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  1. Was Wall's 19 points in the 4th his highest scoring quarter of all time, regular or post season? Here it is, guys. For the 3rd time in 4 years, we once again find ourselves in a 2nd round series against an "inferior" #1 seed. Although there were legit reasons to view us as the favorite in both of the previous times despite a weaker regular season record, we ended up falling in 6 games both times. Will this time be different? Hopefully so.
  2. Goodness, what do we have to do to get a foul call on Millsap??
  3. Need more from the front court. Gortat, Morris and Smith all struggled. What the heck happened to the Smith we saw down the stretch of the regular season? Gortat was awesome during the first 2 games, where the heck did that disappear to?
  4. Agreed, Jennings =/= Sessions. Not good to have Jennings and Wall playing at the same time. Bojan is terrible now. I have no confidence when he shoots now.
  5. Holy crap, what a chicken $*** foul call!!
  6. We're switching too easily.
  7. Part of their offense is just that we haven't been scoring much ourselves. We start hitting shots, we can still win this.
  8. Holy crap, make a fricking shot, guys...........!
  9. Something important to me is winning more games against the Cavs than their other eastern playoff opponents do. Part of me felt good about being competitive against the Pacers and Hawks in our 2 recent 2nd-round series, but it felt hollow because the Hawks took the Pacers to 7 games while we only took them to 6, and the Nets took the Hawks to the same 6 games that we took them to. Indy looks like they'll be swept. If MIL/TOR loses to them in 5 or less, then it's important to me that we take Cleveland to 6 or more. Anything less and people can say that we were just another clearly inferior eastern opponent.
  10. So when is the COTY announced, and is postseason taken into account?
  11. Good Lord, Derozan hasn't made a single FG yet?
  12. Wow George is still stuck on 9 assists..........
  13. So I've now finished watching 24 legacy, and I wasn't a fan. If they were going to bring back 24, I think it should've only been done for the sake of giving Jack Bauer's story a proper ending. But this...I mean, it was decent popcorn entertainment, but it just feels hollow at this point.
  14. Kudos to Gortat for snapping out of his funk and playing well thus far in the playoffs. I was worried about the C position with Mahinmi's absence but Gortat has risen to the challenge thus far.
  15. Now if we could just get evenly officiated games, these would be blowouts.