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Who is this Mystery Team with a $5 Mil Bonus Offer to Sam Adams?

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April 25, 2002


By John Clayton


The "To-Do" lists for each team are thinning out as quickly as spots on the roster.

With teams sending players to NFL Europe, once the undrafted rookies are signed, coaches will be staring at bloated rosters exceeding 90 and, in the case of the Houston Texans, more than 100.

While the plate is almost full for general managers, it's panic time for unsigned players. About 160 released and unrestricted free agents are scrambling for maybe 30 or 40 openings on 32 teams over the next three months. Many of those players are angling for jobs with the Ravens, who waited the longest to fill their roster needs.

This could turn into the quietest spring since free agency started in 1993. That, however, doesn't mean that the NFL is shutting down. General managers and coaches are so used to working year round that they may spend more time tweaking their rosters knowing that veterans are available at cheaper prices.

Here's what to watch for in the next few months:

Sam Adams had two sacks last season for the Ravens.

1. Signing the top remaining free agents: Because of the need for defensive linemen, tackles Sam Adams and Larry Webster and end Keith McKenzie will get most of the action. The Jets, Bills and Ravens are working these positions the hardest.

Adams still has a multi-year offer with a $5 million signing bonus offer. [im gettin nervous, is this the Skins? :(]

McKenzie is just getting some action after a quiet couple of months. He can provide sacks in a 4-3 defense.

Can Adams last until June 1st or until we restructure some contracts? :( And who is this mystery team with the $ 5 Mil offer? :hammer:

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it is still amazing to me that after 2 months of free agency and a draft with 10 picks the Redskins have not acquired even ONE candidate to contribute at DT. :(

based on our postings about DT over the past year, I think the Skins did that one just to drive us crazy. :laugh:

I doubt the Redskins are the ones with the $5 million offer on the table.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Eagles were the team. They must feel they are close after last year's loss to the Rams and with losing Trotter (who was scheduled to make $5.15M) Adams may be irresistible to the Philly birds.

Overall, though, you can't complain about this week. We managed to put ourselves in position to win 2 or 3 more games this season with the signing of Shane Matthews. :)

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I actually asked the guys at igglephans if they thought the Eagles had any interest in Adams and they said that J. Johnson coached him in Seattle and was not a big fan.

I wouldn't be surprised if there was no 5 mil signing bonus offer...but then again, 5 mil signing bonus over 5 years ain't that hot an offer, so...

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Sam Adams isn't worth a 5 million bonus, even if it's spread out over 5 years because I doubt he can play effectively that much longer. I also find it disturbing that with all the moves that have been done, no DT has been acquired. You could say Wynn was, but most agree he's the DE of the future on one side. I'm trusting Marvin Lewis in this one. You can't have superstars at all the positions, so maybe Lewis thinks he can get what he needs out of the big boys that are still on the roster. Lewis likes to feature his LBs anyway, and the Skins got that position covered :)

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Lewis does like to feature linebackers, but you still need some widebody's in the middle to occupy the interior OL. You don't want linebackers having to waste their time on guards and centers.

We still need a bonafide run stopper in the middle next to Big Daddy.

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