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  1. We Can't Have Nice Things
  2. Can we please set this up? If he runs below 4.8 I might even advise him to decleare for the draft.
  3. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Yes. I approve. Back to the off-season lockdown.
  4. THIS IS BLOODY HELL NICE NEWS!!!!! Good value
  5. I like Guice more and more. He might not be standard (old skool) pro athlete but he seems to be a nice guy. He is little nerdy happy quirky guy but he does good stuff. Like that fundraiser he did. Playing a computer game with fans to raise money. It's a little odd (but that's what youngsters do these days) but it works.
  6. So Cooley now said that hiring this guy means we picked a side to build the stadium. That he is here to make sure it gets build in best way possible. Next step in the proces.
  7. This move might also show that stadium talks are not going the way we hoped. If Bruce did a good job at that, he was a lock to keep. You don't ditch the guy who has all the contacts and is working the political powers. At least this guys resume looks pretty solid. We not just hired a random dude. This is the second business side guy we hired in a month right? Other was marketing. Sounds like Dan is a little unhappy with business side of the team. Need to look up the current revenue and sales of the team.
  8. What to do with LG

    One thing that I want to mention. Our team is in a bad LG position but that makes us very interesting for a lot of FA Guards. On other teams they need to fight for just a roster spot, in DC they can win the starting job. So if anybody gets cut they probally will be very interested in joining our team. But yeah this is roster mismanagement. Last week Gruden said they messed up last year with not having a backup punt returner...looks like this year they forgot the LG position. We now just hope that one of does young guys play lights out or that a solid vet gets cut. I looked around team rosters. Didn't really see a lot of potential cuts.
  9. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I think that has been the general fan opinion durning the hole pre-draft periode. We have a bunch of good players but miss that superstar player. That instant game changer, the playmaker. Players that make a play when it's one yard to the goal line and 1 second left to play. Sure a good team get you far but you need two or three breath taking plays every game to win it. How many games did we lost last season because of the other team doing that. We played a lot of close games (both Eagles games!) but then lost because the other team had a player that made crazy play. We just miss does really clutch players. To be honest. I don't think last draft helped us with that. Payne his National Championschip game was crazy, but outside of that he never showed that kind of abilitie. Guice could be that kind of player but I really need to see him work in this O against NFL D's. The others to me feel like does perfect B type of players.
  10. Per Schefter: DeAngelo Hall Retiring

    This is one of does guys I hope we can keep on our team in a role. Let's be honest, DHall was pretty blabla figure when he came in...not a team leader. But as he aged he became a more mature team leader. I really liked how he worked and talked the last couple of years, I think he really became the veteran leader. Because of that I would like to keep him. I think he is a good guy to keep around the team. I expect him to either land a job on our team or at Virginia Tech. Best scenario is probally return to VT, coach the DB's for couple of years and then make the move to the Redskins as position coach.
  11. I must be honest, this guy is very likable. He looks like the most happy dude ever. He is smiling. All his interviews he looks so freaking happy to be here.
  12. 2018 Redskin's Major Injury Thread (Robert Davis Added)

    We send young Chucky Gruden to his dad in Las Vegas
  13. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    That what I always like to do in late rounds. In the first couple of rounds the real talented players get picked from the Poole. After that you are just taking changes at high risk prospects. I love to go small school guys or guys that are less prototypical when talking about size or speed.
  14. Per PFT: Scott Campbell Out as Senior Personnel Executive

    We want to keep Kyle so we needed to give him a more important role. We did that last year and down graded Scott C (to make room). So he probably had a big pay check for his role last year. That deal expired and it would be bad to offer him a new deal for way less money and a lower role. Also kinda messed up the structure. A former senior manager that needs to take a step back. I think is the good move...but the man worked here for 17 years. It's kinda sat to see a guy like that get moved out of the door. I hope the best for him
  15. You know what is stupid. If during the season we get hit with injury issues on the Dline, we want to sign a vet who knows the systeme. AJ burned that option. We won't be calling him then. Just like Junior messed up with his slave wage comments. Just don't make social media posts like that. It can only do you bad, there is no positive spin-off.