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  1. Game of Thrones Season 7

    The distinction exists for a reason. That's the biggest difference, though some have also described wyverns as "smaller dragons," and also that they can't breathe fire in some stories or mythologies. But the most commonly cited difference in characteristics is the front limbs.
  2. Game of Thrones Season 7

    As opposed to arms? In dragons, you mean?
  3. Game of Thrones Season 7

    The funny thing is that these "dragons" aren't even dragons; they're wyverns. Dragons have 6 limbs: their rear legs, their front legs (or arms), and their wings. Wyverns only have 4: their legs and their wings. Wyverns' front limbs ARE their wings. In case anyone cares.
  4. Game of Thrones Season 7

    I'm not sad that he'd been MIA, though I still wonder where Euron has been.
  5. Game of Thrones Season 7

    Other than for the purpose of possibly riding a dragon, how much does Jon being a Targaryen matter, aside from some ending "moral of the story" bit?
  6. Game of Thrones Season 7

    But what kinds of safeguards are in place? Surely they're not expected to just stop, drop, and roll after?
  7. Game of Thrones Season 7

    Am I reading this correctly? 20 actual humans were literally set on fire to film this? If so, what kinds of safeguards were in place?!! Is that how things work in these kinds of movies/shows?! I knew that stuntmen were putting themselves at risk and did undergo injuries while filming, but to be literally set on FIRE?? Geez........
  8. Game of Thrones Season 7

    Did this ep do anything to further that belief? I see using dragons on an army as a legit use of strong force against a military target. For that matter I'd say the Red Keep also counts.
  9. In 12 games last year he threw 16 TDs vs 4 INTs.
  10. The Simpsons. It was such a great show. I wonder why it ever ended. The cheap imitation that they put in its place just isn't funny. W-wait, WHAT??? You mean to tell me it never ended??? The "cheap imitation" is the actual show now??? WTF happened to it?!!!
  11. I'd like another 24 update, except this time actually RESOLVE Jack Bauer's storyline rather than leave things in limbo like they did. I'm still kinda pissed that they spent all of 24 LAD setting up Jack becoming a normal human again only to dump on that in the final episode.
  12. Game of Thrones Season 7

    Ok in case anyone cares, I'll explain my thinking for the past few posts. When I first saw that other poster say "but Elessar is nuts," it was part of the same sentence discussing actresses in the show in terms of their appearance. I thought "Elessar" was referring to the name of a character or actress from GoT rather than an ES user. My bad...........
  13. Game of Thrones Season 7

    Sarcasm? Edit: Oh dear god, I see it now..........
  14. The Official Washington Wizards Thread

    MahiKNEE I really hope he can get his health together. If he can, he's a valuable part of the rotation and a way of preserving Gortat.
  15. Game of Thrones Season 7

    Elessar? As in Aragorn from LOTR? Am I missing something here?