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  1. The Conspiracy Thread

    if you watch the original broadcast again there WAS the perfect view. seemingly only shown right AFTER the official review call was made.
  2. Do We Suddenly Have a Dominant Defense?

    it was ONE GAME. we looked like world beaters but it was just a single game. lets not get too far ahead of ourselves.
  3. he will find his "love for the game" as soon as the cold harsh reality of no fame, fortune, lights and glamor hit him. bank on it. this is a simple case of an immature young man that is used to being a huge fish in a medium pond not adjusting to being just another fish. he didn't get his way, or didn't like something and his only play is to threaten retirement. the team didn't blink. now he sits. next year it will be......"i just needed to step back and rediscover my need for a **** ton of cash love of the game"
  4. Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: 2017-18 Kick-Off Spectacular

    aaaaaannnnddddd........i was handed tickets 2 minutes after posting above. road dog IN, wives and kids OCCUPIED. prove me wrong.....PLEASE.
  5. Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: 2017-18 Kick-Off Spectacular

    the eagles go up quick and we spend the 2nd half making it look closer than it was. OR. we go up quick but get caught and end up losing making it look closer than it was. perpetual MEH....overwhelming mediocrity. the only thing this team is on the verge of is starting the cycle over again.
  6. So this is what stability looks like

    the reason this franchise is a joke is simple. they **** up every move they make. if theres a wrong way to go about something, no matter what it is, they find it. best QB in years? play hardball AFTER he does what you said you needed as proof and paint yourself into a corner where he either takes a bad deal or you must hope he does badly so you can be proven correct. awesome! parting ways with an employee? don't do it with dignity, publicly disgrace them, allegations true or not, show the world your dominance! the real problem it that Snyder and his minion simply will not allow, condone or even consider anyone daring to go against even their most inconsequential idea. those that do MUST be punished, shamed and humiliated. is it really shocking the we "promoted from within"? and the real WILL NEVER GET ANY BETTER. IT WILL ALWAYS BE THIS WAY.
  7. Dan Snyders need to hire tie ins from his youth/the team's glory years serves as nothing but a massive anchor holding the Skins down and preventing forward progress. Dan, please stop acting like a little boy playing with his father's team from yesteryear and behave like a man with a billion dollar franchise in 2017.
  8. ok, im sorry, you have no bias towards KC at all......moving on
  9. sure IF we didnt have, you know, professionals handling that kind of thing. capped, uncapped it DOESNT MATTER. but forget the money and go back and read the character insult regarding Kirk faking his demeanor. that is what caused my initial response. care to posit PP's defense on that one as well....or should we wait for them?
  10. stop the presses....this just in.....the pot has just made a last minute desperation call to the kettle....more as details become available. seriously, you claim not to care yet look at the effort you put in to justify your position on what another grown man makes....after a lifetime of preparation. my stance always was and still is WHO CARES. obviously your hurt, mad or biased about what the guy makes, should make, is going to make or simply who he is. it is painfully obvious. just admit it already and MOVE ON.
  11. sounds more like you are just annoyed that he is making millions in the first place.
  12. That may be YOUR point. However, the post I responded to originally regarding employment wasn't limited to and didn't mention Scot specifically. Nor was I addressing that exact situation. I thought my last reply made that clear. But in a final attempt at clarity..... "What business world do you work in, if you fire someone you better be able to back it up with proper documentation or you're looking at a lawsuit, jealousy is not an appropriate reason to fire someone. I work in a field riddled by jealousy and greed and the only thing that gets people fired is fraud or the inability to perform and that seems to be the case in most industries. In my career what I have seen is that when someone gets fired it's usually because management and the individual failed. Management gave up on the employee because they couldn't train, motivate, or develop the talent they hired and the individual gave up because they couldn't keep pace or things didn't click. Firing someone is expensive and sets any company back, you don't do it unless you have a damn good reason." So in summation, you may very well be correct but that's is not a debate in which I was engaging. Sorry for the sidebar, back to the main topic.....
  13. I was addressing what jschuck12001 said only, no specific instances. However , lower pay grades are not necessarily offered any severance when least not in my experience. I've seen that phrase used on a 10 bucks per hour employee up to 500k per year exec. And nothing happens. No matter the reason. Again this isn't theory, this is what I've seen and done. People want to bring in their own people and the old get the boot. It's expected, it's the norm
  14. You are 100% absolutely incorrect, at least in a right to work state like VA. You can, I have, fire anyone at anytime for any reason. EOE stuff notwithstanding obviously. The trick is to not give a specific reason that can be disputed. The old "we're going in a different direction" being the preferred verbage. It's more about how it's done not if. This is fact not theory or opinion, I have seen and done it for years and see it to this very week. There are special circumstances of course but this applies in the vast majority of instances.