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  1. Regarding the Giants Defense last year it was a perfect storm of contributions of the free agent combined with career best seasons from some other players. We shall see if it continues this season as well. Once is luck, twice is skill!
  2. Color me intrigued
  3. This, this!! A thousand times this! Thank you! Please refer to this post over the next 4 months, and calm the heck down!
  4. It will have a check mark next to it
  5. Another fake. Hate this! Sorry
  6. I did it. I very respectfully asked for a LTD for Kirk and Bennie Logan
  7. Schefter got my blood boiling this morning on Mike and Mike. Pushing his agenda that Kirk asked for a trade (actually asked for a LTD or trade) and doesn't want to be here so they better try to trade him. I want to make him eat crow!
  8. Nothing definitive on Brandon Williams, Dont'a Hightower, Terelle Pryor, Dontari Poe, Jonathan Hankins, Zach Brown, and many others. Leaks from this team are few and far between. Getting this upset this early is not gonna help you in the least. Deep breath everyone.
  9. Please tell me the last time we picked up a free agent on the first day of Free Agency. The last I recall is Garçon in 2012. Either way, it's been years. We are not, nor have been big players in Free Agency, no matter who has been in control since then. Trying to pin the slow response to 2017 Free Agency on Bruce is inaccurate!
  10. Been reading NFL Trade Rumors archive of articles on Von Miller. Phew...they really made it seem difficult. Prepared to sit out the season, asking for trade, talks breaking off numerous times. Finally a deal on July 15th. I am not looking forward to this.