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  1. Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    I'm not sure if I love or hate D.J. Swearinger. Love the man's passion and energy on the field. But kinda get tired of his post game quotes when we lose. Quotes like: I feel like guys didn’t understand the NFL.
  2. Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    Now I gonna throw some unpopular opinion here. The lose is a kick in the balls, feels terrible. But I'm really feeling well about this team. Key players keep getting injured but the team keeps on fighting. We are going head to head with top teams in the NFL. Saints and Eagles don't blow us away, we are close in beating them. We just need to work on that killer mentality. Small mistakes cost us a 7-3 season instead of 4-6. So yeah last game sucked but it also shows hope. We really showed up against the better D and super hot team. Want to give some thumps up to Gruden. I.m.o. this game showed more aggression. He knows these are must win games if we want to stay in the hunt. The 4th down call and fake punt are examples of that. Just like some more deep shots.
  3. This is crazy... How many can go to IR.
  4. Skins reportedly to sign RB Bryon Marshall from Philly

    Hmm okay. Werd move imo. Not crazy upside. Not a veteran. Maybe they liked him in college, don't know. Weird replacement for a power back. Eagles fan tells me the guy works hard and runs hard. Just no place for on the active roster. Kinda likes him.
  5. New injury record on its way? Feels like we go max IR
  6. Press Release: #REDSKINS Quotes - Gruden, Manusky

    Ugh this press con sucked for Jay. He just got a million questions about injured players. Pretty impressive that he can remember everything. Doctor Jay.
  7. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I'm sorry but this can't be true right? You have some high form of arrogance if you skip declaring for a draft because a certain team has the number one pick. Like you are 100% sure they will pick you. Like you are the best player. If you are Andrew Luck, I get it. The man was clear cut number one for two years (althought there was some RGIII talk). But Darnald. He is not by miles the best QB and player. And let's say he skip this years draft and go for the 2019 draft. I don't see why the Browns wouldn't be able to take him in 2019. This is a level of thinking I don't understand. ---------------- Right now next years draft is super interesting for QB's. I tell you why. Right now the bottom teams are: Browns (No QB), 49ers (Jimmy), Giants (Eli), Colts (Andrew), Bucs (Jameis), Bears (Trubisky), Chargers (Rivers). Most of these teams don't need one right now, they rather trade down to grab more players. This means that if there are 2 or 3 QB's that are really good, teams will trade up. I could see Cardinals, Broncos, Jets trade up. Does are above average teams. So 2018 could be the year where top QB prospects get picked up by good teams. That makes your life a lot easier instead of playing for a team like the 49ers.
  8. 😂 BA attending a BA presentation about the great GM BA. I could see that being a regular thing at Redskins park. I do understand that right now I have no chance to ever work for Skins with BA in a high position. Or he needs to have some serious self spot humor.
  9. McClure went to IR with hammy issues. Jones comes in his place. The Dline guy. My question is: What do we do with @kleese? The guy put a curse on this team with this thread. Some kind of Voodoo magic. I can not let him get away with that! I vote for a 5 hour presentation from Bruce Allen about The Succes of GM Bruce Allen, followed by a meet and great with Bruce Allen.
  10. What happened to our Special Teams? - OP updated thru wk 8

    How about injuries? I'm not sure about it. But could it be possible that our depth guys are forced on the field on regular downs. Like the 5th corner and backup LB. So durning the week they need to focus more on playing there position instead of play special teams. They are also more tired when they come on the field when they play regular. Guy like Thompson has less time to focus on special teams now he is used more. And a guy like Nicholson, who I think would be core special teamer, is now starting. Think Crowder was just not healthy early season. That had a big impact. He was special team ace.
  11. The Sky is on the ground

    And the roof the roof the roof Is On Fireaaaaaaaaah
  12. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    This is interesting. Kirk had a lot if leverage with two of his former OC's becoming HC. Does where natural fits and teams probably willing to pay him. Now they are gone it puts us in a better position. Curious if anybody reads into this Jimmy trade. Would the 49ers think Kirk is hard to get? Do they like him less? Do they believe Jimmy is way better? There must have been a discussion in the FO.
  13. Couple of weaks ago: Guys I really like Mike Ioan and Jon Allen. Young hungry dlineman who look great! They bring pressure whoooe. Excited. Now: never mind. Can't have nice stuff...
  14. This thread has claimed collateral damage. Injuries forced us to drop Mack Brown. Guy is now on Vikings roster. Won't see him back again unless they drop him.
  15. The Sky is on the ground

    I can bring back my 2015 statement. Jay Gruden has "trust issues". The word is too heavy for what I want to say but don't have better word. Since day 1 Gruden has hired and played guys he is comfy with. Guys he trust. Some times this comes from hard work (Grant, Kelley, Compton?) and sometime from past history (Barry, Tampa coaches squad, son of Jon). It really looks like you need to earn his trust. I see it with WRs. Grant getting snaps instead of a guy like Quick. Doctson starting with super view snaps (Gruden said he needed to earn it). I also see it with RBs. Kelley the clear cut starter, has lot of trust. Perine struggles to get it. Matt Jones never got on Gruden his good side. Don't want to go full psychology but there is something there.