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  1. I remember reading something that was on the Supreme Court's October docket which if overturned would give Trump the power to pardon state crimes. It was theorized that was why the GOP was pushing to get Kavanaugh confirmed quickly. Not sure what became of that.
  2. I’ll give Halloween a B. Had some really good scenes and some bad plot points. A lot of scenes that were call backs to the 1978 original and did a good job building tension. Some of the same slasher cliches with teenagers and dumb cops. Not sure what else there is they can do with this franchise but with the amount of money it’s going to make I’m sure they’ll keep making them.
  3. drowland

    Fire Larry Michael

    Is Larry the main problem with this organization? Nah, they got bigger problems. However I would fire Larry. I haven’t listened to him in years but he’s been the voice of the Snyder propaganda machine. I remember during the Vinny years all the “sorcerer” and the “source meter” bits he did taking shots at JLC. It was so petty. But yet so Dan Snyder.
  4. Not sure why Kirk should care about the picks blown on RGIII. That’s not his fault. It’s supply and demand with FQBs. 32 teams and more then half don’t have one, so the price will continue to rise. And the Skins had to have known if they kept putting that tag on Kirk his price would go up.
  5. drowland

    I'm tired of Charley Casserly's criticism

    Charlie’s best moves usually happened at the end of his tenure. The two 1st rd picks he got from Carolina for Gilbert, the Ricky Williams draft haul from NO and taking Bailey set the Skins up well on his way out. His final draft in Houston was probably his best which I think netted the Texans 4 or 5 starters.
  6. Actually from what I remember he did blame the year book editor. He said they wanted to go for an Animal House vibe and they may have edited his quotes. I’m sure news outlets are trying to hunt down Georgetown Preps yearbook staff from 1982.
  7. Limited in scope meaning they're only investigating Ford's accusations and not the other women's?
  8. This moment got me. When BK went from all serious to this stupid, slimy smirk on his face when Graham went off on his rant. It was like a spoiled child getting his way after being told no. Good job GOP.
  9. Wait so is Mitchell there to just question Ford or will she be questioning Kavanaugh as well?
  10. drowland

    Some Hard Truths

    It took all those guys getting cut/switching teams before they turned it around.
  11. drowland

    Gameday Thread

    That's true, the Jets did not prep for Baker. Not that the Browns really changed their offense. Baker was just making quicker decisions and giving his receivers a chance to make plays. And his throws are on target. Taylor doesn't throw a lot of INTs because he doesn't challenge tight man coverage and that's what the Jets were playing. Like with any rookie QB, defenses will start trying to disguise coverages. Will have to see how he does against that.
  12. So Trump doesn't have to declassify these documents to look at them since he's POTUS, yet he hasn't looked at them. But he wants to release them to the public because his buddies in the media, who really only care about their ratings, are asking him to. Sounds like a great plan.
  13. drowland

    Some Hard Truths

    Where is this trust coming from? I get it if Scot was still around. He demonstrated the ability to build a talented roster around the QB in Seattle and San Fran. Bruce and Doug have not.