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  1. Cancer Sucks

    Kick ass!
  2. Have you ever smoked Weed before???

    How can we make this happen? I got a car and money
  3. Have you ever smoked Weed before???

    Any clue what strain will do that? Im game with having no deams my mind races enouhj. lol. Just solid sleep with a slight happy vibe.
  4. Have you ever smoked Weed before???

    Never smoked. Defenatly open to try it. So many strains for different things. Lord, I would gladly smoke instead of taking ambien . Sucks ya can't find it in VA.
  5. Alien: Covenant Trailer 1st post

    It takes place after Prometheus. The crews shipped gets rocked by an astroid. Then they receive a distress call from a Weyland ship at the planet Paradise a Beacon from David and Shaw, One ship parts. Danny Mcbrides character stays behind. If you look Closesl to the trailer you see what Shaw did to the engineers, She killed the planet with the payload of goo after finding out they wanted to destroy earth. How much spoilers do you want? Just know David has been a bad boy on the the planet an experimenting with different lifeforms and that black goo. truly frightening stuff. He is playing god.
  6. Alien: Covenant Trailer 1st post

    I also never saw the "The Last Supper" posted here. Its a viral clip the Ridleys son Scott directed just like the Ted talk from Prometheus.
  7. Alien: Covenant Trailer 1st post

    Im telling ya. You're in for a treat. They are not showing a lot That is still not the ultimate XENO. The bio mech xeno is not in the picture. A lot of twist to this. Youngchew! Have faith brother! This is nothin like AVP or Alien 3-4. They moved the date up for this film for a good reason. Confidence and great feedback from test audiences.
  8. Alien: Covenant Trailer 1st post

    bump for the Trailer on the first page
  9. Alien: Covenant Trailer 1st post

    Alien Covenant New release date is MAY 19 Great sign its been moved up. Know a couple of guys on the effects team saying its going to make people happy. Plus it has been testing great at FOX
  10. Alien: Covenant Trailer 1st post

    Sure am! Actually getting ready to leave now. Should be a fun night! Hopefully they have that cool collector shirt from Mondo for you? No problem!
  11. Alien: Covenant Trailer 1st post

    Get your tickets for double feature tonight Youngchew?
  12. Anything MMA, except thumb wrestling

    So whats this noise about McGregor retiring?
  13. This has motion sickness written all over it for me. I can't even really play 1st persons shooters these days bc of it.