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  1. And yet so many of us where willing to believe that Scott was solely responsible for the last two seasons "success"
  2. As stated previously, get 9 wins or better this season and I will sing their praises. Less and I will join you all with the pitchforks Results on the field. That is all that matters to me. I am neutral on this restructure until we are either eliminated or qualify for the playoffs this season.
  3. My general thought I wanted to address with this thread was the overall negative attitude of the media compared with the general consensus of progression among the fans.
  4. Yes, overall they were mediocre last season, but most predictions play it safe and predict the same for this season but from what I have read most say regression.
  5. Noticing a general pessimistic bunch of predictions from the media that goes against my feelings for the upcoming season. I am predicting 10-11 wins for this season and I have seen mostly 7-9 wins from the media and a last place finish. Am I looking through burgundy colored glasses or is the media drinking too much Haterade!?!
  6. They could hire an orangutan as the GM, as long as we get 10 wins and sign Kirk to a LTD by July 15th, I am happy.
  7. Nothing new just the constant stream of "The team has not made a serious offer nor will they" or "Cousins has unreasonable demands" that are from "sources" Again, I full expect a LTD but not till mid July
  8. I am treating the negative LTD tweets from the media as unintentional mouth pieces from both sides trying to "win" the negotiation
  9. Thank you! A true continual voice of reason in this thread. Completely agree!
  10. I was momentarily excited to go up and get Cook, but I have been anti trade up all along and this is no time to start
  11. Your Pick 17 if the board set up this way 1. Myles Garrett 2.Jamal Adams 3.Marshon Lattimore 4.Jonathan Allen 5.Deshaun Watson 6.Mitchell Trubisky 7. Malik Hooker 8.Leonard Fournette 9. Solomon Thomas 10.Mike Williams 11. Derek Barnett 12. OJ Howard 13. Hasson Reddick 14.Christian McCaffery 15.Reuben Foster 16.Corey Davis No decent trade down offers
  12. Feel free to include top five rated. I have Garrett, Adams, Fournette, Thomas, Lattimore, Hooker, Howard (maybe), Allen
  13. Ok. Someone with more knowledge, give me a list of prospects that if they were available at 17, would be considered a home run by 90% or more of the fans.
  14. How much of what is said this week to the press a smoke screen? I am all for BPA in the first three rounds. Would be cool with a trade down if we had a decent offer.