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Where can I get an OSHA approved skin hard hat like this

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I got one of them. I got it at the stadium store in Wheaton, Maryland(no longer there) years ago. My job(Trucker) has me going to plants wear they have to be worn. My company gave me a company hard hat but I wear my Redskins one.

A suger plant(ADM) up in Langhorne, PA, north of Philly ware I sometimes go, I once wore my Redskins hard hat there and the guys(all eagle fans) refussed to load my trailer(Tanker) until I removed my Redskins hard hat. Of course we all had a big laugh about it and they went and loaded my trailer but I still wore my Redskins hard hat. I love causing trouble when it comes to eagle fans.:laugh:

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Skinsfan44, I am going to bust some major balls when I get my hard hat. I had an Osha approved one a few years ago. It was a gift from a contractor for X-mas. I know one of the guys took it from my office. I am on a job site just outside Princeton NJ. About 1/2 the guys are eagle fans and the other 1/2 giant fans. There are a few cowboy and jet fans. Never seems to fail, the boy hats always seem to disappear.


Thank you for the info. I just ordered one. I am going to keep this one locked up in my truck. I am almost positive it was an eagle fan, for the most part they have no respect for other teams. Atleast I can say most of the Giant and the Jet fans have some class.

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