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  1. great, so with smith we play "prevent" offense....awesome.
  2. onedrop

    Post-game apathy thread: We're baaaack

    lets leave the wombs out of this but yeah, all of those things and the sheer longevity of the suckage.
  3. oh i assumed the "lol". your post just teed it up for a thought i had been having while perusing the thread. so, thanks for the assist!
  4. sure, the same way a raging alcoholic that simply changes to drinking in isolation is getting ahold of their problem. the face one chooses to show the world doesn't matter if the core is rotten.
  5. NO. after years of being called out for his petulance and clowned for childish behavior dan has simply learned to keep his tantrums private and hide his pettiness.
  6. apologies but i fail to see where anything in my response to you would lead to me needing to accept snyder not selling the team. this organization has caused me to reach apathy. hurts less but is infinitely sadder.
  7. offering up already despised sacrificial lambs to appease a long disgruntled and shrinking fanbase, especially in the shadow of any sexual misconduct scandal, isn't "going in the right direction". its reactionary damage control to save the brand further disgrace. snyder treats the symptom, after the fact, instead of curing the disease. we wouldn't need to "improve the IMAGE of the franchise" if it wasn't such a laughable, unprofessional **** show in the first place.
  8. onedrop

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    agreed. its a bit strange, almost as if gruden is better suited to a more primitive game.....i don't know maybe like THE ARENA LEAGUE? jokes aside, or half jokes, i don't think he's a "bad" coach. I've thought since the beginning that gruden looked overmatched most games and in general. needless to say he hasn't done much to dispel that idea. one thing i know for sure, if he straight gives up on another game when we still have a chance to win, literally quits trying, i am done with him
  9. onedrop

    Flex Tape Team Building

    maybe, or his ineptitude is simply keeps going and going and going. if this was a normal corporation, without the benefit of tax dodging profit sharing, judged by the success or failure of their product, the entire front office would be fired and danny snyder would be put to pasture by a board of directors. nowhere in the world of real business is this level of failure allowed to continue.
  10. onedrop

    Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    exactly why the management of this organization is so frustratingly inept. their ego drives their need for situational "winning" or "showing 'em who's boss". they showed the guy who originally wanted a LTD by tagging him 2 seasons in a row to the tune of a 44 million dollar rental with zero return but somehow WON by letting a higher round draft pick get his way because he threw the equivalent of a baby tantrum instead of making him put up or shut up. then they media package it in their favor and we, the masses, eat it up. almost every move they make is wrong, if not wrong bungled in the execution to the point it may as well have been. at this juncture I'm having a hard time discerning which is more embarrassing laughable.
  11. onedrop

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    well then save it for them and stop preaching to us how to be fans.
  12. onedrop

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    sounds like your argument should be directed at the folks you referenced more so than anyone here.
  13. onedrop

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    going forward who knows what is possible but the FO of this organization has gained the disdain they receive by their own hand. respect and trust must be earned, especially when the blind allegiance of the faithful has been let down and exploited for so very long. you've heard the old expression "once bitten twice shy"....what about 15 times bitten? every single Skins fan has the right to deal with the ineptitude however they see fit.
  14. I'm with you. no player, cousins included, is ever bigger than the team. however, if fans do depart its more like the final straw and camels back scenario. plus i don't expect many will truly abandon ship. its the offseason and the dysfunction is long and strong with this franchise, folks are simply exhausted from the never ending BS.