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  1. Still 10-6 or bust! But, if the Redskins get in the playoffs at 9-7, there won't be a tear in my beer.
  2. Sorry, my finger slipped
  3. Speed, elusiveness, better receiving out of the backfield, off the top of my head. First three rounds need to be weighted BPA
  4. Don't blame him but it will turn some teams off
  5. I agree. However the deadline is July 15th not June. Only a bit over 90 days of the hand wringing and bickering. Surely it will FLY by!😒
  6. From a Bronco's forum last year in mid April about negotiating a LTD: "Is that extra 1-2 million worth it? Everybody knows that without Von there is no Superbowl 50 for the Broncos. DTs contract looks like it'll be restructured. Clady has been traded. Osweiler's ridiculous contract is gone, and Okung is practically playing for free. So we know Elway can afford at least 3 million more, but would rather bargain bin Von to 'negotiate.' Look, I get saving money and looking for the best deal, especially from my culture. It's prudent 90% of the time. But I also know when it's a bad look and screams of being cheap. I believe Von is the best defensive player in the league, and he should be paid like one. Trying to get him to take less is a mistake on the long run." I guess it's not only the Redskins fans that think their FO is too "cheap"
  7. Just trying to entice him to sign with the Redskins since he from the area and he went to North Carolina so he's rooting for them to win tomorrow night
  8. I don't give a c-rap about what gets said in the off season. My expectations are playoffs in 2017. Win-Loss record is the only results I care about. If there is "drama" in the off season but they still make the playoffs, that's all I need. If I was a stronger person I would avoid this place like the plague from February to August but I'm not so here I am. My expectations have not changed one bit!
  9. Regarding the Giants Defense last year it was a perfect storm of contributions of the free agent combined with career best seasons from some other players. We shall see if it continues this season as well. Once is luck, twice is skill!
  10. Color me intrigued