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  1. wit33

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Give Alex some time to display all these intangibles you’re quick to downgrade after two games. A huge benefit to having a veteran QB who’s experienced everything you possibly can in the league many times over, is to help keep the team focused on improving for next game. I’m confident (as much as an outsider can be) that Alex will own his mistakes and look to better himself for next week. In addition, he will lean on rapport with teammates to find solutions. It was a below average game for Alex, no doubt. ***The deal he got was a bargain in relation to the QB market.
  2. wit33

    Tighten up those Ends: It's a TE thread......

    Reed should be focal point of passing game. Moved all over field with idea of getting Antonio Brown type targets lol.
  3. Any place to find breakdowns of the line play weekly??
  4. wit33

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Stop. Scoring 9 points with no touchdowns is not his norm. He’s an average to above average QB that requires a good game plan to consistently be successful. This is the norm for QBs 7-25.
  5. Would love to somehow get Paul Richardson in the slot more often and relegate Crowder to more of a situational role. How this can happen with current WR depth does not seem likely. Need speed on the field more consistently.
  6. wit33

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    This game appears to represent Alex’s floor, confident this will not be Alex’s norm. Was worried about getting inside the opponents 30 yard line and Alex’s inability to be successful in this area and nothing to date has changed this concern. Gruden will have to scheme well and hope Alex’s legs can help 8-10 times during the course of the season, when in the red zone or just outside for the team to succeed. This last game was as about as deflating a loss in a while for me, as I was in disbelief of how the Skins were dominated in the trenches and schematically. Frustrated with Gruden as well (the first time since season 1 I questioned whether he was an average coach). The wild part is Luck was no better than Smith on this day, just had the better team with a scheme on both sides of ball that was a step ahead. What a terrible day. Side note: The seam throw to Reed (or Davis a few times) needs to be thrown 5 times a game and threatened 12-15 times (don’t watch tape, completely a fan review :)). This is the one elite throw Alex has in his bag. Tough against a cover 2, but let Reed show out with ball skills.
  7. wit33

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    My hope is Doctson is a 10 TD guy this year. With Reed, Thompson, Crowder eating up yards, Skins don’t need 11-1500 yards from a WR. In my view, Doctson will need to come through big situationally at times in games. The red zone and 5-8 big plays during the year. Many will I’ll judge him based off stats, and that won’t be fair. He needs to play his role and impact games when needed. This represents the plan for all teams, but I get your point. It’s interesting, the NFL appears to be shifting towards Alex’s style of play: Quick/short passing game, identify mismatches for RBs & TEs, use slot WRs to move chains, mix RPOs/RO in run game and play action, screens to get guys out in space etc.. Not a lot of down the field stuff taking place in the league these days, as coaches continue to adapt high school and college schemes that minimize risk and feature skill players.
  8. wit33

    What happened to Chris Cooley?

    As an out of market Skins fan, Sheehan and Cooley were amazing! Tons of value lost as a fan not having those guys during week to talk Skins football. The film break downs were gold and appeared to be well received by most. Outside of Cooley not wanting to put the man hours to do them, it would seem a meeting of the minds can take place on some medium for him to make it happen. Season has started and that would seem unlikely though. Maybe next year 😕 Im sure Sheehan is begging him, but no money to offer.
  9. wit33

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    From all that I hear and read from Alex’s words, he respects that each game is its own entity and it will require him to adjust. My hope is Alex continues to get better with age at understanding situationally he must adjust play style and get ball down field. His legs and willingness to extend plays allows for him to naturally become a playmaker. Point being, it’s not always going to be him needing to make “higher risk throws” (something we know he’s not most comfortable with) to convert. None the less, still need to see more to come any sort of conclusion on my part. Just enjoy discussion as we observe from week to week.
  10. wit33

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Got ya, wasn’t sure. I’m not a real fan of the Chief “gimmicky stuff” that Reid ran last year, even moreso after defenses appeared to figure it out. As an outsider, I don’t see Jay getting to level of Reid type stuff. More of a west coast purest. I think Jay will do more RPO action plays similar to what we’ve seen in years past at a higher rate. New wrinkles will take place with Alex though. Backfield stuff Alex does has some value (Most guys can do that stuff—look no further than 18-22yr olds doing it on Saturday’s), but what I saw in Cardinal game was much more than that. No adversity took place and only one game though. Cousins was aight
  11. wit33

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    He once went a whole season without throwing a TD pass to a WR, so I’m sure the stat is accurate. @Skinsinparadise I read or heard somewhere Alex has more control pre snap than Kirk. I’m just curious if this is true? For Jays offense to take another step it’s my belief he needs a QB who has command of the entire game (not that any coach would want this, but some coaches are more control freaks than Jay). To be honest, not sure if Alex is this guy, but hopeful and game 1 is encouraging. Alex having a great amount of control at the line and doing this effectively can potentially be value that deserves more mention.
  12. wit33

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Alex Smith’s intangibles and timeliness of plays were on full display against Cards. With that said, adversity was not present much in game for Alex or team. Alex provided me the feeling of having a chance to make something happen on each play, no matter of the play call was good or bad. His post snap ability as it relates to extending the play is exciting and I believe will prove to pay off greatly. I read somewhere that Alex has the ability to check calls at the line of scrimmage, moreso than his predecessor. This is a factor I believe is overlooked many times when discussing teams and their ability to run the ball— how much having a QB who can consistently make checks to different kinds of running plays or out of it. Can anyone expound upon this?
  13. wit33

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Smith turning and rolling left, is this a newer wrinkle in his game? I had the impression he was more of a roll right for most part only QB. If he becomes more comfortable with this nuance of QB and a result manipulate pocket in either direction, another step may just be had by him.
  14. wit33

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I agree with you on some levels, but unknown exists with Alex and Gruden working together. I believe they will fit extremely well together and there’s some potential for the offense to do great things.
  15. wit33

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    This will be one of the issues with Alex for sure 😕 His pocket awareness and eye discipline (This ain’t changing in my view, pocket awareness is an intangible you either have or don’t). He appeared to see man coverage and immediately looked to take advantage of this look with his legs and run for the 3rd down and 9 conversion late in a game. Titans were step ahead and put a d line spy to counter. Alex seems to fall in line with other average to above average QBs in the league with pre play reads, but his ability to run will help at times when wrong or bad play call. Im on side it will prove out over a season to be more of a positive— his running and at times poor pocket awareness. This in relation to other QBs on his level that also struggle when play call, or pre snap read is bad.