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  1. Same here in Leesburg! You aren't far from me
  2. 2017-2018 NCAA Men's Basketball

    C L E M S O N! Go Tigers!
  3. Any idea on what will happen Tuesday into Wed? Every time I look it changes rain, to snow, to ice, back to snow.
  4. HapHaszard's Passing

    That is why I shared that picture. It is the epitome of Hap! Smiles and laughter!
  5. Thanks for your kind words. He loved everyone on this board. But he was a big fan of you and Pez.

    1. Huly


      Thank you!  We adored him!  Your family means a lot to both of us!

  6. HapHaszard's Passing

    I am still at a loss for words. The news rocked both Pez and I last night as we both adored your dad and your family. Your dad's smile and laugh is what I will remember most. He was always so proud of you and your family and name dropped and bragged to us. I am going to post the poem I read at Chief Zee's funeral as it can express my thoughts better than I can right now but all of you are in my thoughts and prayers. If you and your family need anything please do not hesitate to reach out to me or Pez. I ONLY WANTED YOU They say memories are golden well maybe that is true. I never wanted memories, I only wanted you. A million times I needed you, a million times I cried. If love alone could have saved you you never would have died. In life I loved you dearly, In death I love you still. In my heart you hold a place no one could ever fill. If tears could build a stairway and heartache make a lane, I'd walk the path to heaven and bring you back again. Our family chain is broken, and nothing seems the same. But as God calls us one by one, the chain will link again. Author unknown
  7. Let's Talk about Pets

    Funny Rosie photo from her 1 year old photo shoot. My best friend is the photographer. The other photo is Rosie's puppy photo. Ellen won the bronze medal is a large well known international photography competition with it.
  8. Let's Talk about Pets

    Last year Rosie was 6 months and Scar was only a year I came home to this LOL LOL LOL Can you see 3 guilty faces? Sonny is the only one that didn't look guilty and would not touch the evidence.
  9. Let's Talk about Pets

    Bach Rescue Remedy is the best for SA! A crate will be your best friend! My two coonhounds love their crate. It is like their own room. Warm blanket, toy or bone and they are good to go
  10. Let's Talk about Pets

    Spoiled rotten!
  11. Let's Talk about Pets

    Yeah I honestly think Gibbs passed from a broken heart. He never recovered from the loss of Sadie. We adopted Scarlett trying to help Gibbs but he honestly raised her then checked out. Rosie fell in our lap the next day. We had been looking to rescue another Redbone Coonhound pup for Scarlett and Rosie was dropped in MD from Dogs In Danger out of AL. \ Huly is doing awesome! He will meet his new little brother Klaus this weekend. We had Klaus on quarantine for a week so this could be interesting so please pray for me.
  12. Aw Sorry I missed you I was just trying to stay with the pack LOL
  13. Let's Talk about Pets

    The dogs- BG, Sonny, Scarlett (Redbone Coonhound Lab Mix) & Rosie (Redbone Coonhound Mix) (for those that don't know I lost both my Bassets Sadie (2 years ago and Gibbs a year ago). The Cats- Huly & my new edition Klaus (I pulled him out of a storm drain on 12/21/17. We also have two sugar gliders Thelma & Louise
  14. Send Off Welcome Home Giants Send Off Meet up Saturday 12/30 Redskins Park Ashburn VA Meet at 1:15 Team leaves 2:15pm Welcome Home Meet up Sunday 12/31 Redskins Park Ashburn VA Meet at 7pm team lands at 7:30pm HTTR