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Wow, talk about making a run for the ring.

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Raiders | After Adams? - posted at KFFL (http://nfl.kffl.com)

19:42 PT: Fox Sports reports the Oakland Raiders are reportedly working hard to sign free agent DT Sam Adams (Ravens). The Raiders have not been mentioned as a previous suitor of Adams. Previous repoers had Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Washington and Baltimore in the hunt.

Arent these guys on track to be something like $90 million over the cap next year??? I'm only half-joking, its some absurdly huge numbder.

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The Raiduhs do have a great chance of going to the big dance this year, then in the way of the Florida Marlins, have a major fire sale.

Both receivers, a corner, running back, starting QB and a LB or two will be among those released in March.

The question is does Adams, who knows a major purge is going to happen to the Raiduhs next year, would still go there or someplace with stability in the roster?

If he is about the money only, I'd pass because as I have said before if dollars only and not winning is the incentive and couple that reports of him being a problem with coaches is raising flags here.

Why cant we discover a Antonio Pierce (UDFA) type at DT?

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