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  1. Burgold

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Panthers

    I think a big part of the pass rush woes yesterday was that Manusky was scared to death of Cam escaping and killing us with his legs. His strategy worked in the first half and went bust in the second. The good thing the Redskins' O did all game was grind out long possessions. Now, too few of them wound up in points, but it did limit the Panthers' opportunities quite a bit. OTOH, I ws pretty frustrated with how many drives seemed to just peter out just out of field goal range. I think that's why Gruden said F it and went for the 56 yarder instead of punting. We were really good at getting to the 38 yard line or so and then dying.
  2. Burgold

    Who are the 2018-19 Redskins?

    The Marty style demands perfection. If the offense or defense makes a single mistake, the team loses. If they play a perfect game, they are in it at the end with a chance to win. I'm not really a fan of Martyball either. I don't really think we're seeing a true version of Martyball though... maybe this is its West Coast cousin. Where three yards and a pile of dust is traded in for a three yard pass and a pile of dust?
  3. Burgold

    Who are the 2018-19 Redskins?

    I get that. You probably desire filet or a good barbecue. The Redskins are serving up gruel. Now, gruel will fill you up and keep you going through the day, but it kind of looks and tastes nasty. The last time we had a steady diet of gruel was probably Marty Schottenheimer. This season, unlike Marty's we have some variety. You got gruel one week and then the next week... horse poop. I'm hopeful we see gruel against the Cowboys. Still, I wouldn't mind a crab cake every now and then though.
  4. Burgold

    Who are the 2018-19 Redskins?

    You guys are really no fun at all
  5. Burgold

    Redskins Lead NFC East

    Sports Illustrated predicted the Redskins would go 2-14 this year. We have already won 50 percent more games then we were supposed to!
  6. Burgold

    Who are the 2018-19 Redskins?

    It just came to me that the 2018-19 Redskins are Popeye. Some weeks, we eat our spinach and out muscle and beat the hell out of the opponent whilst other weeks Bluto hides our spinach and we get the snot kicked out of us. Our biggest problem is that our cheerleaders, Olive Oyl, wasn't smart enough to pack us two cans of spinach for our Sunday picnic... that's why we keep running out of steam in the second half. That's my best take. Who do you think the Redskins are this year?
  7. Burgold

    Redskins vs cowboys for First Place in The NFC East

    Is it bad that I'm not even sure the Redskins will come to play? Redskins seem to have two modes: Dominant juggernaut and 90 pound weakling. Come to think of it... I think we're Popeye only some weeks Bluto hides our spinach. Other weeks, we get that spinach charge in their first half, but it wears out in the second and we ain't smart enough to bring a second can.
  8. Burgold

    Improved Rush Defense...(Shoutout)

    How many times have we seen in recent years Tress Way pin someone inside the five only for the D to get immediately gashed with the run for easy first downs that somehow turned into 90+ yard scoring drives? We pinned them and the D stuffed them. That deserves credit. Maybe it should be normal, but it's something a Haslett, Barry, or last year's defense couldn't do. It's okay to be happy when the Redskins do something well.
  9. Burgold

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    and another bomb where the defender grabbed him and then grabbed an arm... shoulda been flagged. Doctson had a decent game. It'd be nice if it were a stepping stone. Hopefully, it is.
  10. Burgold

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    I don't think we were outplayed at all. We sustained multiple long drives, led by 17 points for a large part of the game, forced multiple turnovers. What you are getting caught up on is the defense decided to more or less play soft prevent for the entire fourth quarter. Redskins were on hold on mode and while that's aggravating and annoying, I don't know how you can think that a team that we led the whole game outplayed us?
  11. Burgold

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    I'd normally agree, but considering that Peterson has a sprained shoulder and a leg injury, I think limiting his touches especially with a touchdown plus lead most of the game makes sense. Bibbs is a pretty good pass receiver for a running back. I mean Peterson sure didn't look hurt, but still, the one time he really got clobbered was after a pass.
  12. Burgold

    Improved Rush Defense...(Shoutout)

    Looks like it.
  13. Burgold

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    That's fair, but you should never contest random percentages I pull out of thin air. They are always rock solid, absolute, and correct. Edit: Moreover, there's a zero percent chance that Kirk Cousins wins the Carolina game today. Reason? He ain't on the team.
  14. Burgold

    Improved Rush Defense...(Shoutout)

    The 4.5 is not about rush defense. It's about QB scrambles. When Carolina called running plays, the Redskins were quite effective. The only decent running plays Carolina pulled off were some option plays albeit they had two nice 8 yard runs on their first drive. Overall though, we shut 'em down. Part of that was limited opportunities, but part of it was their run game was ineffective. Same thing with the Saints. The reasons New Orleans stuck with the passing game despite having Ingraham and Kalamara deep into the fourth quarter despite a huge lead was that the 'skins were actually shutting down the Saint's run. We sucked at everything else that day, but we looked great against their runners.
  15. Burgold

    Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Heck, if you listen to Alex Smith mic'ed up there were several times in the huddle where he said, "Where's Ryan Grant! I need Ryan stat!"