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  1. I'm so sad I'm going to miss this, going to be out of town. Ughhh
  2. I was at the 5:30 one, though its odd, I was actually supposed to go to the 5:30 on on Wed. but I never got a confirmation or a follow up email. So then I emailed them and they were like oh you can come tonight (Thursday the 8th) at 5:30. So not sure how many sessions they had or how many emails they sent out cause my email clearly said July 7th 5:30 to 7. (if it matters the majority of the group I was in had seats in the 400 section except 1 person). That being said since this was a 3rd party company I couldn't really be pissed at them, but I hope they are passing our concern
  3. I was there last night too. Yup was total BS. They seem to think everyone will want to buy season tickets just because its a new stadium regardless of how bad the team is. Other then the BS about the PSL was the seating. Basically anyone in the lowerbowl or middle area were "vip" seats. Its like if you wanted "general season tickets' you basically had to go to the nosebleed. Oh also you are more then welcome to finance the PSL for 20 years at 8% interest........ (My Mortgage rate isn't even that bad).
  4. We liked it 2 years ago when we took the bus down from Fedex field, they provided breakfast and lunch. Didn't have to worry about the 2 hour drive each way. I wish they would have done that again.
  5. Anyone get the email about VIP tickets for training camp? They were gone within an hour. How did they prevent any random joe from using that code to get VIP passes. Anyone could have typed that in.
  6. Got someone to snap a photo of my new seats for me today. Seats 5 and 6. Wow look at the leg room!
  7. Weird, I was in the first row of the 400 section for a few years (2 different sections) and had no issues with drainage. Only issue I had was how annoying the plexi glass was. It was either super dirty or because they were different sizes (it was awards to look to the left as half the view was clear and half the view was through the glass.
  8. So I bit the bullet and picked up 234, Row 1, (5,6) which is the aisle. I'm coming from the 400 section so I wasn't under cover there anyways. Supposedly the price on these ticket used to be $1100 but recently dropped to $999 (last week, so the ticket office said)..... Figured for $150 price difference for the 2 seats, not having to deal with the ramp or the escalator makes it worth it. The Rep also didn't seem to think the railing would cause any viewing issues.
  9. Anyone know if section 234, Row 1 is any good? Any obstruction from the metal railing?
  10. According to the member service team, they withheld the best seats for STH and they weren't part of the single seat sale. Read that however you want.....
  11. Mines 3pm on June 8th, I've had season tickets for 11 years or 12 if they count the year I had obstructed view seats. On an unrelated note, I haven't wonder if they are going to let us come to OTA's this year, normally it would have been mid June, but haven't seen any emails.
  12. Agreed! Why should we have pay a processing fee when the average joe can get tickets today and not.
  13. Sort of surprised they didn't send an email to STH about this. Also says they are waiving all fees for 1 day only for single game tickets. Does that mean no select a seat for current STHs?
  14. Here is my daughter doing the Field Goal kick, I'll spare everyone the disaster of when I tried. She might not have kicking in her future but look at the spin move. https://www.dropbox.com/s/eak5d8dvjnjnq64/AlexisFieldGoal.mp4?dl=0 few photos. Why yes that is Dexter Manley.
  15. So I had a blast last night. Obviously the first time back at Fedex field for my family and I in over a year. I thought it was all handled well from a social distancing prospective. Lines didn't take long for really anything. Definitely enjoyable.
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