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Redskins unsung heros


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Now that we have discussed the 70 Most Popular Redskins and the 70 Most Hated Redskins lets name the Unsung Heroes. Theses are guys that were not big named players but when it came to game time they were ready to play ball.

Remember Joe Gibbs said on his HOF Induction Speech that when he was asked who was the best player he ever coached he named names like Otis Wonsley, Pete Cronan and Reggie Branch. Special teamers and guys behind the scenes that made his team great.

Reggie Branch

Kelvin Bryant

Pete Cronan

Brad Edwards

Alvin Garrett

Nick Giaquinto

Kurt Gouvea

James Jenkins

Terry Orr

Virgil Seay

Otis Wonsley

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Good call on Kelvin Bryant. I Almost had the wife convinced about naming our first son Kelvin, because of Kelvin Bryant. For some reason she decided all the kids first letter of their first name should be a "C". So I settled on Calvin, which later ended up in Cody. Since, there has also been a Copper.

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Pete Wysocki

Charlie Harraway

Big Dave Butz

Don Warren

Gary Clark

You could also make a case for both Art monk and Darryl Green. While each has received some acclaim it has been far less than deserved in both cases.

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