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  1. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    The first coach was wrong, we’ll see if the second is as well.
  2. Not sure how it all went down, but Chiefs may have been one to say deal is done if Fuller is involved— Thus surprising Jay and staff at opportunity to close deal. It appeared Jay was doing a bit of coach speak and backing up his guy McCoy. With that said, if it comes out Jay had no clue, I’d jump to side of being cynical and participate in a throwing up of the hands with regards to FO.
  3. @thesubmittedone I read the last Jay quote as being surprised about the opportunity to trade for Smith, not him being unaware.
  4. Cap percentage each player takes up each year is the way to compare. Also length of deal.
  5. Mist be even more difficult when the emotional response isn’t one that aligns with 100s of hours of time spent supporting a different narrative.
  6. It’s one way to approach an NFL career. I’m in no way saying it’s wrong. I wonder wheres hes beloved? Which helmet will be in the hall of fame?
  7. Darrel Revis of the QB position. Credit to Kirk, as he’ll become a free agent again in middle of prime. Dude and reps are cut throat in business lol. @goskins10 Go take a breather, man lol
  8. Anyone have information with backstory of Wilkerson and Jets? Is it as simple as him just being lazy and not liking football? Just curious.
  9. Love an organization willing to carve there own path and do it their own way. I will be rooting for them to succeed in the future. Hate those that do what’s comfortable and not act on what’s right for a team’s Individual situation. No you’re suppose to do it this way because that’s the way it’s been done for 30 years. Blaze your own path.
  10. The value this topic has provided me in escapism time is worth a 1st rounder. Thank you. Worrying about wins and losses is for amateurs.
  11. D Hall has made over 60 million in his career, but he’s going to be told by another man what to say. Nah man, that ain’t how it works. Who cares if what he says doesn’t align with your view, no need to disparage the guy for it. Never will understand attacking another individual in an attempt discredit them to bolster “your” position. Not ignoring the fact Hall has a positive relationship to the organization, but he still had the ability to speak out his disagreement with letting Fuller go in a trade.
  12. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    Skins got 16 games of a starter and will receive 3rd round compensation. Many choose to throw out value of having Kirk last season, but value does exist in this. Yes, we choose to throw out last year due to no playoffs, but that’s not the correct way to approach it.
  13. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    @goskins10 Just for the fun of it: What do you feel the Skins would’ve gotten back for Kirk on a franchise tag of 24mil last year? In my unprofessional view—— it would’ve been difficult to get a deal with any potential team, due to Kirk wanting free agency last year and this year. The same people saying how crazy it would be for Skins to franchise Kirk this year must apply same logic to last year. So Skins decided to go with a capable starter and team they thought could reach the postseason. There’s value in doing this and having Kirk for an additional year. ******The difference in Chiefs getting value and Alex with Skins: The Skins traded for Alex Smith because they were working with a willing participant to negotiate a long term deal. If Alex didn’t want to sign here long term the deal wouldn’t have taken place. Smith also has 1 year left on deal at an amazing pay rate (17mil).
  14. @Skinsinparadise Cooley like Smith enough to rank ahead of Cousins. He likes Smith better in short and long ball game and equates his ability to make initial reads to that of Cousins. Cousins in the intermediate he likes better. This is what I remember, is this right? I really don’t like using Cooley as any kind of barometer as he’s all over the place and is driven by emotion and often lacks research initially on things. I appreciate his break down and enjoy the radio show greatly, but as with everything I consume, it’s just a piece of shaping my perspective on a matter/player/whatever. It’s just interesting for me to compare the two at this point in off season, but don’t think the FO did so either.
  15. What’s the value of having Kirk for a potentially playoff run last year equal? 2nd? 3rd? 4th? The Skins were in same spot last year as this year, in regards to trading Kirk. I’m not connecting this idea the Skins would’ve got value for Kirk on a Franchise Tag last year. Most pundits, fans on here, media members couldnt say enough how stupid it’d be for the FO to tag and attempt to deal Cousins this off season (before and after the Smith trade). Is the whole argument based on 24mil versus 34mil?