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Check the file size of the pic. Many e-mail sites will only allow files of less than a certain size. If you crop the pic a bit it will make the file size somewhat smaller.

Also, if you scanned the image, you may have saved it as a bitmap instead of a jpeg file which is considerably larger.

Good luck!!

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Hey There.

You probably scanned the image at a high resolution -- that's great for a "Master File" or for print, but not so good for the web.

There's basically 2 ways to get web-appropriate images:

1) SCAN (OR SHOOT) AT SCREEN RESOLUTION: If you scan at 72 dpi (Mac) or 96 dpi (PC) you'll get a picture that's roughly the size of the original. Likewise, scanning at 144 (Mac) or 196 (PC) will give you a double-sized image, and so on.

The drawbacks of this approach are:

- The picture quality isn't as good.

- The resolution isn't good for print



Popular image programs include Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe PhotoDeluxe, Corel Painter and Jasc's Paint Shop Pro. It's more than likely that an adequate program was included with your scanner or camera.

I use PhotoShop, but the following steps are probably similar in other programs:

a) Open the original hi-res picture in PhotoShop

B) From the "Image" Menu, choose "Image Size ..."

c) In the dialog box, enter your new dimensions. Be sure the "Constrain Proportions" box is checked --- This will make sure your width and height are always proportional. Don't worry about the other boxes.

d) Click OK.

NOTE: In both cases, save your file in the JPEG format-- this is the photo standard for web pages.

Hope that helps!

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I am stuck now .....let me put in more detail ....

I have a eVision CLEARview TFT LCD Digital Camera.....it is the size of a regular Camera, and I have a screen on the back that i can view all the pictures I take with it ......I have the cord that hooks up to my comp , so i can view them on my Computer ....but when i save them to my Computer , it must save it the wrong way .....because thje file is to big ......Does someone know what i have to do .....I don't have a scanner ....i go straight from the Camera to the Computer ...

ty for all the help ....hopefully i can get it right ....

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