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ART - I am still waiting


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Hey I resemble that remark.:laugh: Actually the back is feeling great lately. It goes in and out. On a good day I feel like I could pin Tyson......On a bad day when I can barely walk PeeWee Herman could bit** slap me.:laugh: Very Humbling expierence my back accident. And my wife just walked thru and wanted to tell everyone she aint that bad so don't feel to bad for tommy.......he get's it regularly......:D

Art, You didn't just call him out, you ripped his arms off and sodimized him with them......He now looks like a Q ice pop....:laugh:

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NOW everything makes sense.

ironicly enough I DO have a bad back (its also my professional specialty)

and My wife Does wear glasses

good, now I can stop trying to remember some long forgotten post................

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