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NFL Hall of Fame web site -- some crap, some gold

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Just went to the Pro Football Hall of Fame web site. Big disappointment for player profiles. I was trying to look up something on Riggins, and the player pages have almost no information or photos. Check out the Riggins page for yourself:


It's a huge missed opportunity, since very few fans get to visit the Hall. Why not make the online HOF a showcase? You could get video clips of famous plays, albums of photos, profiles of great games, etc.

The site is much better when it come to history as opposed to players. I did see one interesting page that shows the cumulative records of all the NFL franchises. The top winning percentages:

1. Dolphins (.610)

2. Raiders (.598)

2. Cowboys (.586)

3. Bears (.584)

4. 49ers (.565)

5. Browns (.560)

6. Vikings (.559)

7. Packers (.554)

8. Jaguars (.554)

9. Giants (.547)

10. Chiefs (.532)

11. Rams (.531)

12. Redskins (.529)


28. Panthers (.411)

29. Saints (.399)

30. Falcons (.394)

31. Bucs (.368)

The bottom of the list is especially amusing. Yep -- the all-time worst four franchises now comprise the entire NFC South. Since when did they deserve this charity?

On a trivia note, the site has a history of all NFL drafts. The first draft was held in 1936. There were only nine teams, but the draft produced 4 Hall of Famers. Only one of those guys was drafted in the first round. The other three were taken in the 2nd, 8th and 9th rounds. (Looks like talent scouting has always been bad.) Here's the draft order that year -- check out the teams!

1. Philadelphia Eagles

2. Boston Redskins (yep, that's us!)

3. Pittsburgh Pirates

4. Brooklyn Dodgers

5. Chicago Cardinals

6. Chicago Bears

7. Green Bay Packers

8. Detroit Lions

9. New York Giants

In that league, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh were the southern border, and Chicago, with two teams, shared the western frontier with Green Bay. And the future NFC East was one-third of the league (Skins, Eagles, Giants).

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that list of winning percentages is skewed for teams like Miami and Dallas because they were 1960's expansion teams.

The Bears, Redskins, Cardinals, Packers, etc.....have histories and records going back to the 1920's and 1930's...................

much harder to have a top winning percentage over 70 years as opposed to 30, eh? :laugh:

it is somewhat humbling to go the Hall and see that the Packers have won 12 NFL championships over the years.

it sort of takes the 'show-me-ism' out of modern fans who brag because their team won a single Super Bowl. :)

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