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  1. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I keep hearing people in this thread, say that teams might want to jump Arizona(15th) for a QB and offer Redskins(13th) a trade down offer, however Green Bay(14th)is one pick lower and still before Arizona
  2. Get us Bennie Logan and one of Paul Richardson/Taylor Gabriel/John Brown level WR and call it a day
  3. Tandler's take is this: —With about $31 million in salary cap space, how aggressively will the Redskins hit the free agent market? I think that the priority will be to give extensions to Jamison Crowder, Brandon Scherff and perhaps Preston Smith and to re-sign Zach Brown. Extensions of fourth-year players generally carry relatively low first-year cap hits so even if they get all of that done they still should have around $18 million left. The probably want to go into the season with about $8 million and they will need a couple of million to sign their draft picks. They can fit a couple of mid-tier players with the other $8 million. So, to answer the original question, not very aggressive.
  4. On very limited information, I have convinced myself that the Redskins need Paul Richardson
  5. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    Again, my take. FO went with tag after 2015 due to limited good sample size (which I agreed with, however both FO and I were wrong) . FO went with Exclusive tag after 2016, which in their minds showed they were serious and gave them “plenty “ of time to negotiate a LTD. Turns out they were wrong. Cousins and his agent took as a slap in the face and decided they would not negotiate at all which led us to this off-season. I will not comment on winners or losers in the Smith trade/Cousins Tag/Cousins Free Agency until the details of Smith’s contract are revealed/ Cousins does or does not get traded and what contract he signs.
  6. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    If some team (Browns or Jets) is willing to make a verbal deal with the Redskins to transition tag him for $28.8 million and then trade him to said team (even if it’s only for one year) with said team returning a draft pick to the Redskins before the start of free agency, who am I to say it is purely a pipe dream. That is the only scenario that makes sense, however far fetched it may seem.
  7. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    2. The cost to keep Cassel took up $14 million of $20 million Patriots had for free agency. Not a lot of flexibility
  8. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    For those who say it’s petty and lame to tag Cousins,then they must have felt awful about how the Patriots did the same thing to Matt Cassel in 2009. Didn’t bother me one bit and neither would this.
  9. Gabriel has spent his career as a number 3 gadget play WR. Have to see how much he's asking for. Promising 2016 (had him as an alternate on my Fantasy Team) followed by a disappointing 2017, where he wasn't targeted very much and not used very well to his strenghths.
  10. Also worried about how long Wallace can maintain that speed. I think Robinson and Watkins are going to be Franchised making the other free agent receivers more expensive.
  11. Anxious to see what WR's are available and which are franchised. Thinking Robinson is franchised which up's market for Landry and others