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Dimitrius Underwood comeback in the CFL


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Former 1st round pick and ex-Cowboy Dimitrius Underwood has signed with Ottawa of the CFL. Not big news, but hey, its the offseason.


Renegades sign Underwood

Ottawa Renegades

TSN.ca Staff

5/25/2005 12:01:11 AM

The Ottawa Renegades are looking to turn things around and so is former NFL first round pick Dimitrius Underwood. It was a good enough fit for the Renegades to take a chance on the former NFL first rounder.

The Ottawa Renegades have signed the troubled defensive lineman to a contract. Following a number of off-field incidents including suicide attempts and arrests, Underwood was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

But Renegades director of player personnel Chris McRobbie feels Underwood is worth the risk.

"We've investigated bipolar, and I know more about his health than I do my own. And I spoke to contacts in the NFL who all told me the same thing: 'The kid can play, a definite talent,'" McRobbie told CNNSI.com. "There's an opportunity for us to have a potentially dominant defensive lineman. And there's the opportunity for him to have fun back in his life."

"We are happy to announce that we are giving an opportunity to a young man who possesses a special talent," said Joe Paopao, head coach and general manager of the Renegades. "Just like the 70-plus players coming to training camp, it is about opportunity and making the most of it.

"We are aware of his condition, and it is a condition in our society," continued Paopao. "From the reports we received and conversations with coaches, trainers and doctors, we expect this young man - like the rest of our players - to arrive, play and conduct himself as a professional."

Underwood was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in 1999 but quit after one day of training camp to enter the ministry. However, he signed with Miami just one month later but never played a game with the Dolphins.

After being arrested for non-payment of child support, Underwood made a failed suicide attempt. In 2000, he played a full season with the Dallas Cowboys but attempted suicide again following the campaign. Late in 2002, Underwood was arrested twice and made his first of many visits to a psychiatric facility.

"We're certainly aware that some of these 'experiments' in the CFL didn't work out," McRobbie told CNNSI.com. "We know that if he didn't have what he has, he would still be playing in [the NFL] ... He's not going to be given anything here. He has to compete for his job. But we know his condition is treatable, and we plan to help him."

Underwood has not had any run-ins with the law for more than a year.

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