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  1. What think you of the above? Essentially, the reason 49'ers got Garapollo was because they legit heard Redskins will transition tag Cousins and match any other offer.
  2. Here's my genius take on it all: Allen is great at getting talent and not overpaying for it. See the one year deals and free agent contracts that were signed this offseason. Unfortunately that same thrifty (some say cheap) mindset has lead to the current situation with Cousins. Last offseason was a two wrongs don't make a right situation. Allen first offer was way too low and way too late. Cousins response to that was I will only play on the tag this year (completely within his right to get the money he deserves) and not counter offer. Going forward, I believe the Redskins will transition tag him and match another offer he might receive (which I HIGHLY doubt will be more than $28 million a year, or he will take the one year $28 million dollar offer). I have read, that this is why the 49'ers made the trade for Garrapalo, because Cousins will not be available for 2018

    ESPN is 7-4 Vikings. I am cautiously excited.
  4. Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: Who Is For Real?

    Having in-laws who are eagles fans I have fond memories of watching together, the drubbings put on them by the Redskins at Philly twice during the Christmas season. I look forward to rubbing it in again this year. 24-21 Redskins
  5. I have felt 10-6 since the spring, and a crummy summer has not dampend that feeling. I have noticed so much negativity. I am aware of the drama but I do not think it will affect the product on the field. Am I alone? Feels like it sometimes.
  6. The 2017 Training Camp Discussion Thread

    No one can say this is the "final" roster. I expect them to sign two offensive waiver wire pick ups and dump two defensive players to even things out. "Final" roster wont be until at least Tuesday morning.
  7. OH YEAH! Kool-Aid man is here and I'm still drinking. 10-6. Book it!
  8. John Keim's updated win projection. 8-8 with two losses to the Eagles. Haterade!🤣
  9. The 2017 Training Camp Discussion Thread

    It's common knowledge when a player returns from a long term injury, the other team is aware and try's to target the injury as often as possible. What's to keep the Bengals defense from stomping on Reed's foot as often as possible?
  10. Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    Is it the same link as we used last year? Only reason I ask is because it says 2016 in the link. Thanks for all the good work!
  11. So is it going to take 5 years/$140, $82 guaranteed to get an LTD for Cousins next season? Wow!
  12. I'm seeing this as a two wrongs don't make a right story. The FO was wrong for waiting so long to make this "starting" offer and the Cousins camp decided not to counter because they were determined to play this year on the tag. The only hope is for a "great" season in 2017 and a "decent" offer from the FO in February along with a genuine interest from Cousins to stay here long term.
  13. The definition of crazy. Trying over and over again expecting a different result. I have 0 faith that they can work out a deal in 2018!
  14. Two hours until I either get out the Pitchfork or the Party Hat!