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now that the draft is over we can concentrate on LG, DT and depth at S and WR.

I sure hope the Redskins are moving away from some of the veteran players they were considering before the draft.

While I like Hallen at LG, I think Heath Irwin is a stiff. Miami signed him to solidify what was a weak interior line and his performance was poor enough to get him supplanted after a single season.

on the defensive line, I think the Wynn signing if we are going to use him at end goes a way toward eliminating the appeal of Maa Tanuvasa. At 267 pounds Tanuvasa is too small to play DT on all but the most limited basis and with Smith/Coleman on the other side of Wynn in a platoon (as planned so far) I don't see him contributing.

I still believe we need to sign a tackle with legitimate size. Not a converted end but a genuine tackle. A nasty sparkplug 6'2 and 315-20 pounds. :)

It's strange in that for years the Redskins were plugging in players at DT such as Butz, Grant, Williams, Geathers, Johnson and continuing to stop the run and get pressure on the quarterback.

Now we can't seem to find ANY players at DT. We use ends at tackle like Lang. We sign swing players in free agency like Bankston who likewise was smallish inside. We sign Wynn and perhaps have plans to play him some downs inside at 280.

Why is it so hard for this team to find the kind of bowling ball tackle everyone else seems to have? :laugh:

At safety it appears from Lewis that we may be wired in to getting Rod Woodson for a year. I wouldn't count on that. I still think he will go to the Steelers. We will need to keep looking after June 1 here.

Wide receiver? Willie Jackson and Westbrook are still out there. Cliff Russell doesn't appear to add that much to the receiving corps to think we are definitely done at WR.

I still think Kevin Lockett may not make it through to the final roster. He is not big, particularly fast or productive. His career yards per catch and the fact he has been no better than a #3 on some teams with so-so receivers doesn't help his cause.

Evidently, Reidel Anthony didn't look very good at the first minicamp either. He could be another cut victim.

I think Gardner and Jacquez Green are on track to be the starters unless another move is made. We have enough developmental players now with Russell added to the mix.

Jackson and his 81 catches from 2001 would be nice to see out there on opening day but you have to wonder what his price tag is going to be?

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Jackson's an interesting player at WR. He's a former Gator, although I have yet to hear it explained why that's always a good thing for us.

There's at least one other team in the division - the Eagles - with a vested interest in making sure we don't land a quality WR like Jackson. They too need WR's, and it would kill two birds with one stone if we signed him. I've also read that Denver is interested in him, which makes sense.

I think he'll sit until June 1 before moving.

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dont' forget though that the Broncos are paying Rod Smith and Ed MacCaffrey a lot of money and just drafted Ashley Lelie at #19 which is going to tie down some more bonus dollars and cap space. :)

I doubt Denver will have the money to bid on Jackson unless they release a gaggle of players on June 1.

The Eagles are definitely capable of snatching up Jackson as they have the ready cash to do so. We spent enough on Wynn and Trotter that we no longer have that kind of flexibility.

However, the one thing I will say is that the Eagles have been very cautious about using their cap dollars and have yet to sign any free agents around 30 as Jackson is.

Kalu, Thrash, Barber from the Skins. All younger players and ones that accepted modest bonuses.

except for Jon Runyan I can't remember Reid really spending big dollars on any free agents.

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On the WR scenario, obviously Gardner and Green are our main two. The #3 WR will either be Lockett or Anthony, but not both. They are both very similar, and it sounds like Ridiel has lost it.

Hopefully one capable WR will emerge from Thompson/McCants. Russell figures into the long term plans, and will be counted on in 2003-4. That leaves room for one real WR. This will definitely be a post-June 1 move.

As for LG, does anyone thinks the staff will first give looks to Brandt, Loverne, Tucker, Sufdst? I wouldn't be surprised if we waiting on this group to fight it out, before possibly taking in a veteran short-term solution after June 1.

DT needs to be addressed sooner rather than later ... unless there is an understanding with someone like Adams to wait until after June 1. If not, then my hunch is that we will switch defensive allighments.

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alignments only work if you have the personnel.

we don't have 2 ends to play in the 3-4 nor do we have a true nose tackle.

Wilkinson is far to selfish about his stats to assume a role where he clogs up the middle and sits down in his spot.

Wynn COULD play end in a 3-4 if Wilkinson could be persuaded to play tackle. But whom would you play at the other end spot?

Certainly not Bruce or Marco, who are 4-3 end's both going around 260-265.

the other option is you could play Wynn AND Wilkinson at END (Dan is quick enough to play outside) but that would still leave you with the need to acquire a nose man.

No, the answer to the problem is to acquire a legit tackle one way or another.

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Yeah, we still need a DT no matter how you look at it. Big Daddy wouldn't go for it.

About the ends. Wasn't Bruce Smith in a 3-4 his entire career in Buffalo? I know he's no longer the same dude as before, but I thought that was one of the reasons he sought us out, to get into the 4-3.

No matter, we need some Ugly Man Mountains for DT.

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Yes, Bruce played in a 3-4 before Buffalo changed over to a 4-3. But that was 10 years ago, when Bruce was the same size but ten years younger and in better shape, and when OT's only weighed between 290 and 320, not between 310 and 370.

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Going back to the original post, I agree with almost everything except the take on Lockett. Lockett is fast, and I think he will be a fine #3 in Spurrier's system. Perhaps ideally we would like to upgrade the WR corps, if I have a problem it is with Gardner assuming the #1 role, but the other needs you point out take priority and at this point, unless we get a Willie Jackson on the cheap, adding someone better than Lockett would be a luxury rather than a need. I would prioritize the needs as DT, LG, vet QB, pass-rush specialist (Bruce alone worries me, plus I'd rather see him cut than Marco), safety, and then WR.

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