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  1. Heck, Redskins fans can't call out sloppy defense. Did no one watch our 2015-2017 Ds?
  2. Looking at closer eras... I wonder if Chris Samuels was better than Trent is. Redskins have had a history of very good left tackles.
  3. You think Will Compton would frustrate Barry Sanders? You think Mason Foster would? You think Eric Dickerson wouldn't have a field day against them or Eddie George wouldn't truck them consistently?
  4. You know what they say... "When the going gets tough, tuck tail, run, and decry it as fake news while claiming success.
  5. I've seen that pic of Trump playing tennis a bunch recently. Everyone complains about his appearance, but what strikes me is what lousy tennis form he has. With the racket in that position the best he can hope for is to spray the ball upwards with no control. Seems an apt description of his political and rhetorical strategy.
  6. Sure, and Darrell Green would be a slow cornerback. Look. In all candor there are two things happening simultaneously. The first is that the NFL has gotten bigger and stronger though not really faster. The second is that the talent pool has been diluted by free agency. The great teams of yesteryear were by and large greater than the great years of today because you could keep everyone. The 91 Redskins could never have been assembled in an era of free agency and salary cap. The overall talent level was too high. It's a con to believe that there has been a shift in human evolution over the last 20 years. If you take the athletes on the '91 skins and give them a 2017 game plan and training regimine they would be at least competitive. I'd argue the Posse of Art Monk, Ricky Sanders, and Gary Clark would be impossible for dbs to defend under today's rules. At the same time, the linebackers would probably be undersized and slow.
  7. Heck, if you want to transport the Hogs through time and plop them into a football field then I'd argue that Grimm, Lachey, would both dominate and Jacoby would be more than solid. Hell, we saw an "undersized" line function well under Shanny. However, since time travel isn't possible I think you getting upset that yesterday's athletes could get up to speed and surpass today's athletes is silly.
  8. As others have said, some are looking at yesterday's players in a vacuum. They imagine that if Jim Lachey were a 20 year old junior in college playing for Ohio State, he'd still be about 290 with the same musculature, weight training habits, diets, and skills knowledge as he did in the 80's. I argue that if Jim Lachey was a college athlete today, he'd probably be about 315, be in the top tier of quick, strong, tough lineman, and be a first round... possibly top ten pick that scouts would be drooling over. Now, Bostic might have problems. He'd probably be 280 vs. 260, but as a technician he'd be at least as good as Litchensteiger and probably much better. If you remember, they kept trying to replace Bostic because even back then he was considered too light. He just always beat out the competition. He was a master of leverage and hustle. Grimm would be a monster and still a probowler. He was the original mobile big man. He was nasty, big, and tough. Give him modern techniques, weight training, and nutrition and I think he'd be a top three guard in the NFL today. Jacoby might have some problems with speed rushers, but he'd still be a mauler and probably one of the strongest tackles in the league. You got to remember that for the Hogs of the '80's their diet was beer and burgers. They were good old boys who used to joke that fat doesn't tear. They weren't specimens like Trent Williams, but they were still great athletes. They were the best unit out there despite being one of the lightest lines in the NFL by '91.
  9. They weren't crazies, but Honorary Hog sure wrote some funny stuff. Om wrote some wonderful and insightful stuff. Miss them both and many others.
  10. Actually, I think the athletes of today would struggle mightily back in the '80's. While Darrell Green competed against 6' 4" giants in his day.. today's athletes aren't used to being touched. Odelle Beckham would never have the free runs today's rules enforce. Could you imagine Jerry Rice or Gary Clark if defenders couldn't touch them? Today's players are bigger. Yesterday's players were tougher.
  11. By '91, the Hogs were not the heaviest line in the league. Other teams had caught up in the ten years since the Hogs took the field. They weren't better because they were bigger they were better because they were a great unit with a lot of depth. They had talent, size, cohesion, and skill.
  12. On a First Amendment basis this is the right decision. I happen to also think it's the right decision period, but just going by the Constitution it's the correct ruling.
  13. Pricewise, I think it really depends how the 'skins are doing. If it's a good year then buying tickets in advance is the way to go. Seats come at a premium. If it's a bad year, then buy as close as your constitution will allow you to the start of the game. One mistake I made was when I got tickets to the playoff game on the RGIII year. I bought tickets fairly early in the week. Even for that, prices seemed to settle a bit, the day before the game and on the day of the game. I might have saved 50 bucks if I waited... but I really wanted to see the Redskins in a playoff game and figured with all the RGIII excitement that I better get what I could get when I could get it. Another great strategy is to use the ES Classified. You won't get cheap tickets (though some bargain), but you can get them for face value. When I do that I tend to buy from a name I've seen on the board. I figure that will eliminate some chance of fraud. I've never looked this far out in advance, but I would think given the team's prospects, it might not be terrible right now, but I really have no idea.
  14. Eek! I thought no one would recognize me through that disguise!
  15. There's some amazing window shopping.