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  1. That may be YOUR point. However, the post I responded to originally regarding employment wasn't limited to and didn't mention Scot specifically. Nor was I addressing that exact situation. I thought my last reply made that clear. But in a final attempt at clarity..... "What business world do you work in, if you fire someone you better be able to back it up with proper documentation or you're looking at a lawsuit, jealousy is not an appropriate reason to fire someone. I work in a field riddled by jealousy and greed and the only thing that gets people fired is fraud or the inability to perform and that seems to be the case in most industries. In my career what I have seen is that when someone gets fired it's usually because management and the individual failed. Management gave up on the employee because they couldn't train, motivate, or develop the talent they hired and the individual gave up because they couldn't keep pace or things didn't click. Firing someone is expensive and sets any company back, you don't do it unless you have a damn good reason." So in summation, you may very well be correct but that's is not a debate in which I was engaging. Sorry for the sidebar, back to the main topic.....
  2. I was addressing what jschuck12001 said only, no specific instances. However , lower pay grades are not necessarily offered any severance when least not in my experience. I've seen that phrase used on a 10 bucks per hour employee up to 500k per year exec. And nothing happens. No matter the reason. Again this isn't theory, this is what I've seen and done. People want to bring in their own people and the old get the boot. It's expected, it's the norm
  3. You are 100% absolutely incorrect, at least in a right to work state like VA. You can, I have, fire anyone at anytime for any reason. EOE stuff notwithstanding obviously. The trick is to not give a specific reason that can be disputed. The old "we're going in a different direction" being the preferred verbage. It's more about how it's done not if. This is fact not theory or opinion, I have seen and done it for years and see it to this very week. There are special circumstances of course but this applies in the vast majority of instances.
  4. We can argue individual situations until we're blue in the face. All we will accomplish is debating what ultimately does not matter. Since JKC, before, during and after every single subsequent coach and "GM", through 16 (est) drafts and free agencies, innumerable PR nightmares, overpaying, underpaying, and basically finding a new bottom to our personal pit of despair annually there is one constant. Lesser fans, a weaker fan base, would have given up by now.....take a break here.....reflect as if you were on the outside looking in at us.......almost embarrassing isn't it? I don't know if we NEED a new owner, I do know we aren't getting one so I would implore ALL fans, including Dan Snyder, put the past away. We desperately need to if we are ever going to progress. We can't bring the glory of past accomplishments into the present by reintroducing those that were there, their relatives or their memories. Revere, honor and venerate them and move forward.
  5. in 2 years starting KC has been better than anything weve had since forever, consistent and improved in many areas BUT isnt "elite"....ok, fair enough. However, in one year starting, with no tape to study, what many would call king check down, somehow dak prescott is the "model"?? call me crazy but just maybe we wait for his sophomore year before anointing him the new benchmark?
  6. I don't make up anything, ever. I wasn't contradicting you as much as the author. I was suggesting everyone else read it as proof. But since you chose to selectively respond, WTF does how sm was or was not treated have to do with ANYTHING I said? In your odd need to constantly yell WRONG you missed that I was commenting on the content not matching up with the title, not the original situation. Sure I could've quoted all the proof BUT it would take more time to do than it would rational people to read the entire thing. Yet again, since you took the time to grace everyone with your correctness in all things..... Breer: Dan Snyder Not to Blame for Scot McCloughan Situation Really? Go on....... "The problem is the issue that did crop up between those two is symptomatic of so many things in the organization over the last 20 years, and it mirrors so many of the other problems that they’ve had, and it’s almost impossible to ignore the parallels there." you don't say..... "So you can say that this is really between two people, but it’s hard to look at the problem between the two people and not say ‘that’s exactly like five or six other circumstances we’ve seen in Washington in the last two decades.'” I wonder what the constant is??? “I mean you could say that maybe he could have acted on some of the things that were going on in the building, but do I think he was actively an issue, do I think he was actively a problem, do I think he was stirring this up? No,” he said. “And there have been situations in the past, as recently as when Mike Shanahan was there, where Dan Snyder was an issue. But in this case, as far as I can tell, he really wasn’t part of the problem at all.” so, not "stirring it up" and childishly making things worse.....this one time absolves someone from overall responsibility and stewardship? “That’s conceding that he also didn’t solve it,” he added. “And that’s on him, because ultimately the buck stops with the owner.” sounds familiar...... Despite resolving the situation — ahem, resolution by fire — Breer does suspect the Redskins will again face many of the issues which plagued the organization prior to McCloughan’s 2015 hiring. Namely, it may prove difficult for Washington to attract top talent. “They’ve thrown money at people to try and fix those problems,” he said. “And I think they got to a point the last couple of years where they didn’t really have to do that anymore, where they created a good enough environment so people actually wanted to come to Washington.” “Now they have to deal with some of the same problems they’ve dealt with in the past,” he said. “That’s the reality and who they’ve been really since Dan Snyder’s bought the team.”
  7. The article doesn't actually say that. It states only that Snyder wasn't directly involved in the cat fighting. Clearly stated is that he didn't resolve the situation and being towner the buck stops with him. It's a short piece, read it.
  8. No but Trent did punk the hell out of him and sherman just the stood there laughing nervously until he was assuredly safe again. Sherman is the worst kind of schmuck, can't even win well. He's good for sure but hes benefited by Seattles "hold, illegal contact or straight up PI on every play and dare the refs to call it" defense. We've all seen what happens when that faucet gets turned off. F that guy, they can keep him. FWIW...if you need a lift in the middle of the day just watch that video a few times.
  9. unfortunately whomever created the URL for the article didnt read it either. going by that its easy to see why there is confusion.
  10. cant give up on the Skins despite what the FO does...or does not do. however, in recent years i have started paying more attention to hockey full time, basketball part time and ive always been a baseball fan so i am really glad the Nats are about to start their season. there are a lot of local sports to actually watch when the drama of the Skins off season gets too ridiculous.
  11. i genuinely have no idea what you are arguing or how i am "acting". What does what you, i, or anyone else think or thought have to do with anything? WE DIDNT HIRE THE GUY. nor did we have any say in said hiring. the people responsible hired a guy that either...... 1) should not have been hired in the first place 2) got Fd over by the team for having a different vision than Dan and Bruce
  12. in and of itself it may not be, but taken as a cumulative total it is indeed ineptitude. when everything you do you do poorly you are inept. I love what Scot could have, should have been but it was not to be so the hiring was done poorly. the situation at the end was handled badly by everyone involved. just like Scot"S history should have been a red flag so should Snyder and Allens history of making poor decisions and handling situations.
  13. Yes, it is the responsibility of the person doing the hiring for the people they deem to be in control. Let's say Scot blew it, so now he's gone, as he should be. Either way Snyder and Allen failed US, AGAIN. By botching an otherwise positive movement or by hiring an addict because no one else of quality can be lured here due to their historical incompetence. It's not a competition over who among THEM is right or wrong it's about US constantly being the same two dumbasses. the truth of what happened is probably somewhere in the middle of what we hear. As to intra organizational arguments I have no clue what you are talking about as I never even thought about or mentioned that at all. Unfortunately you'll have to have that particular debate with yourself. Maybe you can win that one.