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  1. Too early to tell or sure, but our post-AS funk may be over now.
  2. Did they seriously let that contact go?
  3. Our focus has mostly been on who we want to face in the 2nd round, but I think we should be more concerned about who our first round opponent ends up being than we are. Milwaukee and Miami both scare the heck outta me. I'd rather face Indy, ATL, Toronto, or one of the teams not currently in the top 8 if they end up making it (not likely).
  4. To what end?
  5. Well it wasn't quite what I had in mind, but he got some good rest.
  6. Good Lord, what a monster quarter by Wall!! 12 points, 5 assists?! Daaaaaaaamn....
  7. I think I'd rather rest him vs Cleveland than tonight.
  8. Not sure how I feel about this win. This team plays well at times, but is flat during others. I'm wondering who the real Wizards are.
  9. Thank God Marcus Smart changed his hair. It was unbearable to look at during the previous meeting. So is Gortat's play right now. The only thing giving me hope now is that, during both of our recent playoff seasons, we had similar slumps in the later part of the regular season, only for us to turn it on come playoff least for 1 series.
  10. Smith might be better than Morris at this point. And Mahinmi may be better than Gortat at this point. We may end up starting one of them in the playoffs.
  11. Those FT misses by Gortat and Morris loom large now...........
  12. Good lord, we were up by 12 just minutes ago......
  13. So John Wall is Grey Fox? Interesting.
  14. Holy crap, Beal's ppg is now up to 23.2, ahead of Wall's 23.1!
  15. Darn.....that means we have one of the toughest remaining schedules in the East, while Boston has the easiest remaining schedule in the league. Fortunetely Cleveland has one of the toughest remaining schedules in the league, though part of that is that they play us one more time.