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The Raven's get the shaft again?

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Chiefs | Spears Back in the Mix - posted at KFFL (http://nfl.kffl.com)

12:28 PT: Updating previous reports, Jay Glazer, of SportsLine.com, reports OT Marcus Spears has now agreed to terms with the Kansas City Chiefs on a four-year deal. Spears had previously agreed to a four-year deal with the Baltimore Ravens, but never officially signed the deal. He'll get a $1.25 million signing bonus and the deal will average just over $1 million per season and includes incentives based off of the number of games he starts.

Between this and the story about M. Lewis. I am thinking that these players/coaches aren't screwing their old teams. Its more like Baltimore keeps dropping the ball and can't handle proper contract talks.


Did Spears/Lewis do it to B-more or did B-more do it to themselves?

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That is true. That just has to hurt. The players they still have, that are under contract will have to hope the horizon is much better next year from the replacement's they'll have to get. I think the recipe for the Ravens is about to be shelved for a few years. Just too many keys leaving. Sure they could fill a few spots, but first you have to have them play together and become familiar, while keeping the core. Problem is, they keep taking hits in the core.

It's more of Baltimore doing it to themselves. They simply cannot half bake a contract. You either SIGNED the player or you didn't. To have him hang them out to dry falls in their lap for not securing that contract to the utmost. Same with Marvin Lewis.

The unforseen part of what is going on is, the slow anticipation of letting FA's go, and giving out bigger contracts than they could afford. It's not just the cap, but the money supply isn't as great as Washington or Tampa Bay.

Modell must be having nightmares in his sleep now.

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