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Kings Walk on Water?


Which game most heavily impacts the tide of a series?  

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  1. 1. Which game most heavily impacts the tide of a series?

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Must have been that the Lakers were frozen ... :)

So what the hell happened last night? I finally get to tune in with about 10 minutes left, hoping to catch a furious finish, but expecting to see a blowout. And I see a blowout ... but by the KINGS?! Bulldog, my brother, make sense of this for me. Where are you this morning? Or should I say, this mourning?

Sorry, that was low.

Count me as one very surprised observer of the NBA in general, and Chris Webber in particular. Is Bibby really that big a difference-maker? I know the man is good, but is he as dominating as he looked down the stretch last night?

Now I can't wait for Sunday.

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Oh ... just caught the thread over in Tailgate. My bad.

Geez, bulldog's so torn up about this game he left the freakin' country? Now that's a fan. :D

Tempted to move this over to Tailgate too ... but hey, it's the weekend, and pretty slow around here. Let it play itself out here for now ...

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No! Waterworld doesn't exist for the Kings or the Lakers. This is the FINALS, since the winner of the whole NBA title's coming from this series out West.

The Kings must continue the way they played last night, which is the way they should be playing the whole series. A little luck here and there hasn't hurt, but they also caught a flat Lakers team "somewhat". Bryant's not ailing enough not to make a contribution and his 4th QTR burst shows no ill effects of "Burgergate".

Shaq is being D'd the way he should be, with LESS physical activity from Divac, and instead attacking the ball when Shaq has it. Not constantly doubling Shaq worked and forcing Horry, Fisher and Fox to earn theirs, reduced their production. Look for an adjustment from Phil Jackson on this with targeting fouls against Webber, Divac, Jackson and Bibby. These are the keys to disrupting the Kings.

Making Shaq defend the ball is just the opposite effect of what Divac gains from it. The Lakers count on Shaq's scoring and inside play, more than the Kings rely on Divac's. Thus when Shaq has to defend the ball, the movement eventually takes him out of position and backdoor action multiplies. This was constantly noted by the announcers, but I look for Jackson to have Shaq zone closer to the rim and press the entire team from the outset in game 4.

Horry will be back with his 3's only when Christie is picked by Fox or Shaq to free him up. Christie shows a tendancy to overplay the ball and committ fouls, so the Lakers aren't worried about a strategy against him, since he does this on his own, though he has applied some D. It is the main four of the Kings that a strategy will be to humble their play with committing early and constant fouls, baiting them inside to Fox and Shaq, and Kobe on cuts to the basket. Fisher will and Horry will lay low in 3 range land, just like game 1.

What I see in Bibby is Dennis Johnson of the old Celtics and Sonics. He WILL find the open shooter and will go to the hole, just when you think he wouldn't. There is some similarity in his play and Kidd's but Kidd's game is more polished, as was DJ's.

He is for real no doubt, but he doesn't cause the concern a Kidd would.

The key off the bench, down the stretch will be Shaw for the Lakers and Jackson for the Kings.

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Sorta reminds me of when my Detroit "Bad Boys" did the same thing to the Lakers, then repeated against the Trailblazers the following season.

The "Center" of the basketball world was in Michigan in '90. My "Bad Boys" and "Go Blue"(Glenn Rice and the gang).

Damn, I just got a woody.

What makes it so special is "Magic" went to MSU. We (UM fans) couldn't beat him in the NCAA's, but we (Detroit fans, although he is a native) whipped him in the NBA finals. I know, bla, bla...........

Webber of the "Fab Five" will get his rewards with the Kings.

Don Nelson was a pr!ck with the Warriors when they got Webber and quite frankly, I wish he were out of the NBA, unless he coaches my most hated team. That's another story!

The "Fab Five" is still the best group of starters on one team in NCAA history. They were only Soph's when they lost the NCAA finals. My man "Weber" will atone for his illfated "time out" call.

The Lakers time, for this era, is DONE! Not saying they won't win another with Kobe and Shaq, but that's what history has shown.

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I don't much care for Sacramento one way or the other, but damn if I'm not glad that SOMEONE is finally pushing the Lakers. For the first time since Portland collapsed in Game 7 against them a couple years ago, you can almost make the case that they might have to scramble a bit to earn another trophy.

(By the way, is there a more boring trophy for a major championship than the stupid silver b-ball clanging off a rim deal that the NBA gives? Memo to Stern: hire a sculptor, already.)

The sports world has been busy crowning LA all season, and you can just hear the talk beginning about where to rank them "all time." If nothing else, I want to see the Kings push them to 7. To me, real champions don't always romp -- sometimes they have to dig deep and overcome equally worthy foes.

I just kind of wish it wasn't Webber. Sorry, Joey T, I liked the man well enough when he was with the Boulez, I guess ... but even then there was something about him that struck me as phony. Still kind of feel that way. Maybe it's the affected scowl and 'tude he seems to think he has to show. Plus, I've become convinced over the years that he's a bit of a shrinking violet; a guy who for whatever reason always seems to break your heart in the clutch.

Hope he proves me wrong, for at least long enough to let me see if Shaq, Phil and Kobe have the champion's ability and desire to bear down and find another gear.

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"The "Fab Five" is still the best group of starters on one team in NCAA history." - Joey T

I think the 1990 UNLV team might have something to say about that. The MU starters may have gone on to do more as pros, but while in college that team was pretty tough.

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