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  1. - wait I might have missed that "apparent success" is not serious. Sorry I took his comment serious when he was not serious but sarcastisc 😂. Never mind I leave my comment for good fun - Whooow let's slow down. Lynch has had one on paper good draft where his number three rated player fell to 31(?) (So are the other teams that stupid or did Lynch his draft board was complete wrong?) and a team gave him a great deal for second overal pick. He has done nothing to even call him a success yet.
  2. Error....commonsense not found at ES.
  3. It did not work out that bad right? It's not that I'm in love with it...but I kinda like the idea of a Scot guy who focus on the draft. Builds a great draft board. Comes up with targets for FA. In offseason bring Gruden in to check if the targets fit the team and the play calling. Then have Bruce work with that info to build a plan and have Shaffer dude work out the numbers on contracts. It's more a collective proces then one true GM who just has final say. Thats something that I like personally but....it can also lead to a very political systemen where personal issues and power struggles have a big part. Thats something Dan needs to keep an eye on.
  4. Yes right after the monkey draft incident I told you guys that if we want Mike. This is the moment to strike. NFL Netwerk has become a too much entertainment thing for him. He is just a old skool football guy. I remember a quote in offseason from a GM who said something like: I don't know how he does it. But he is at every pro day. He is grinding hard. Thats why I always talk to him. He puts in the work.
  5. I think it's pretty amazing how Bruce Allen can make such a big and strategic story...when he is just gonna make Doug Williams the GM. He makes it sound like he interviewed a lot of people. Gained a lot of intel about how other FO work. Had douzens of meetings about what the perfect way is to run a succesfull organisation. He spend hours and hours to come up with the huge strategic plan for our FO. Everything is going to be different and better. The most important persone in this new FO is gonna be Jake. You ask me who Jake is? Jake is a random dude at Redskins park who does little inhouse buildprojects, like changing names on lockers. He role is HUGE, because he is gonna make new name tags for on the doors of the offices. He changes Doug Williams door name tag to -> General Manager. Scott Campbell to -> Head of scouting. etc etc. *slow clap* Well done Jake, well done....uhm I mean Bruce. Ofcourse Bruce should get all the props.
  6. Put him on the practise squad durning the regular season. Let him bulk up to around 225 and become a Lorenzo Alexander type of guy. Special team badass and last back-up for different positions (like 5th ILB, 3 SS).
  7. And Bowman has no reason to sign a new deal. He likes the current one and if they cut him, he still makes a lot of money. So the options are limited.
  8. I have the wispers for you. These are the kind of quotes I remember and I base my opinion on. From when Jay Gruden was hired: "Gruden confirmed that he will not have control of personnel decisions as Shanahan did but will be part of a collaborative effort instead. General manager Bruce Allen reiterated that he has assumed the player procurement responsibilities and will have final say on the roster's construction." Source: https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/redskins/2014/01/09/jay-gruden-coach-washington-bengals-mike-shanahan/4388181/ From Scot his intro press converance: "It's not just about me, it's about the individuals around this building from the personnel standpoint and from the coaches standpoint. I'm very excited, looking forward to it. There's a lot of work ahead of us but I strive for that. I'm going to outwork the next guy no matter what. I'm going to have great communication with everybody in the building that matters in personnel and in coaching, and when we make decisions, we'll make them as a group. We'll take ownership for the players and we're going to get better. I can't promise you it's in two weeks but I can promise you this - starting today, I'll do everything in my power to make this organization as strong as it can possibly be." Source: http://m.redskins.com/news-and-events/article-1/Quotes-Scot-McCloughan-Introductory-Press-Conference-11915/267bfe18-63d8-467f-8bcb-3011debbdb2c About the facts. Yes some organisations are more succesfull but there is no blue print if you ask me. Steelers, Broncos, Patriots and Packers have IMO very different front office. But if somebody has posted data on it and it's in this thread I will look for it. Maybe it shows me something new.
  9. Why I feel fine. Before Scot was here, our FO with Bruce at helm was already operating as 'collective decision'. That's what they told us from the start. So it's not something that comes up just now. I have heard it before. Even durning the Scot era. I think the roles are pretty clear now (this is my outside personal view, no inside information): Bruce Allen - takes the lead on making the ultimate decision, but most of the time lets the guys below him inform him what best options are. Jay - Is HC and part time scout. Eric - is the cap and contract guru Doug, Scott C. and Alex Campbell - are senior 'scouts' and top advisors. Scouts - do the dirty work. I don't say a GM wouldn't add anything but in this structure it's not like you miss him as a key piece. What Scot did is pretty much the same work as what Doug, Scott, Alex and the scouts do right? Scouting players. Only reason why you would hire a GM i.m.o. is because you want to hire a super scout. Does in general have the titel GM in the NFL..because that's the highest position for them. So I don't see what we miss right now in this structure. Yes, we would like to have a exceptional scout with the titel GM (like Scot) but it's not necessary for the FO to work. Oh come on man. Factual data..... If you can give me any factual data about any FO in the NFL Iike to see it, I don't think it's there. About ''best possible group''. I don't know if it's the best. Sure I would like to add a super scout but I don't think it's a terrible FO because they don't have a GM. I don't know who they could add to this group (realisticly) that would improve it bigtime. It's not like a Eric DeCosta is gonna sign here. So it's not like I think this is the best FO ever but I think that the current group of guys can do there work and have succes in the NFL. I don't think that not having a GM will make them less succesfull. I will just wait and see what they will do the next couple of years.
  10. I talked early about that I liked when Jay looks so much into scouting college players. That it adds a lot when the HC has watched college players and knows his strenghts and weaknesses. I think that will make it easier to max there talents on the field and know what kind of player you get into your locker-room. Scot McCloughan is kinda high on Jay as part time scout: http://washington.cbslocal.com/2017/05/09/scot-mccloughan-praises-jay-gruden-as-talent-evaluator/ I don't mind Jay taking the role as ''part of the scouting team'' in the offseason. Let him watch film, talk about players with scouts etc. If he then can talk about players with our senior FO guys and come to a collective decision, that's fine. I don't think we need a GM because the balance of power seems fine. I don't see what a GM would add. To be honest, Scot was more like a high paid super scout then GM. He did not have final say over the roster. Was more a collective decision. For the people who are scared that Jay his role might become to big. I don't think it is in his nature to be a dictator/somebody who pushes his opinion. I think he a team guy. Will always listen to other people.
  11. Because they need to sell tickets?
  12. From MMQB : 2. Almost every rival team I’ve talked to raved about the Redskins’ class. From DE Jonathan Allen and LB Ryan Anderson early to TE Jeremy Sprinkle late, Washington seems to have crushed it. They found value in falling players across the board.
  13. Linebacker Steven Daniels spent his rookie season on injured reserve and he’ll have to impress a new team if he’s going to make it on the field in his second season. Daniels was waived by the Redskins earlier this week and will be staying in the NFC East after being claimed by the Eagles on Wednesday.
  14. I don't think Snyder is as bad as people say. If you buy a team for a boat load of money, you want controle. We can all say that ''he should let football people handle it'' and ''be patient''...but that's not what most of the Redskins fans would do if they owned the team. If you don't believe me, go follow the ES gameday thread. If you own a company and the company sucks (in football no wins), you will take controle and try to fix it. To me Daniel Snyder is a Redskins fan, who wants to bring Super Bowls to D.C. He is proud owner that cares more about the team and it's legacy then money. With him as owner you never have to worry about something like a new stadium, because you know he will make it happen and will find great location for it. I think he learned from the past that going the FA route is not the way and that he should focus on his strenghts (taking care of Redskins name, fame and make sure the team has everything it needs to succeed) and let other people handle the football part. But i.m.o. he is the ultimate deal sealer when it comes to FA's. There is nobody in Redskins park who can match his enthusiasm and make the FA feel wanted like Dan. So I think you always want to include him in that ( see Josh Norman visit). At the end I also think that Dan is the guy who can make Kirk feel wanted. And little advise. Don't listen to much to local Redskins media. These guys are in general really salty and always talk bad about the team and there FO guys.