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  1. The 2017 Training Camp Discussion Thread

    It's common knowledge when a player returns from a long term injury, the other team is aware and try's to target the injury as often as possible. What's to keep the Bengals defense from stomping on Reed's foot as often as possible?
  2. Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    Is it the same link as we used last year? Only reason I ask is because it says 2016 in the link. Thanks for all the good work!
  3. So is it going to take 5 years/$140, $82 guaranteed to get an LTD for Cousins next season? Wow!
  4. I'm seeing this as a two wrongs don't make a right story. The FO was wrong for waiting so long to make this "starting" offer and the Cousins camp decided not to counter because they were determined to play this year on the tag. The only hope is for a "great" season in 2017 and a "decent" offer from the FO in February along with a genuine interest from Cousins to stay here long term.
  5. The definition of crazy. Trying over and over again expecting a different result. I have 0 faith that they can work out a deal in 2018!
  6. Two hours until I either get out the Pitchfork or the Party Hat!
  7. I'm sorry, did we time travel 24 hours into the future? Feels like everyone has moved on already. Deadlines make deals and that is tomorrow at 4:00pm. Half the reason I want an LTD signed tomorrow is to laugh at everyone. Just like you can laugh at me if it doesn't. Jeez!!
  8. You're right. The Cousins camp has started their posturing. Now just need the FO to do their part and play Let's Make a Deal tonight or tomorrow.
  9. Calling B.S. on Schefter. No way to know for sure more than 24 hours before the deadline.
  10. However,it's the same story with Bell and Johnson. Lot of negativity and doubt with no real news to report. I am also still very confident but still nervous until it actually happens. Thanks for all informative posts.
  11. I can't wait for Game of Thrones next Sunday night...oh, and that show on HBO as well!
  12. IF those numbers are true, then big deal. Still a negotiation. One camp start at $65 million the other at $95 million and they start negotiating towards a mid ground. I still don't expect much movement until next Saturday.
  13. I was Yes on February 15th. I am a Yes now. And I will be a Yes on July 17th. I BETTER BE SNYDER!
  14. New GM search

    And yet so many of us where willing to believe that Scott was solely responsible for the last two seasons "success"
  15. New GM search

    As stated previously, get 9 wins or better this season and I will sing their praises. Less and I will join you all with the pitchforks Results on the field. That is all that matters to me. I am neutral on this restructure until we are either eliminated or qualify for the playoffs this season.