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  1. 2018 ES GMs Mock Draft is complete!

    The 2018 ES Jaguars draft 1 29 Jacksonville Jaguars RASHAAN EVANS ILB Alabama 2 61 Jacksonville Jaguars FRANK RAGNOW G/C Arkansas 3 93 Jacksonville Jaguars CEDRICK WILSON WR Boise St 4 129 Jacksonville Jaguars TERRELL EDMUNDS S Virginia Tech 6 203 Jacksonville Jaguars JORDAN AKINS TE Central Florida 7 230 Jacksonville Jaguars BILAL NICHOLS DT Delaware 7 247 Jacksonville Jaguars CHASE EDMONDS RB Fordham Overal personal view I went pretty ''open'' into the process, it's not like Jaguars have huge needs. So I just went BPA. My first two picks are great. I think both players will be long time NFL starters. I like my third round WR but kinda hoped to grab Michael Gallup, but it was really annoing that I didn't have a fith rounder. Trading up for him was to hard. But I like Wilson too, just like Gallup a lot better. I even considerd him with my first pick and again with my second one....but kinda hope he would go under the radar. My 4th round pick is straight out steal i.m.o. I had him rated in a tire end second - early three. My last three picks are just ''swing for the fences''. Small school guys who have the skills but nobody knows how they will do in the NFL. I like to use late rounders for that. What I hoped for Before the draft I made this perfect draft: 1 29 Jacksonville Jaguars RASHAAN EVANS ILB Alabama 2 61 Jacksonville Jaguars BILLY PRICE C Ohio St 3 93 Jacksonville Jaguars MICHAEL GALLUP WR Colorado St. 4 129 Jacksonville Jaguars MJ STEWARD CB North Carolina 6 203 Jacksonville Jaguars JAYLEN SAMUELS HB NC State 7 230 Jacksonville Jaguars ISAAC YIADOM CB Boston College 7 247 Jacksonville Jaguars STEVEN RICHARDSON DT Minnesota I missed out of most of does guys by something like half a round. Next year if my team has more picks I might be a little more agressive to be able to get does targets. How my score will be after the real draft I think my +/- score for Evans will not be very high or low. I think he will be dafted in the 20's. Frank Ragnow is really hard guy to predict. He is pretty safe and sound prospect but there are a lot of good interior lineman that could go between late first and late third. So I think it depends on if a run on does guys starts early and if somebody like him better then the other options. I feel like I'm higher on Wilson then most people. So I expect to lose maybe 30 points on him. But this WR class is pretty weak, so maybe teams panic. Yesterday I read some article that Edmunds might get a little hot. Some talk about him going on day 2. If that happens I get around 60 points back. Would compensate for the Wilson score. Akins, Nichols and Edmonds could all go undrafted. I expect to lose points on that, but I think I know better then NFL teams! Of does guys only Nichols could maybe be a small steal. I just looked it up and some have him in the 5th round range. At the end I think I will finish around 0 or maybe a small plus.
  2. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    But are the QBs agreeing to that? If I would be the second guy picked...I would 100% hold out and tell the team what the ****?! The second guy can be on the bench for a couple of seasons. I don't want that as top QB prospect. The media hype would also be crazy for both guys. Daily coverage who is the leader in the club house. Locker room that is split. I.m.o. you put your trust in one guy and life with it. Taking two would seem weak. You don't even know which one you want.
  3. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Thank you @JamesMadisonSkins , I agree with that 100%. I just saw people talk about trade down and stll get him. I don't see the upside in that. Basicallly you where able to say in 5 lines, what I tried to say...but then deleted my text and changed it because I had to use like 25 lines to say the same. Can be hard to have an short and firm opinion in a different languages.
  4. 2018 ES GMs Mock Draft is complete!

    Nice final pick. Was looking into him but couldn't find the time and video's to really get a good feel for him. Thx @Epochalypse for running this draft. I think you did extreme well. With the missing owners and stuff this could have been a huge mess that would drag on and on. You made your point, you did well. Was nice experience again! Thx @Gibbs Hog Heaven for doing my final pick and just overload us with info. And final thx to all the other owners/members/GM's. I think we did very well. Really liked the last rounds. The inside some of you guys bring it top notch.
  5. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Question! I don't read a lot of other fan forums or blogs about certain teams...so I don't know if this is true. But I get the feeling that we are pretty heavy showing interested in Guice. Other teams will pick-up on that. (again maybe half the league has had multiply meeting with him). If we then trade down, wouldn't that trigger other teams? Lets say we drop down to 21 (just random number) and team at 26 (again random number) wants Guice. Wouldn't they just jump in front of us, pick 20? My point. At 13 you are pretty sure you can get him. Trading up to pick 10-11-12 will be to heavy for a lot of teams. If you trade down you will compete with other teams and then it will be able for teams to jump you. So I think you take a pretty big risk if you trade back. In that case I want a pretty damm good deal in return. I would not sell it for cheap. This is all if we really like Guice (as Redskins). Personally I think he is nice but not amazed by him. If we take him I'm fine, if we miss on him I'm fine to. I don't feel really strong about wanting him on this team.
  6. 2018 ES GMs Mock Draft is complete!

    This is going to be this years cult figure. The team that drafts him can expect him to be the camp crush of many fans. Such a fun player to watch.
  7. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I have been quite because of our mock draft. Can't show my hand to much, but now back on track with draft almost complete. About Josh Allen. I now understands what the reason is for his hype. He just has this crazy physical skill set. His arm, throwing motion etc is one of the better to come out in recent years. People just see potential in that. My take: it's not important. We have enough ''noodle arm'' QB's beeing succesfull in the NFL. They start to overvalue the wrong part of the QB. Beeing accurate and the mental part is way more important. About Guice at 13. I'm totally fine with that. I did some big boards and Guice pretty much falls in the second tire. You got the really great prospects, the superstars. I got 8 of does. The group after that is very close. That second tire is around 15 players big. After that you have a huge third tire that stretches from late first round to end of the second. This year the talent that you grab at end of the first, is not hole lot better then the guy you grab at middle to late second. Right now I would even say that if we really like Guice and non of the first tire guys (Barkley, Chubb, Fitzpatrick, Nelson, Ward, Darnold, Edmunds and Smith) fall to 13...I would not even consider trading down. I understand that he could fall into the 20's but it wouldn't suprice me if he goes around 15 to 18. You are then just beeing greedy and gambling on him falling. No need to do that if you like him. Payne for me would be a reach. I have him in that second tire but really at the end of that. I just don't see it right now. He is one of does potential guys. You draft the player he can be instead of the player he currently is. Not a fan of does players high in first round.
  8. 2018 ES GMs Mock Draft is complete!

    Done and I'm not scared. I live in the very rural part. People speak crap English and you need to cover lot of miles for small amount of results.
  9. 2018 ES GMs Mock Draft is complete!

    So who will be around after 6pm when DogOfWar makes his pick? I can then send that guy my short list. I will be sleeping soon for the next 8 hours.
  10. 2018 ES GMs Mock Draft is complete!

    I'm confused, did we just skip new Orleans and I'm on the clock?!
  11. 2018 ES GMs Mock Draft is complete!

    How do these rules work? Aussie dude played pro-sports right (rugby)? Can you only get into the NFL by entering the draft? I then either get drafted (team owns my rights) or go undrafted...but from that point I'm allowed to sign a contract with any team as an UDFA. I just need to give the teams the chance to draft me, otherwise I'm not allowed to enter the league. I can't just sign a NFL contract if I never made myself available in the draft. It's just confusing because a guy like Alex Gray (from the UK) signed straight with the Falcons, but that was part of NFL international thing. But then when I read the Wiki profile of Adam Zaruba (from Canada), I see he is named as UDFA who signed a contract with Eagles. The same info stands on the page of Jarryd Hayne (from Australia). I do not remember any of these guys beeing ''available'' in the draft.
  12. 2018 ES GMs Mock Draft is complete!

    With pick 230 the Jacksonville Jaguars will take the first player of Delaware this year: Bilal Shakur Nichols, DT If my name was GHH and I spend my days in Liverpool this would be the start of an extreme long post, where I tell about his parents (Adova and Dolores Bolton). His High School results: All-State tight end and defensive end at nearby Hodgson Vo-Tech High School • played for head coach Frank Moffett, who played defensive back at Delaware in the 1980s • team captain • first team All-State at tight end and third team at defensive end in 2013 • All-Blue Hen Conference first team tight end and second team defensive end in 2013 and second team linebacker in 2012 • led team to a three-year record of 33-5, three conference titles, and a 2013 Delaware Division II state title • team went 12-2 in 2013 and defeated St. George's Vo-Tech 38-0 at Delaware Stadium for the title • team went 11-2 and was state runner-up in 2012 • caught 13 passes for 326 yards and seven touchdowns as a senior and recorded 57 tackles, including 11 sacks and 26 tackles for loss • honor roll student all four years • two-time Academic All-State selection. Ofcours I would tell you how to pronounce his name: bu-lahl A stats block of his career: Year G/S Tackles (Solo) Sacks/TFL FR/FF Int./PD 2016 10/9 25 (18) 2.0-28/7.5-37 0/1 0/5 2015 11/1 29 (17) 2-10 / 1.5-9 0/2 1/1 2014 12/0 19 (9) 0-0 / 2-6 0/0 0/0 TOTALS 33/10 48 (26) 4-38 / 11-52 0/3 1/6 And ofcourse what I think about his career prospects. That I watched 100 hours of film, this guy caught my eye! Exeptional talent... But that would be crazy! I was casual watching the combine stream, he caught my eye. Looked good, wrote his name down for later. Searched him up, sounded good. So this is my pick. I don't watch Delawere...so I trust other experts on this guy who did watch him.
  13. 2018 ES GMs Mock Draft is complete!

    I was online, saw I was on the clock and now leave again. Just to make you guys go crazy 😂
  14. 2018 ES GMs Mock Draft is complete!

    I don't see how Jaleel Scot can make the Dallas roster. They already have Dez Bryant...Sure they can cut him but what are the odds. Didn't knew the guy so thx for the 5 pages essay to compliment the pick. I only have no ****ing clue how much work you put in this draft in general. I never dig this deep. Scouting and reading in depth background of 7th round player. I'm already happy if I can build a top 150 and then have a listof guys I like in late rounds.
  15. 2018 ES GMs Mock Draft is complete!

    Only this would make sense, because I did this mock as myself. I did not try to predict the pick or position that Jaguars are going to do. I picked the guys I liked the most for this team right now. We want to measure our talent evaluation vs that of the NFL.