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  1. Boo! This is an aging roster. It's only got a few years left. Should have let it ride and do everything to keep Trotz around. Give him a big time three year deal. After that, if you want when it's time to say good bye to Ovi and Backstrom and the old guard, bring the new guard in. With his resignation, does that mean Trotz can't coach next year?
  2. There's nothing to answer. It's an idiotic question that pretends that we live in a binary world. It is subterfuge and cover for Nazism. We are seeing two year olds being separated from their parents and stuffed into dog kennels and left without supervision in your beloved Texas. We are seeing four year old girls being raped by deputies. We are seeing the worst in humanity and you think I've gone beyond the pail? I know you love your party, but good G-d, man.
  3. More Nazi sympathetic propaganda. You need to be better than this, twa. You know your arguments are hollow. More, you know this practice is wrong. You know Japanese Internment Camps were wrong. You know the Ghettos and concentration camps of Germany were wrong.
  4. I'm not sure we should squabble against ourselves. This should be a topic that we are all united about. We should reject the Nazification of the country by the Trump and Tea Party wing of the Party. Now, on the other hand, any who try to defend or rationalize this ought to be attacked with both barrels. I do think there is a special onus for those who claim to be people of faith and supported the Republican Party to stand up. It's past time that they draw a line and say, "We will not go that far!"
  5. That’s just a nice coat of paint. What our leaders are doing to US policy is what Al Qaeda does to religious texts. They’re weaponizing it. This is execution of policy wasn’t inevitable. It would not have happened under another Republican or Democratic President. This isn’t about any law. It’s about malice. I agree that this “loophole” to corruption needs to be closed, but the fact it was used at all is shocking, abhorrent, and unnecessary.
  6. I don't buy that, Zguy. In human history, hundreds of millions of people have been killed by weaponized religion. That doesn't mean the verses of the Bible or the Koran are evil. It doesn't mean that we need a new Bible because the old one allows for gross misinterpretation. It means the interpreters and those who intentionally abused and corrupted those verses to their ends were. Now, I don't mind if Congress steps in and puts a halt to it. They should, but the problem is not and was not the law. Likewise, I think that priests, misisters, iman, rabbi, and other religious leaders should step up when their texts are abused. But the problem is evil people weaponizing the law for their own evil ends not the law. The Bible is still a good book. This was not happening before. This is happening now. It wasn't a problem before. It is a problem now. What's happened is that we now have Monsters in Washington who are willing to corrupt and warp the laws.
  7. Don't be a sympathizer. **** your whataboutism.
  8. Instead of MAGA can we institute some MAAA? Make America America Again
  9. Having had 2/3s of my family wiped out by the Holocaust, I am very wary of playing the Nazi card, but we're getting so damn close. During the election, Trump quoted and retweeted Nazis. As President, Trump called Nazis fine people and championed their causes. He has supported White Supremacists and put them into his own Cabinet. In 2018, active Nazis are not only running, but winning Republican nominations for Congress Now, the GOP is separating families, calling them animals, and putting children into "Camps" Worse, they are placing them in kennels in inhumane conditions. This isn't just Trump and it is just his White House. It's Senator Collins and every GOP member who is sitting on its hands and defending it. It's every American who tacitly accepts this type of Nazi establishment of a Camp. Anyone who supports this policy of separating children from families while ignoring the obvious abuses is sick. Using the stance that there are "rules" that have to be obeyed is not only bull****, because this has never been the policy of the United States, but it's also even worse than bull**** because it smacks of the Nazi excuse of "just following orders."
  10. The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    You're right. I got myself mixed up. We have Beal at SG.
  11. The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    I thought we were good at shooting guard with Porter and Oubre and that our weakness was at power forward and center?
  12. The Official "DC" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    I think it's that also that DC movies have this fixation with dark and grim. Marvel movies have this understanding that their stories are a bit preposterous so they are okay interjecting humor and having fun with them. For example, though it's a silly point, everyone can understand why Batman needs to wear armor, but why give Superman the same armored hero look? He's invulnerable! We don't need Superman tromping around looking like a bad arse soldier. Supes is the bright morning that comes after a Dark Knight.
  13. There really are only two reasons to want the investigation over. One is corrupt and slimy. The other is treason. High ranking officials have been idicted, plead guilty, and even jailed. Who on Earth thinks a probe that has already uncovered so much should be stopped. Unless...
  14. The Official "DC" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    What I don't really understand is how DC can do cartoons and TV so well, but consistently stink at movies. I mean Wonder Woman was good and the Batman Begins series was as well, but everything else... YUCK!
  15. Fresh8686 provided a really good and reasonable answer, but I think the best place to send Flynn, Manafort, and Trump Jr. is Guantanamo. After all, they should be held as possible enemies of the state who conducted treason. They ought to be treated and questioned as Trump suggested when he supported torture. (Not really serious, but would find it fitting)