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got these off smootsmack.com .. check it out he had some choice words for spurrier and florida too you can find there

again, got these from smootsmack.com

On Preparing for BYU

"I've been working all week on what I'm going to say those men from BYU. These aren't young kids we're dealing with. These are men with families, mouths to feed. They'll want to hear something special since most of them are old enough to be my daddy."

On Rudi Johnson's performance in the Auburn game

"Rudi got a lot of snot bubbles today. He's never been hit like that before. Now he knows."

On Rodney Daniels pre-game talk before the Auburn game

"Yeah, I read in the paper earlier in the week (Rodney Daniels) said he couldn't wait. This was his 'breakout game'. He broke out, alright, what, with five catches for seven yards? It must have been a rash he broke out with."

On the Kentucky home field grass

"That's the worst field I've ever played on. I don't know if they spray painted it or what but it was slippery. It was real thick, too. And I don't know much about cutting grass, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night."

To Vanderbilt's WR Todd Yoder (my personal favorite)

"If you do my homework, I'll let you catch a pass"

To Clemson Head Coach Tommy Bowden

"I told him he's not his daddy. This is the Southeastern Conference, and we are for real. It's gonna take him a couple more years before he's ready to play a team like Mississippi State"

On getting snubbed by the Outback Bowl

"Man, we went 9-2. Georgia went 7-4. They might as well have put us playing on BET on Christmas Eve in the We Got Screwed Bowl."

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