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  1. Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    and you are most likely correct. cravens was in the middle of a substantial transaction (meant to be a gift) not long before his retirement debacle but was halted by his mandated financial advisor and told to downgrade the cost. based on the conversation around this event it was clear that this was pretty commonplace for him.
  2. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    "could". however, this is the washington redskins. well get just enough early to think.....just maybe.....what if......then as per usual, epic failure. yes, when EVERY single thing went our way last year we looked good. any adversity and this team crumbles. we have a terrible owner, abhorrent management and a simpleton head coach. I've seen enough, clock mismanagement, straight quitting, 25 yard passes to the sideline for a 1 yard gain and "dag nabbit just run off tackle to the right" into a fully stacked and expecting defense to believe no matter who quarterbacks this team we are capped at 9-7. much less with alex smith. he simply won't have the fortitude to overcome the opposing team AND our inherent ineptitude. its like bruce said to dan, "boss, we just need to get someone with a few more years experience being as medium as we are, THEN, together we shall become EXTRA medium bwahahahaaaa" dan: "i like it, there'll be a keg of the silver bullet delivered to your office, now go get some more of these super experienced EXTRA medium players for the some young guys if you have to...they haven't even proven to be medium yet"
  3. The Definition of a Loser Franchise

    some of it has to do with this organization's main reason to exist. in the allen era that reason isn't to win. the redskins exist to "need". as a current, future and constant alibi and or excuse. we are kept always needing something, some magical unicorn that will tie everything together and make us a winner!!! its the line they use to entice people to come here(along with bags of money) "you are the missing piece player X"....its the basis for the constant state of flux that makes us fans upset, debate losing a key player, debate the optional replacements, argue once the next up is chosen and then stick around to see if it works out and changes anything. if we are kept NEEDING we will always be waiting, watching and expecting. otherwise the building would be complete enough to demand results and jobs would be lost, heads would roll, and fans would roll out.
  4. The Definition of a Loser Franchise

    exactly. the official line is..."well he obviously DIDNT want to be here"......negatively react as necessary.... when the real question should be, WHY doesn't someone want to be here? better yet, after already experiencing all that this lovely organization has to offer why would anyone choose to stay? money is the only answer I can see.
  5. The Definition of a Loser Franchise

    somewhere, mike shanahan is laughing his orange ass off.
  6. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    in a time where many fans are talking about jumping ship completely this is the exact type of move this front office makes simply to keep the fan base watching. just in case........ it is a tried and true sales tactic. " I know youre about to walk away but what if we add THIS to the mix..??? this is designed to keep our interest, keep us talking about the redskins and make sure we come back next season. nothing more. pathetic.
  7. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    another example of "we'll show em who's in charge round these parts" summation, this team just used the franchise prove to a guy that he WASNT our franchise quarterback. then out of spite traded for an older version of the same dude, without a huge savings....out of spite....and it cost them the best young DB draftee in an age AND a pick to do so.... so where does the "game manager needs a beast defense to win in the playoffs" come into play in this scenario? the next move is bruce telling dan "part 2.3 of this formula is to sign a replacement CB with a big name that everyone will recognize".... guess who that will be.
  8. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    thats a very even keeled and balanced approach to either eventuality you have going on right there.....
  9. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    and they will do it again....and again....and again
  10. Who will be the Redskins starting QB in 2018

    much appreciated....and certainly no worries bro. its a long running thread and MUCH longer running subject one way or the other. what really sucks is that as soon as this one is put to merciful rest another will magically appear. its what our team does, creates chaos out of order.....we are walter from the big lebowski....everything is a god damned travesty with us.
  11. Who will be the Redskins starting QB in 2018

    well, when discussing an issue and using examples i would say it is always a safer bet to use ones that are somewhat similar but hey, you guys can do whatever you like. if you cannot see why there is a difference in reasoning between letting an end of career, over the hill, once great old guy go and simply moving on from a career journeyman i don't know what else to tell you. however, my commentary wasnt even claiming, in this instance, that the overall assertion was wrong. simply that the argument defending such was completely without logic. which it is.
  12. Who will be the Redskins starting QB in 2018

    so your argument here is based order.... a, until now, maybe the back up to tom FN brady a guy with a horrendous injury/reconstructed shoulder that no one else would bet on and two old guys, already ensured the HOF, that could've and prob in every other universe just called it a career. THAT is your response to the scenarios in question? god bless you buddy, please never stop because this stuff is comedy gold. GOLD i tell ya....
  13. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    way to aim for the stars champ....grounds the limit.
  14. hey, at least when a team dupes the taxpayers into a new stadium they suddenly become relevant for a few years.