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All these rumors don't make sense.


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Ok lets see.

We have the fata$s saying we are taking Campbell with our 25th pick.

Then today strong suggestions we want to trade up with Miami and even with Bears to get Edwards and giving up our two picks and maybe more.

Then if this was the plan all along could someone please tell me why the hell didn't we go after ANY CBs in FA? Dyson was there, Surtain (It would have cost but still make somekind of a play) was there, etc etc. I mean we DO need insurance at CB especially how Gregg Williams is using them. That is why all these rumors don't make sense to me.

If we knew we were going to try and trade up we should also have made sure we got a FA CB. That is why I say we are going CB with our 9 (Rodgers, Jones) and TE/WR with our 25 (Miller or Matt Jones). If Gibbs thinks that Macants can play in this league we may also look at the best available DE with our 25 but I just don't see how Gibbs (after getting burned by ex-michican WR Howard) would bet the farm on Edwards, nor how Gibbs after giving the node to Ramsey and resigns MH he goes after a QB. How many QBs are we going to carry this year 4? Makes no sense at all.

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