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  1. More than likely it was guaranteed money being the main reason a deal couldn't get done.
  2. No offer has been made public. I understand the FO doesn't deserve much benefit of the doubt, but who knows what's going on. The only fact fact is no media has reported anything that's been corroborated by either side to be proved as truth. If you pull up up things beat writers and the like reported months ago it would be contradictory.
  3. In my opinion, there stats are similar. admittedly though, I'm not too big on stats. Just by watching each, they appear to be in the same category/level as far as starters in the league. A huge factor i will will point out again, is Kirk may still have untapped potential and room to grow. Arguments for both sides can be made at this point in their careers.
  4. I understand, it appears I'm taking a shot at Kirk, but I'm not. I don't think many would argue both are in same territory in terms of playing QB. Each falling in the area of being a competent QB who can assist a team in winning games. No indictment on Kirk. Andy will soon have a fan base at odds whether to pay him top dollar as well. I must say though, I don't believe you can definitively say Kirk is done growing or can't make another step, but with Andy, he's had 4 years or so now of starting-- it seems we know who he is. It's just right now that puts him with a guy like Kirk.
  5. It looked like two average teams playing that day. No real advantages that I could see. Just my opinion though
  6. I watched a game between the Skins and Bengals and saw no real difference between both QBs playing in that game. Sure, other factors exist, but just watching it certainly didn't appear the Skins had an edge at the QB position. I was actually surprised at how well Dalton improvised in that game. I think both are in same territory.
  7. Can careless where he ranks, just hope to see him do more elite type things: manipulate the pocket, run when opportunities exist, create plays in and outside the pocket (at opportune times, don't need these to be a part of his game necessarily), give WRs opportunities at 50/50 balls, more back shoulder throws, improve on last year's red zone numbers (not all his fault, but plays a role), improve upon time and situational awareness. Please, I say this with wanting to resign and not caring where he ranks. It's what i want out of the QB for the Skins. In no way is this bashing him, as I feel he deserves to be paid and have the opportunity to lead the Skins for years to come. The elite and ranking stuff is whatever, just want him to continue to improve. With that said, if he doesn't improve, I think the Skins will still be solid and have a chance to win. Lets get a deal done, please!
  8. @Morneblade Conservative is a great way to put it. Thinking about it, I can see how the personnel from last year would shrink the field a bit for Kirk and schematically. Here I go again trying to be a coach, but I wonder if teams squeezed the middle of the field without fear of being over-the-top. Pryor and Doctson (still an unknown) would seem to solve this shortcoming.
  9. Yes, the heavy Jumbo stuff was weird and lacked creativity. I hate speaking like I'm capable of coaching, but split some one out, motion or pass out of it more often. The pace was terrible as well, zero confidence in what they were about to run lol. I just wonder if they were doing that in part to help Cousins out and take responsibility away.
  10. @petedaddy I actually am a proponent of the fade route even though it hasn't been a go to type play for the Skins in a while. I just wish they'd be more creative and do some back shoulder stuff as well, keep teams guessing. I especially like the fade stuff last year with the inn ability to run the ball, like you said. You'd have to imagine Pryor will help tremendously.
  11. @ncr2h Respect for pulling all the data out, definitely provides better perspective. You mentioned a small sample size being a factor, what are your overall thoughts on the team and Kirk's struggles in the red zone last year?
  12. There's merit to pointing to his 2015 numbers, but it's just tough to rationalize such poor number this past year. It would seem normal to drop off to average from time to time, but all the way to one of the worst in the league is strange. What are your thoughts?
  13. Kerrigan looked like he was a 45 year old construction worker with a bad back in most games I watched last year lol. He produces, valuable member of the team. No complaints.
  14. You could be right, but I think it's just as easily the FO running a business with a player who's treating it as the same.
  15. To base the ineptitude of the franchise in relation to the Kirk situation is unfair. There's two sides to this situation and the circumstances are highly unique. Everything else thats gone on, sure, it's madness lol. I agree. I feel compelled to pound the table and state if you agree that Cousins is doing right and should look for every bit he can get, then don't blame the franchise for engaging in similar actions. Can't have it both ways.