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  1. He's coming for those guys if he makes strides in areas he himself states needs work. Can appreciate Cousins being honest with himself and to public on needed areas of improvement (back shoulder throws, extending plays).
  2. The agent, the agent... he's read Scot Boras books, I promise Casserly dropped a nugget months back about the agent making his first deal (a lack of experience) and Scot stated the same in his recent interview.
  3. It would be impressive for a 22 year old to lead a lockeroom of men, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Generally not how it works in sports though.
  4. Got to kick the tires on Bowman: That's a position that the Skins can go old on this year, as no high level resources are being groomed. Obviously, it would have to come a significantly reduced salary. I like the the idea of adding a guy with his approach to the front seven. He's a known leader and plays with a chip.
  5. The interview was just another reminder of how the Skins lost the most important member of the organization (including players). Just a good dude, who gets it.
  6. Just need to improve 15 points to be in the top 15.
  7. Time for the league to make a stand against second and third tier QBs. Return of the middle class football player.
  8. It would be so great for the organization if Stafford and Carr's deal came in lower than the asking price of Cousins. Right?
  9. I get it, just not how it works is all.
  10. Anderson will fall in line with how the vets operate next year, hopefully Norman takes another step in leadership and guys like Anderson will fall in line easily.
  11. If Richardson is as reported (I don't watch Jet games, but understand he's a name), then I Don't mind the Skins looking into it. I wonder where the FO is on goals/expectations for next year.
  12. The versatility of the defense has made a huuuuuge jump this off season.
  13. I demand to know how some of you have come up with specific numbers to support your arguments.