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  1. Josh Doctson the new 50/50?

    I think how the player is used matters too. If Art Monk were asked to fulfill the Desean Jackson or even the Ricky Sanders' role, he wouldn't have been a HOFer. Doctson similarly was miscast. I think he was sent on all the go routes because they had no one else. The problem is, Doctson isn't fast. He did okay in that role, but it was a bit like asking Keyshawn Johnson to be Randy Moss.
  2. 2018 ES GMs Mock Draft is complete!

    Nicely done ES!
  3. I think I'm beginning to turn against signing Hankins. Here's why. I think he's a good player, even a very good player, but I don't think he's a good enough player to be the difference between whatever the Redskins' record would be without him and the Superbowl... and if we're only looking at a one year contract that's too rich a price for not reaching the mountain top. The longer Hankins remains unsigned by everybody, the more I think that his demands are unreasonable or that there's something buried that we're not seeing. Mostly though, I think the Redskins are better off being weaker this year and husbanding their resources. After all, we need to reserve cap next year for Crowder, Scherff, and maybe Daniels.They may all be core and Hankins isn't. If we could sign him to a five or even three year deal I might feel differently, but if we believe the reports that we only want him for a one year I just don't see the point. I mean what's the point of spending big on a player who won't be there when you actually need them to contend? ...Unless 2018 turns out to be a magical year. Disclaimer: It's my belief that at this point pretty much every team has shelved their offers until after the draft. That could mean that its not Hankins balking, but that he played chicken too long and now while he might sign an offer previously extended there isn't one available for him to sign.
  4. Over the weekend all the Trump surrogates both official and un were so proud that new Russia sanctions were going into effect and pointed to this as proof that Trump is indeed not Putin's lapdog. Anyone surprised at the President's reversal? When they did the Florida simulation it was probably to see if they could get away with going further.
  5. The Michael Cohen/Trump SDNY Investigation Thread

    I suppose it cold also work via barter. Cohen provides "free" legal advice in exchange for Hannity supporting Cohen's clients on his show. Certainly, Trump has gotten 100's of millions of PR spin masquerading as news from Hannity. Hannity has gone above and beyond in ignoring, distracting, and fabricating. I doubt he's doing this as a quid pro quo, but there could be a barter of sorts going on.
  6. The fact that we could re-sign him, presumably for back up money, makes me wonder is we overvalue him or the league undervalues him. He had a rougher go in 2017 and I think there were some injuries. That might explain it. Also, Ty has is an older model even if he doesn't have as much tread on the tires.
  7. Oh, I'm not for large scale military confrontation either. I just am not sure what will change because of yesterday's actions. I am not a fan of flexing our muscles for the sake of flexing our muscles. If we think this will make Assad change his behavior and stop the use of chemical weapons then the strike had a point. If it blew up a large percentage of his stockpile or ability to produce it then the strike had a point. However if, as many are suggesting, Russia alerted Assad, and nothing was really damaged except some buildings, then this was nothing more than a gesture and possibly an empty one at that. Does such a timid and ineffectual attack have a powerful impact on Assad because he understands what we could have done? Or does it encourage him that he can get away with even more atrocities because the US will not strike a meaningful blow against him with Russia and Iran there? Edit: I was okay with Afghanistan. I was opposed to Iraq.
  8. If there is no threat of regime change why would Assad feel threatened? I mean seriously, do we think a few knocked down buildings will scare him or change him. He bombs his people he doesn't care if they die or not. How is a "symbolic" strike supposed to make him even blink?
  9. It was a good speech and well delivered. There is a very cynical part of me that thinks there's some wag the dog with this timing because of Cohen and Comey and all the rest, but it may not be the case if the UK and France are on board. I wish there was a ME country engaged as well. Hopefully, this works out for the best. It could spiral in a very dangerous way.
  10. Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    The only way I would want Dez if he signed a revenge, "F U Cowboys" kind of contract. Signed on the absolute cheap to stick to the Cowboys. I do think he's declining. He's never been a good team mate. He's not a mentor kind of player... except perhaps by observing his training habits. He is more of a known quantity and much more of a finished product than either Doctson or Richardson, but I want those guys to become finished products. If Dez signs the kind of contract that allows the best player to play and doesn't guarantee he's the stater... Then I'd be friendlier to the idea of bringing him in. If Dez wanted to have a Vernon Davis type role, he might actually excel at that and really be valuable. I don't want him as a stop gap, expensive starter.
  11. Not sure about that. Alex Smith’s escapabilty probably does open up more opportunities for his receiver. Broken plays can be huge plays.
  12. Just like we were dead serious and always the top candidate to snag TO, right?
  13. No, it is not. It’s a legit topic, but it belongs in its own thread. Title it— I Can’t Get No Redskins Satisfaction— or some such. This thread ought to be about free agency. If there’s no free agency news let it go dormant for a while.
  14. There's a difference between being negative and being critical. Sometimes, when I come to the stadium it feels like I am reading negativity for negativity's sake. I get that. Occasionally, venting's healthy. Mind you, too much of it will make you sick. We're nearing that point in the offseason where I start to drift more and more to the Tailgate because there is no Redskins news and when there's no news things get depressing. Mind you, given the state of the world, I might need refuge from the Tailgate too because it's pretty easy to get negative there too. At any rate, if all you feel is negativity and all you see are storm clouds... maybe you should take a walk in a park, buy an ice cream cone, or play catch for a bit. There's really not going to be any new Redskins' news until the Draft. Give your mind some time to heal.
  15. His way is good for the team initially, but ultimately it's best if both sides are happy. The other side to think about in deals like this is that while he does win his deals is he winnowing his pool in a way that impacts the team's on field success rate. I suspect it does. It's not that you have to over pay or have to get the free agent super star, but if you are running off all the in demand players before negotiations even get started then your quality ceiling and floor are impacted. That said, you certainly don't want to go back to the Vinny philosophy where the player not only wins every negotiation but robs the team blind. Again, my ideal is a win-win where both player and team feel good about the deal struck or perhaps the opposite where both sides feel okay, but that they gave in a bit too much. Of course, it probably also depends on the player. Different players probably do warrant different approaches. Plus, you do have to think about next year's cap in addition to this one's.