Entrance into the stadium were extra short.
  3. Howie411

    Season Ticket Renewals

    At this rate we are going to need Redskins Platinum with a 80% discount on food to keep season ticket holders next year.
  4. Howie411

    Is SRO at FedEx worth it???

    Would rather they just drop the price of tickets to get people in seats instead of making cheap SRO.
  5. Howie411

    Is SRO at FedEx worth it???

    Speaking of SRO seats. I noticed there is a ton in the 400 level for sale on Stubhub. Who is selling those because I thought they removed those (at least last year).
  6. Howie411

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Is anyone' STM Redzone access working? I feel like I had this issue last year too. The NFL app shows my season ticket holder account is connected and under subscriptions it says NFL Redzone Active (yet it greyed out) *edit* had to login and then log back out. Now it shows up under the Games Tab.
  7. Howie411

    Season Ticket Renewals

    I was totally caught off guard when the players showed up. Still managed to get some nice photos. Definitely was a nice touch.
  8. Howie411

    Game Day Improvements - 2019 Season

    So I went to the Ravens game tonight and here is my take on improvements. 1. The Season Ticket Holder lines are not working. At least in the club level (where I enjoyed sitting tonight). They did not even check to see if you were a STM. 2. The discounts on food are still bad or non-existant. Paid $7 for a milkshake at JR. No discount 3. New Parking Passes are horrible. I got to the stadium at 4 (before most of the crowds and it took the lady almost 5 minutes to scan my parking pass on my phone. Can't imagine as the traffic gets worse. Some other random notes: Usher doing a horrible job of policing seats. (Yes I know its pre-season) but this group of like 8 guys must have switched seats like 7 times during the game in front of us. Milkshake at JR. This wasn't a milkshake, it was a gross cup of icicles. Its like they pulled it out of the freezer and for the first 15 minutes it wasn't even drinkable or stir-able. Was like trying to eat ice crystals.
  9. Anyone selling a parking pass to the Skins vs Ravens pre-season game Thursday? Need an extra one as we are now taking 2 cars. I'm really not looking to spend more then $25. I know there are sites selling them for around $35 though. ***Found One, thanks!***
  10. So interested in what folks thought about any game day improvements at the stadium this year (Dedicated STM Food Lines, Entrance Lines, better food discounts etc). Any issues with trying to show your Gold Card Membership on the App?
  11. Howie411

    Season Ticket Renewals

    I'm going to miss Lisa. She did a great job with Redskins Rewards. According to Jason Friedman who is VP of Ticket Sales and Service nothing is happening to the RR program and we would start seeing a lot more stuff on it come the beginning of the season. Last year they had an intern helping out for a bit so maybe they will be back.
  12. Howie411

    Season Ticket Renewals

    I'll be honest, I hate digital ticketing. I have season tickets to the Redskins, Capitals and the Valor. I hate having to pull up a digital ticket on my phone. And FYI I work in IT. Ever try to pull up a digital ticket with 20k folks using the same cellular network in a close area? (Yes I know you can screenshot it or move it to googleplay etc, but personally I like having a hard ticket.
  13. Got a photo with him at Training Camp yesterday.
  14. Howie411

    Case Keenum antisocial?

    So I've only seen this twice but I went to both OTA (very small crowd) and Training Camp (very large crowd) and Case Keenum never stopped to talk, sign autographs or take photos with anyone. As soon as practice ended he just walked right back to the locker room ignoring everyone.
  15. Howie411

    Would you pay to go to Training Camp

    Just got back from Training Camp. First time ever going, been a season ticket holder for 9 years. We went on a charter bus the Redskins took from Fedex Field this morning. Was pretty nice, they provided Breakfast and Lunch and gave us VIP passes at Training Camp. There was only about 25 of us. Would definitely do it again if they decide to do this next year.