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  1. By not countering the agent still has the cards to play with next season. He is just not showing his hand. This year 24 milion is in the pocket.
  2. +1 Thebluefood better get his tickets quick. If we sign Kirk to a LTD the tickets prices will go up. Dan needs to get his money back
  3. I serious doubt if everyone understands that my comment was sarcastic (like 50% of my messages). 😂😂😂 ...I do not really believe Doug is leveraging Kirk with Nate "super bowl talent" Sudfeld. His agent would then be rolling on the groud from laughing.
  4. ....Let me quickly trademark that
  5. Let me explain it. We use Nate his amazing two days of practise to leverage Kirk!!!!! Sign this deal now or see how Nate develops. He is such a talent. We could see him beeing something special. So Kirk. Take it oe leave it. Our new VP is such a smart man!
  6. Ryan Clark works for a training facility (http://tractionsports.com/team) so my bet is that they will just pay. If it would be free then the facility would just use the players for marketing. So they then say: Clark let some NFL players train here for free. Then other people might think we do great work and become member of our facility. I think we would be supriced to see how much money these facilities make of NFL players. Some households names like Tom House and Adam Dedeaux train most of the top QB's. If guys who make $ 10.000.000 a year want to work with you....you are not going to ask $100 a hour. You are in a luxury position to just ask $10.000 for a week. (my own example, not based on facts). So if Ryan Clark can build up his name. Like making Landon Collins way better. Then more players want to work with him and he can ask more and more money. Players then know if I invest in Ryan Clark his training, it makes me a better player. Better players make more money in the NFL. Good investment.
  7. Isn't that impossible? What I read about both guys I think neither van bring what DHall does. He is that deep safety with ability to cover slot guys and be an emergency outside corner. The other guys are more SS and maybe hybrid LB guys. I really question this years later round picks. We picked so many DB's that I have no clue where you gonna stick 'm on the rosters. We have 18 DB's CB -> pick 5 Norman Breeland Moreau Fuller Dunbar Holsey Philips Homer S -> pick 4 Cravens Young Nicolas Hall Swearinger Smithson Everett Wolf Blackmon Evans Now pick 1 extra guy, you can choose from either group. Thats what you gonna carry on the rosters probally. I would go Norman, Breeland, Fuller, Moreau, Dunbar, Cravens, Swearinger, Everett, Blackmon, Nicolas. (Not sure about last three. Some give better depth...some give better special team play)
  8. I don't know where to put the Matt Jones drama. But the request to cut him is crazy. He should just work hard and play hard. Show that he belongs in the NFL. Don't think this sends the right image to the rest of the NFL.
  9. But what is your Twitch name? That's the real question
  10. You bring facts but little nuance wouldn't harm it. * Schottenheimer and Shanahan where in between jobs. I think multiply teams might have wanted them but they just took it easy. Wait for the right moment. I don't think if we didn't hire them, that no other team would have hired them. * Gibbs is special. I think Gibbs had no interest in returning to the NFL but he kinda felt he needed to help the team out. * Scot was indeed out of the NFL but multiply teams where using his scouting service. There was also some chat that other teams where also interested in hiring Scot for there FO. * Vinny and Bruce are indeed head-scratchers. I agree with you that we didn't find FO talent hidden in other organisations. I would really like if we find a young GM with his own vision who leads the team for years. Only I don't think Dan hired guys who ''looking to get back into the league any way possible''. I think most of the guys we hired had options to go to other teams and where not desperate to take any job that a NFL team would have offered them. I think Dan Snyder his way of handeling the team (big name FA's and big name coaches) showed that in the early days he wanted guys with a track record. Guys who had proven they could win games in the NFL. I only have no clue what he is doing right now.
  11. A crap. I just posted a negative post about Bruce...might make it hard to apply for the Junior position.
  12. I think Doug Williams might be impressive in persone. He is a pretty big guy with semi low voice and a lot of history. Stuff like that make people impressive when you meet them in persone.
  13. I could write a reply to all this. But I already did like a month ago, so just repost my own post: To be honest I have no probleme with the move. I hope Doug does well in this role and 'm happy for him. I do have a probleme with the crap Bruce tells. How can they keep pretending that they did a huge search and hold a freaking press con....when they just changed name tags. The same guys, do the same work. Nothing changed. I don't like the way they handled this at all. Extremely dissapointed. Personally I feel this organisation has lied to me, straight in my face. Right thing to do would be: Just be honest. Say you liked the current group of guys and would like to keep that going. Just send a short and simple press release where you tell that after years of great service a couple of guys got new titels and nothing changes intern. That would just be clean and honest. No bull****.
  14. How on earth do I post a instagram post with OBJ and Trent Williams setting side by side at NBA playoffs?
  15. I think it's key in getting a GM. If Bruce Allen would call me and tell me. He we would like to interview me for the GM job. I would also like to have a chat with Dan. Because I want to make sure the owner also wants me and the roles are clear. Otherwise you are just getting in a mess. Where Bruce Allen might throw you under the buss to safe his own ass. Or maybe that owners doesnt like you and your vision and after a year....he wants to fire you.