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  1. Redskins Rams Post Game Assessments

    I have the feeling that he is doing great in his dirty work. I don't see him getting beat a lot on one on one's. He beeing stout and strong and makes it able for other players to make plays. The sack of Preston Smith on the inside was one of that but also in the run game you saw him do well.
  2. Redskins Rams Post Game Assessments

    I loved the first half. We finally did what the Oline does well, move! We dont have the trucks that are gonna excell in power run game, we need to have the big guys moving. The pulling run plays where just sooo nice. D started good then had little touch time. I really disliked the two fades. They looked out of sync and momemtum after that shifted to the Rams.
  3. This Date in Redskins History (September 17th)

    This date had me confused like hell. The 17th is still in the future... So how can this date in Redskins history be the 17th. But after a couple of seconds I understanded. Then I start reading the OP and the guy is messing up my mind with his numbers, Talking about 9-17. Wtf does he mean with that? Is that a record, 9 wins-17 loses?? I don't get it. After a good minute I understand...you freaking silly Americans write your dates the other way around. We do day-month-year. But after a couple of confusing moments the thing was fun to read. So nice history, good work
  4. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Barkley penn st RB dude is crazy. His natural feel for his position on the field and that of the opponents is great. An other RB that I dont know about is Ty Johnson from Maryland. The man is just pure homerun hitter but what is he in the NFL? I dont see him as pure 3th down back (like Thompson) but also dont see him as a workhorse back. Best suited in a two back systeme I think. But where are you gonna draft a RB that gets between 10 a 20 touches a game. 3th round?
  5. WT - Gruden, back to calling plays, draws on lifetime of experience

    +1 For this. Gruden started the game agressive with a couples of deep shots and vertical routes. They where open but struggle to connect. Right game plan, bad execution. He then shifted to the more high % passing game. Like the WR screen pass. Try to Kirk and O in better ritme. That kinda worked. And when we needed the yards but our Oline strugled we had a lot of quick and medium routes that developt quickly. So imo Jay called the right game. Shifted his plan when the team struggled. Only the overal execution was just terrible. To many skill players looked off and did not show up. Thats also a HC job.
  6. WT - Gruden, back to calling plays, draws on lifetime of experience

    O come on. Rams D played insane. Rams had no reason to go pass heavy with there young QB. They could just controle the game. We played behind from the start.
  7. Think Gruden his playcalling was pretty decent. D showed live. But Kirk had his panic mode on that cost is on couple of plays. The missed deep balls where terrible.
  8. Club Level Advice?

    Not nu cup-of-tea, club levels. But I think you use a driver when far away from the hole. Putter close to the hole. Boe serious note. Nah I dont have one, the offseason is just to long man. Have fun at the game!
  9. The 2017 Training Camp Discussion Thread

    When will we close this and go to a. The season 2017-2018 discussion thread?
  10. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Beter start adding safety to Redskins players to scout. I like Jordan Whitehead as a tackling machine safety. But his size and injury history is kinda scary to me.
  11. I think the FO is taking a huge risk. I'm a long term thinker but I dont see a lot of that right now. Imo this team has one key element to be succesfull and that is theire passing game. They where unable to sign the guy who throws the ball and let his two top WR's walk. So the most long term succesfactor of this team is in danger. In 2018 we have Doctson (will he ever be healthy), Reed (how long will he keep playing), Crowder and solid oline (thats good). So if this season sucks and Kirk walks. You dont have an identity. You will go into a rebuild. My qeustion is...will you do that with current FO and coaches or a new group.
  12. Welcome to the Redskins Nate Sudfeld QB Indiana

    Would you even do that as a player? If I was ex-Redskins player signed by the Eagles. I would say: I will work hard for you but I'm not telling my former teams secrets. Or is this common practise in sports? Imo it deels wrong.
  13. Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    Hmm respect his choice but timing is odd. Hope he will be succesfull ik whatever he does.
  14. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    ANybody saw Ohio State? Highligts look like there O was leaning on big plays and there D played average. I thought they would dominate this so so Indiana team more. And we need this in FedEx field: http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=20523869
  15. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Sad emotion for the 3th post beeing about a QB. Personal I feel this year is gonna suck for my favorite teams. Florida there locker room is questionable and have a freshman QB. Maryland is loaded with talent but there Schedule is painfull.