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KFFL on Pat Ramsey

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Good stuff, Maynard . . .

Patrick Ramsey, Washington Redskins

Ramsey is going into the best situation of any of the rookie quarterbacks. He is joining a team that has a solid foundation and could be a very good team this year. Add on the fact that the current quarterbacks they have, have more questions marks than success, are more than pathetic, presents a very appealing scenario. Ramsey is a solid quarterback who isn't the greatest at anything but is very good at virtually everything (except speed). Remember, Steve Spurrier made weak-armed quarterbacks All-Americans look like gods at Florida. The possibilities are outstanding with what just think we he could do with a quarterback with talent.

If the Spurrier offense is successful in the NFL, then Ramsey will be able to put up some huge numbers. Unfortunately, that is the big "if" that everyone is anxiously awaiting the answer to this year. Like most offensive innovations, they are usually successful the first couple of years and then gradually become less effective. Unless the team can adapt, then defenses catch on.

In the end, Ramsey may have the most immediate impact of any quarterback in the rookie class. He should also be successful long-term and is a definite keeper for a long time to come. Of the rookie quarterbacks, he should be the 1st one considered by someone playing for this year and even keeper league owners.

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Heya Goldy, once again!

Personally, I am really excited about Ramsey. I feel the kid has all of the attributes that our future QB should have: good arm, smarts, humble personality, and, best yet, a great QB coach in SOS!

Personally, I was a bit disappointed in the draft--at first. The only picked I cared for WAS Ramsey. But after pondering, reading other's thoughts, and weight the draft after the fact, I feel we did all right. (I admit, I was probably a bit loud with my displeasure--but hey, I am fan, I care! :-P And you know me, Goldy, I can be forceful with my opinion!)

I went back and watched my 2002 draft tape, just to look at the Ramsey high-lights they showed before, and after, his pick, and I really became more exicted. I loved Jaws' analysis (Jaws can break down plays so well, I love listening to his analysis), and the reel footage they showed was excellent. Patrick really does have a nice arm, he's great to watch. His throws are right on target, perfect spirals, with lots of force. From the articles I have read recently, the WR's seem really excited about him, so far, as well.

If he truly pans out, it will be nice, for once, to have a QB that would make OTHER teams jealous!


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Picking Ramsey and getting Shane, really puts us in a good position QB-wise. Sage seems solid, Shane can get us started this year and Ramsey is looking good as the man of the future.

SHEESH, what a difference a few months can make.

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Ramsey is the perfect QB for Spurrier's system. I also liked that we traded down to get him. I am excited about him as well. My only hope is that he sees more time in the preseason than was orginally expected. Most of the time was going to go to the other three to help figure out a starter. I want Ramsey to get a lot of second half time.

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