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  1. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    It's nice to see Kirk continues to work on weaknesses in games (moving the pocket and extending plays), though he looks uncomfortable doing so at this point. A fans hope would be this becomes an area of growth down the road. I also thought he exercised some game awareness (with the help of play calling) by playing it ultra safe. The NFL is a strange league, many variables change week to week. A game on the road where the defense and run game were playing well, didn't require much of Kirk. The offense provided no fuel for momentum to go the other way. Kirk came through on the last drive, a really big time throw to Crowder to convert mid way through the drive was great. It'd be nice to see this drive get the offense as a whole moving in the right direction.
  2. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Really encouraged by Kirk stepping up and gaining some yards on the ground. Competing until the last split seconds of a play. This is something I can get behind. As time goes, I'm hopeful his overall comfort level will increase in doing this. Respect him being humble enough to attack this needed attribute in his game. Man, if he's able to do this it will take his and the offense to another level. Get it Kirk!
  3. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Give Thompson more early down reps, allowing Kirk to have an extra security blanket in the passing game. Forget blocking these exotic looks, abuse Thompson and Reed underneath and hit Pryor up top once a quarter. ****Teams want to threaten blitzing 6, with backers in the a and b gaps, Skins counter with motioning out Thompson to the outside. How amazing!! I feel like the offense needs a back up to Thompson, not two power guys. Allowing for the team to have more confidence in using one of the better weapons more. I dont think Kirk will ever be a guy who stands tall in the pocket, takes hits and consistently makes down the field throws or outside the hashes consistently. Not being harsh, as I feel Brees and Brady to a lesser degree are similar, but both of their offenses seem to focus on complimenting their strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Gruden must run the offense through Reed. It seemed the calls initially were to target Pryor, It should work in the reverse, get Reed involved early and feed others. Reed is a nightmare matchup (as we all know), but he also compliments Kirks strengths: short intermediate throws in the middle of the field.
  5. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    It was nice to see Kirk scramble a few times. I respect that he's working on creating plays from time to time.
  6. The 2017 Training Camp Discussion Thread

    Donald wants north of 20million a year from what I heard a local Ram reporter say.
  7. Is part of being a "system west coast QB" having the ability to create off schedule? Serious question. Is this something a west coast coach would almost require for the system to fully spread its wings?
  8. Defense comes down to the 4th quarter and having an elite pass rushing presence in today's NFL. If Kerrigan doesn't look like he's 50 with his bend, Gaelette delivers and the interior wins from time to time, they have a chance to stop teams in critical situations. 12 out of 16 games will be decided by 1 score or so Throw away stats... Who cares. The media and old heads are finally beginning to catch up with this line of thinking, with regards to both sides of the ball.
  9. I get what you're saying and don't all together disagree. Not attempting to shift my point, but rather, clarify that I understand Brady doesn't make plays outside the system like Big Ben, Rodgers, Wilson. His improv (plays outside the system) occur in a more subtle fashion: movement within the pocket. Arguably the best feet in the game inside the pocket. This provides opportunities to get to 3rd and 4th reads, lock-in on his 1st read for 3 sec, come back to his 1st read etc.. Would you equate Brady finding holes to step up or side stepping to that of Russel Wilson exposing a lack of edge integrity and buying time this way? If Wilson did this and hit Baldwin on a Drag, but a second late, due to maneuvering outside, would this be a play outside the system or a Bomb to Locket on a post, but it gets there 50 yards downfield, versus arriving 30 yards downfield as the play was designed? One of my negatives on Kirk, is not creating plays. If the defense has a good call made or tight coverage as fans, we know the play is most likely dead, or going to gain 3-6 yards the defense willingly is giving up. It it appears to me, Gruden recognizes this a bit and is going to encourage Kirk to take control and make things happen after play is sent in. Which has topped out as being the thing I'm looking forward to watching this year. Go earn it, Kirk!
  10. I remember it being posted. I agree, even for the Legends, taking away the first and second read, the level effectiveness decreases.
  11. @thesubmittedone Brady makes many plays outside the system. Yes, in a good portion games he's not required to do so, because of his elite level of play, but against better defenses, that's almost a requirement. Peyton is a better comparison, in my opinion-- The GOAT in preparation. Though, Many argue 1 of the variables to the Colts' struggles in the postseason, were due to his inability to make plays outside the system in big games. Obviously, we are comparing him to living Legends of the game though I like the idea of a QB having to show this ability before being rewarded as if he does. I understand 100% this goes against conventional thinking of how to deal with QBs, but the risk for the players has decreased in the last 10 years, requiring FOs to evolve with deal making. Truly excited about Gruden giving him more control and believe there's potential for Kirk and the offense to improve. Cool article!
  12. I agree! Projecting, but I also feel it shows the head coach and FO are on same page: FO wanting to see more and Gruden's philosophy (Trusting the QB) aligning with Kirk being given the opportunity to display more Value. Interesting and it does excite as a fan that represents the middle area of Kirk and FO. Get it done, Kirk!
  13. The genius behind the Patriots is it appears first principle theory is applied to many decisions they make. https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/BF02505024 Too many organizations and fan bases (Many in here) stick to blanket theories on what's best for the team, situation, time, and future. The Patroits can give a damn how things are done or have been done, they make the best roster decisions to help win in the now and flexibility for the future. This isn't only applied to front office decisions, their weekly game planning operates in the same mold. Who cares about statistics, each game is treated as it's own entity to provide the best chance to win. They're aren't married to a system (a safe norm for coaches), it's about exploitation of the opponents weaknesses-- Whether through spread attack or 40 carries in a game. They've made many cliche driven football media heads look silly with trading players, releasing players, trading draft picks, taking risks on malcontents etc.. All things many in here would lose there mind over, due to it not falling into a safe norm.
  14. Is the Extremeskins message board officially dead?

    Interesting, exactly how I feel. Thank you. Deep sincerity! I will be sure to steer Bill Polian and Charlie Casserly away from this board, away from the enlightened moderators.