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  1. So nobody took the real Viking (Dane) Andreas Knappe? I think Vikings should sign him to be a living on roster mascot!
  2. Google Cole Hikutini...you will not be dissapointed. Link for the lazy people
  3. Triple post...
  4. I agree that a more complete RB would make our O more dynamic. I only have view questions: 1. Is Gruden really going to run a lot more? I always felt like Giovani Bernard was under used in Cincy. 2. Is Cook really that special? In general the rule would be to draft RB's late in draft because there aren't a lot of special guys who really are a level higher then some random RB drafted in the later rounds. They would just get equal production. 3. Can we skip a premier D talent in the first round when our D sucks this much?
  5. ------- From Peter King. 25. WASHINGTON (from Houston)Jarrad Davis, LB, FloridaI hear Washington is divided on Dalvin Cook; Davis is the pick over Charles Harris here. My opinion: Would take Davis over Harris any day. I would guess that Cook his background and fumble issues (Matt Jones all over again) make him hard to sell to everybody in the FO. Think Jay loves him. I really hope we can get that trade down because the guy you take at 17 is probally the same as you pick at 25.
  6. Don't forget that SF is pretty bad team. I expect them to be in running for the top pick next year. In that case they might take a rookie QB with the top pick in 2018 instead of Kirk. Kirk takes up huge cap room and had limited years left. Rookie QB's these days are super cheap and if you find right one. Sets the position for 12 years. So I don't think it's for sure SF would want Kirk.
  7. If I was Cleveland I would call teams in top 10 about trade up. Put word out I want to trade up in media for a QB. Then watch the Jets or Bills panic and take a QB...so that one of premier players falls to my 12th pick. But thats just me 3:)
  8. Don't forget that is smoke screen time. Talk like that SF wants to go QB is only there to make CLE maybe consider drafting Trubisky number one...to make sure SF doesn't pick him. In that case SF can grab Miles. The media is just beeing used right now.
  9. Just to put that in perspective: Nick Aliotti, the former defensive coordinator at Oregon, remembers NFL teams streaming through the Ducks’ headquarters in the months leading up to the draft. Dion Jordan was projected to be a first-round pick, and talent evaluators asked about everything—including, point-blank, if drugs were a problem. “You feel bad, like, maybe you gave false information, even though I didn’t, to the teams that were considering drafting him, because I never saw that coming,” Aliotti says. “I never saw the drug thing being a problem, I really didn’t. We are not with him 24/7, but we are with him quite a bit, so I thought I really knew the kid.” Source (solid read by the way)
  10. Whoooh 1970...you are old man Joking (a little). Welcome back to the most amazing drama show on earth. I hope you enjoy your time and can handle the most depressing place on earth called, game day thread. That thread in combination with Redskins football will get you emotions flowing.
  11. Post is gone
  12. Scott Campbell sounds like he knows what he is doing. I at least like that they didn't put Bruce Allen there. But yeah...if you put me on that podium you probally would have gotten the same answers. So not sure if I should have to much faith in him. At least I think that last couple of years our drafts seem to head in a more logic BPA kind of style. Curious to see if they continue that road without Scot. By the way it is confusing as hell that the new ''draft guy'' is also named Scot only he has a double t at the end. Will be interesting to see if durning the draft press con. also Scot and Gruden will field answers or if Bruce is back again then.
  13. Ah ofcourse Jermaine Eluemunor. Totally forgot that he is British...but we could make a point that England is kinda not Europe. At least that is the vibe I get from does guys. They want to be there own little continent.
  14. Did we even draft an European player yet this year? At least one looks to be draftable.
  15. Thx for the heads up. I kinda skip the twitter thread these days because it's terrible to load...but will take a look now.