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  1. i think you are absolutely correct, for a few reasons. When your team has sucked for so long and the sport in question is taking a beating over multilple controversies the fan base is bound to shrink. the number of new fans "aging in" has been shrinking for years. now add, or subtract, those that are aging OUT...due to the juice worth the squeeze scenario.....butt in seat time for an nfl game is 3+ hours with a payoff of 11-13 minutes of real action. and they boast the most subjective rule system of all sports by far. hockey and basketball are faster, cheaper, easier to go to live and you can still do other things that same day. football is still king but many folks i know can at least envision a world where the mighty nfl takes a distant backseat to college ball and other sports all together.
  2. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    in my opinion we need to completely move on and stop with the glory years stuff. having a "fan" buy the team sounded great at the time but it has been the absolute worst thing that could have happened to this franchise....and continues to happen. the "glory years" have become an anchor around our proverbial neck, dragging us down. thanks for the memories but lets put the past away and get moving forward already.
  3. Is Jay Gruden a quitter?

    to some, me included, every game means something. otherwise why play, why does the game exist at all? you get knocked down, you get back up. rinse repeat until you can't get up...then the guy next to you pulls you up and tells you it aint over yet, keep fighting. thats what TEAMS do. fight with and for each other for a common goal. no matter the odds. even if it is one single victory, for pride alone. hard to get "up for games that don't mean anything"? i get it but the opposite is in our damn song....fight on fight doesn't say lay down and give up because the odds are against us or quit because theres no glorious shiny trophy on the line. if we were to adopt the same mentality why even be fans at this point?
  4. Is Jay Gruden a quitter?

    agreed. and you don't become good by accident. a change in work ethic and culture could make the young and inexperienced fundamentally sound, reawaken the fire in the more seasoned and get everyone on the same general page to fight for each other if not for self. while not outright laying down, my friends and i definitely noticed a few guys half stepping through parts of the game.
  5. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    firing allen may be the psychological break with his boyhood memories the snyder needs to finally move on and stop trying to go BACK to the glory days. didn't this guy ever read the great gatsby? good lord.
  6. Is Jay Gruden a quitter?

    its only a start....and based on this teams lack of discipline, fundamentals and heart a seemingly very appropriate one. you have hit exactly on what the skins need but will never get. brought to task by a hard ass coach that does not give a single solitary F about pedigree or contract. someone that has the authority to drill these guys. danny won't let that happen. listening to Santana on the radio the other day he mentioned watching the patriots practice and being shocked at how regimented it was, and disciplined. reminded me of high school coaching. now i despise new england but thats how this program needs to be run for a while.
  7. Is Jay Gruden a quitter?

    there is no "context". you either try to score/win until victory is impossible or you don't. if you choose not to you are by definition quitting. which makes one, at least in that specific instance, a quitter. gruden quit, there is no gray area. not continuing to fight because one deems the chances of success on par with a random being elected POTUS is exactly whats wrong with this "team". if you can't visualize it, it cannot happen. just look at who holds the office in question currently....what were those odds 4 years ago? “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.” ― Henry Ford
  8. Is Jay Gruden a quitter?

    is he a quitter......well he certainly was at the end of sundays game. i can take failure, hell we have become GREAT at accepting it here, i loathe not even trying. especially when something is still technically possible. to a bigger issue.....the massive injuries and tough schedule, while true, are just the latest in the very long line of excuses for this teams ineptitude. no matter the players, coaches or front office the redkins are consistent in one thing only. buffoonery. is theres a mistake to make, no matter how small the % we will make it. we do not seem to know what a clock is. we literally give games away and can't perform basic fundamentals. these have zero to do with personnel or opponent. the players, entire organization maybe, is just a collection of individuals. this franchise has become the great corruptor of anyone, at anytime in their career, that joins it.
  9. The Conspiracy Thread

    if you watch the original broadcast again there WAS the perfect view. seemingly only shown right AFTER the official review call was made.
  10. Do We Suddenly Have a Dominant Defense?

    it was ONE GAME. we looked like world beaters but it was just a single game. lets not get too far ahead of ourselves.
  11. he will find his "love for the game" as soon as the cold harsh reality of no fame, fortune, lights and glamor hit him. bank on it. this is a simple case of an immature young man that is used to being a huge fish in a medium pond not adjusting to being just another fish. he didn't get his way, or didn't like something and his only play is to threaten retirement. the team didn't blink. now he sits. next year it will be......"i just needed to step back and rediscover my need for a **** ton of cash love of the game"
  12. Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: 2017-18 Kick-Off Spectacular

    aaaaaannnnddddd........i was handed tickets 2 minutes after posting above. road dog IN, wives and kids OCCUPIED. prove me wrong.....PLEASE.
  13. Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: 2017-18 Kick-Off Spectacular

    the eagles go up quick and we spend the 2nd half making it look closer than it was. OR. we go up quick but get caught and end up losing making it look closer than it was. perpetual MEH....overwhelming mediocrity. the only thing this team is on the verge of is starting the cycle over again.
  14. So this is what stability looks like

    the reason this franchise is a joke is simple. they **** up every move they make. if theres a wrong way to go about something, no matter what it is, they find it. best QB in years? play hardball AFTER he does what you said you needed as proof and paint yourself into a corner where he either takes a bad deal or you must hope he does badly so you can be proven correct. awesome! parting ways with an employee? don't do it with dignity, publicly disgrace them, allegations true or not, show the world your dominance! the real problem it that Snyder and his minion simply will not allow, condone or even consider anyone daring to go against even their most inconsequential idea. those that do MUST be punished, shamed and humiliated. is it really shocking the we "promoted from within"? and the real WILL NEVER GET ANY BETTER. IT WILL ALWAYS BE THIS WAY.
  15. Dan Snyders need to hire tie ins from his youth/the team's glory years serves as nothing but a massive anchor holding the Skins down and preventing forward progress. Dan, please stop acting like a little boy playing with his father's team from yesteryear and behave like a man with a billion dollar franchise in 2017.