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  1. I was always better at 3vs3 than 5vs5 myself.
  2. Why do I keep coming back to this thread.........?
  3. George Michael - One More Try
  4. Like I said, I'm pissed at Cleveland for blowing game 3.
  5. I'm actually very pissed at Cleveland for blowing game 3. Good lord, does anyone pull and tug offensively in the post more than Olynik? And they call it a DEFENSIVE foul?! BS
  6. I hope Mahinmi can stay healthy this coming year and we don't have to ride Gortat so hard during the early part of the year. I'm still holding out some hope that Gortat's struggles late in the season and into the playoffs were just a product of being worn down after all the minutes he played early on rather than him starting an irreversible decline.
  7. This series proved that Wall and Beal are awesome, but that the rest of the roster isn't as good as we hoped. Why oh why didn't we keep Sessions......if Bojan leaves after less than 1 year, what a waste of a 1st rounder. Where the heck was Oubre? Jennings was garbage. Sato couldn't have possibly been much worse. Unfortunetely I don't know what can be done in this offseason, other than to hope that Sato, Oubre, and Porter can take leaps forward. I'm kinda glad that we fell short of 50 wins now. It'd be lame if our first 50 win season in forever was just another 2nd round loss against a weak #1 seed.
  8. Holy **** that blows my mind..........
  9. Wall was awesome in the 2nd half, Beal was awesome for the whole game, and Morris played well, but we need more from the rest of the team.
  10. Could someone hit a fricking shot?! Geez..........!!!
  11. Wall better get going in the 2nd half. It'd be such a chicken $*** way to go out if your star doesn't do diddly in 2 straight games.
  12. Wall sure picked one helluva game to suck horse anus in.
  13. That 3rd quarter was one of the most awesome things I've ever seen as a DC area sports fan.
  14. Get an evenly officiated game and suddenly we win decisively.
  15. I'm still mind-blown that Beal missed so badly at the end of regulation.