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  1. Redskins vs 49ers Prediction thread: A Mini - Homecoming

    I'm worried about our defense, injuries make it sound like they're hobbled. They'll definitely give up a TD to a TE, and I'm positive Pierre will come down with one, as well, without Norman out there. Still, I think our team is better in all facets, bye week plus second cross country trip for SF give us a boost: Skins 28 49ers 17
  2. **** the Cowboys

    Anybody watching the Tennessee/Dallas preseason game? Do these analyst/game callers even listen to themselves talk? "This half has been utterly DOMINATED by the Cowboys...aaaaaand the Titans are one score away from going into halftime with a 3 point lead..." P.S. how many personal fouls are the Boy's gonna rack up tonight? Woops, spoke too soon...10-7 Titans