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  1. You’re probably right (assuming you checked it again lol), I looked a few weeks back and only used 2015, 2016 and this year. This was before these last two games. With that said, my main point was the offense yesterday seemed more explosive and attacked all areas of the field. Not a right or wrong thing, just my opinion in what I was watching.
  2. Kirk has no more odds to overcome than 28 other teams in the NFL. With that said, this ranks as one of my favorite games watching Kirk. The offense felt dynamic and explosive. Back to back 30 point games (teams he’s QBd have only scored 30+ 6 or 7 times in his career). The way he challenged the defense and remained aggressive throughout is how you get to 30 plus points 5-8 times in a season. Awesome stuff by Kirk today! Felt like he Competed all day.
  3. Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    It’s the NFL, the Skins have a competent QB and are in the class with 15-18 other teams. Getting over that hump is the most difficult thing. Most fail to do so. Kind of like an NBA team without a true superstar.
  4. Gruden, Cousins are not winners

    Just feels like both guys are young in their respective roles at times. Critical situations are handled with uncertainty and lack of confidence.
  5. Game Day Thread Skins at Saints

    I’m always confused, what is this site suppose to be, calm rational observers?? lol Get off your pedestal and feel something.
  6. One of my favorite Kirk games to date. Did a solid job of manipulating the pocket and hanging in there on many throws. Gave WRs 50/50 balls consistently. I liked his game! Just came up short to a Hall of Famer. Whatever.
  7. Why are some choosing to discredit Goff in a Kirk thread? Hmm...
  8. Seemed to be out schemed versus out manned. Unfortunate nonetheless.
  9. It’s been a lot of fun seeing the schemes change game in and game out. It’s interesting, some were saying Greg was just going to be smash mouth and not have much creativity, but it appears the defense is making many adjustments and being unique with “looks” and post snap disguises. The Skins have a chance this week because of the defense, not the offense. How about that!!
  10. I came a bit strong as if some collusion is taking place lol, so I get the humorous response. Really, I do. Conventional wisdom tells us to sign said QB who can operate an offense, I get it. My thinking is a bit radical with the QB market and how organizations deal with QBs. Personally, I’ve been in the middle with it all and have failed to be moved either direction a considerable amount. The argument of this roster having a possible 2-3 window with some good to great talent is one that leans me towards giving Kirk and Scott Boras whatever is needed.
  11. I can get with you that all forms of statistics have some idiot (I’ll stick with silly, in an attempt to keep things calm) parts to it, as does yours. Did I ever once feel the defense was going to win the Skins a game last year? No. Do I believe they were closer to average (maybe below average) to teams in the 2016 year? Yes. Historically bad? No. This represents the view point of media cohorts who’s self perceived reputations are on the line in relation to Kirk and being right, in my opinion. Use of “historically bad” rings loud, allowing for other areas of the teams struggles to be largely ignored. For example, me stating the offense was “historically” bad in the red zone is similar. How is it an offense (I use the word “offense”, not attempting to position argument to only blame Kirk) that struggled mightily in the red zone get so little reporting and 3rd down defense be the blame of all the team’s struggles last year? This is how DC media has played it out. The statistics you you provided are very similar to that of PPG. It shows the defense was below average, but close to middle of the pack, right? I’d venture to guess, the points per possession was better during the team’s 6-1-1 stretch. My PPG metric tells me they allowed 21ppg during that 8 game stretch. What does yours say?
  12. Not sure how much more wrong a person could be when saying the Skins last year were a historically bad defense. 18th in ppg (8 points from top 15) Played a big role during the 6-3-1 stretch It was ugly and never were dominant in any games, but somehow allowed the Skins to hang around in most games (The offense was the strength though). The victim Kirk stuff is silly.
  13. Midseason Superlatives

    The defensive staff as a whole deserve great amount of credit. It’s been an enjoyable watch seeing Greg and staff deploy different schemes throughout the season. The offense as a whole has been below average and a major disappointment. Though, Kirk has been a steadying force for the unit. The roles have reversed from last year, the defense is now above average with potential to grow and offense below average to average.
  14. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Attachment issues stemming from post traumatic events as children.
  15. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    The winning “window” point is one that gets me thinking the most about meeting demands of Kirk and agent — the Skins have some legit talent in mid to late 20s that need to be maximized and some younger guys ready to assist.