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Bad news/Good news


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Went to the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the ESA in Raleigh was ROCKIN' tonight. Great F'n fans on both sides.

The bad news: Canes lost ... got spanked. Tried to play Detroit's game (finesse) for the first time in the series and had nothing for 'em.

The good news: Managed to avoid destroying any vehicles before, during or after the game.

Had too many beers.

Going to bed now.. gonna hurt in the morning. :doh:

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Note: Sorry about the Canes

Well, theis leads me to belive any one or any combo of the following:

1) Beer, the proper amount consumed of course, greatly enhances one's ability to read the coverage by certain...er...makes of vehicles. :cool:

2) Beer, the proper amount consumed, could make one forget that once again the coverage was there as well as the ensuing.......carnage :doh:

3) The rest of the SUV's heard about what happened to the other guy and volunteered for the I.R. list. :D Where they too consumed the proper amount of beer. 40 wt. of course.

4) Beer, the proper amount "not" consumed, allowed everyone else to remember what happened to the last guy,(Brave), and said; "We got enough, have a nice evening."

Take some aspirine big guy and good luck on the next game.

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