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  1. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Love that Alex will only be around 11% of the cap for the life of the deal. Such crazy value in the current market of QBs. In my individual opinion, it’s rifht around where the average to above average QBs should be.
  2. Josh Doctson the new 50/50?

    Confident Doctson will put together a great season. The catching windows he creates is elite.
  3. I’m with you, I was just as encouraged by his play as Allen last year. Doesn’t have the high draft pedigree, so it appears he’ll have to have another year to gain more mention.
  4. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Alex will take shots as they’re called and has shown ability to make the seam pass for a long time in his career. I can imagine Reed catching back shoulder seam passes often (albeit he doesn’t get hurt)—- This throw didn’t exist in the offense nearly enough. I don’t think Alex is naturally aggressive, but seems to be willing to “roll with a coaches call” when asked. I’m just hopeful he’s at a point I life where he doesn’t give a damn about perception or whatever, it seems through his interviews this is the case.
  5. Griffin and Cousins lacked authenticity and self awareness. Guice appears to be very authentic. You can make mistakes and easily overcome it with teammates and fans if you’re willing to be vulnerable.
  6. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Let’s say Smith was coming off season last year compared to 2 years ago when drafting Pat Mahomes... Do the Chiefs trade up and draft Mahomes?
  7. As a fan outside the DC area (Arizona), Cooley and Sheehan is the one show I can rely on to talk Skins everyday at length most of the time. Also love that the show doesn’t have an agenda and so many topics trying to cover, they appear to feel the pulse of the day, show, social media and callers. Allowing for meaningful discourse to take place.
  8. Crowder vs. Richardson

    Richardson has the potential to impact the game more if he can take the top off and make defenses plan for his speed in some games. I like that he’s proven he can adjust and go up and get balls in the air as well as get past defenders. The NFL these days is fine with guys like Crowder (many in the league) catching balls underneath coverages, then tighten up in the red zone. Hoping the Skins don’t choose to overpay for his services, but the coaches love him.
  9. Ahhh.... Authenticity Great read. Getting closer!
  10. The Skins reportedly were in on Campbell until the end. It’s not as if they didn’t want the guy, but competition exists. They were bidding against a Jags team filled with rookie deals, which allowed them to front load 30 million in the first two years without hurting the team in the now or future. The Skins then attempted to hit on McClain and McGee at a cost of 15 million over two years. McClain appeared to play poorly while McGee was solid. I like the roster and belive they’ll have a chance in every game to win, especially against the overrated super Bowl champs
  11. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Eagles were 50-1 last year. NFL is so tough to judge, outside of those with elite QBs. I love the roster and direction of team. Hope it works itself out, as I dont want to go through an overhaul of FO and coaches. Yuck!
  12. I’m not denying Vince Wilfork being a good pro and valuable to a team. My point is NTs as a whole have less value in today’s game. Teams are shifting away from 3-4 defense to counter 3wr sets that are used most often in games. Vince was a pro bowl type guy, what about the others. **Vince played one time versus Peyton Manning and the team lost 34-38. Who cares really though.
  13. Youd be set for 30% of downs and less versus the elite QBs. Vince was a special player, I think ...
  14. No doubt. Im one who thinks run defense in today’s NFL is overrated. A lineman must be able to do both to have good value these days. The Skins allowed just 1500 yards last season, earning a #32 ranking. Allowing the same amount of yards in year 2000 (1500 yards) would’ve ranked them in the top 5.
  15. Paynes floor is Hankins. A two down player in a league that continues to be about passing. If Payne becomes Hankins, it will be disappointing. He must be able to rush the passer to have great value and worth 1st round pick in today’s NFL. **Fascinating nugget, the Skins finished dead last in rushing yards allowed last year, but would’ve been top 5 in year 2000 with yards allowed in 2017. A total different game these days.