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  1. Some say that we may have drafted too many safeties. Given how difficult a time we've had in finding any... I don't think that's the case. Hopefully, one or two really emerge and the others find success on teams.
  2. There are few things better for a football fan than the day after the draft. You feel such a swell of euphoria and good will. I love this draft and already have developed an entirely unfair and unrealistic set of expectations for this draft class. Let's hope our rooks can exceed even that.
  3. I wonder if no nose picked is a big vote of confidence for Ionadis (so)
  4. Had to stop watching the draft around 4 because of the reading/book signing event. How does 2018 look in terms of picks? Full compliment, short, or extra picks?
  5. It's interesting. I am not sure this was a BPA draft. It felt like a Needs draft, but that the needs were often very good players. Each pick was at a position of want for the 'skins with the exception of TE probably. It almost even went in needs order: DL, LB/edge rusher, db
  6. When was the last time we had a draft with zero trades? Weird.
  7. Fat Rob was amazing at converting a negative 2 yard run to a plus 2 yard run. What he never really seemed able to do is take a 4 yard run and make it into a twenty.
  8. I think the other thing that may be in play (not sure if it is) I just read that he was playing with a bad shoulder. Pain or fear of injury may have made him a little more tentative. If he gets physically right then that could go away. We have heard people report that they've seen this guy truck some people. I'm not sure if this is a good pick or bad, but hopefully he's moldable clay and can reach his potential because his physical traits are right where you want them to be.
  9. Boy is ESPN slow. 980 just named 'skins pick, but ESPN just barely flipped to the Ravens.
  10. I kind of like the idea of power and discipline in the front 7. It wasn't just that we had bad linebacker play, but that our linebackers couldn't tackle. How many extra yards were gained because the first hit didn't take anyone down? If Anderson knows how to hit, plays with discipline, and is the toughest guy near him I think he can do well. We've seen a ton of NFL greats who were not the fastest. Heck, Jerry Rice was a "slow" wide receiver. I also question football fast vs. track and field fast. That said, I do like the fact that while our front 7 seem to be about toughness... our dbs seem to be about speed.
  11. What I love about this pick is speed. I like that he's a good press player and improving, etc. But I really like the fact that he's got pure athleticism. We have two disciplined mean tough guys who are great tacklers for the front 7 in rounds one and two, but on the back end you won't someone who won't be burned. Strong up front and fast everywhere else. Who knows how they pan out, but on paper... boy am I happy.
  12. Just to play spoilsport early. I am always on the Redskins' side. Creating infighting among family members isn't my thing. If this was Scott's last work for us (and it certainly is) then I'm pleased. If Allen, Campbell, Scott, and the rest deserve credit for designing and executing these draft boards I'm fine with it too. If Allen in a fit of jealous rage burned everything Scott did prior to his ouster and the team started from scratch then I will be for the team seeking help for Allen for his anger issues, but otherwise be okay with the result. I wish it had worked out differently with Scott. I would rather he still be here. Regardless, at this moment I'm pretty excited by the potential represented by the guys we've chosen in rounds 1-3.
  13. One article in Bubba's Breaking News said that he was expected to be ready to go in August. I don't know if that was the pessimistic, realistic, or optomistic outlook though.
  14. What I don't really understand about the NBA is that if the refs have the right to huddle and review plays using tape... how can they not reverse egregious non calls. If an elbow to the head is a flagrant, then why not change it? If you see that Beal is pushed out of bounds and that's considered dangerous why not call a foul? These were both plays that required play stoppage and so getting it right wouldn't take anything away from the flow of the game.
  15. Imagine if Breeland and Dunbar bounce back into shape after a year of regression and if Fuller and Moreau could reach their potential. Comboed with Norman, we would have a truly great secondary.