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Where can I find a..........


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Originally posted by Bufford


Player School

Qasim Mitchell North Carolina A&T

Steve Edwards Central Florida

Frank Romero Oklahoma

Jeremese Jones Virginia

Antwan Kirk-Hughes Texas

Michael Collins Wake Forest

Evan Routzahn Virginia

Teag Whiting BYU

Melvin Paige South Carolina

Howard Duncan Oklahoma

Dwayne Pierce LSU

Marquise Muldrow Arizona State

Kevin Barry Arizona State

Tango Macauley Alabama State

Jay Kulaga Illinois


Player School

Brandon Moore Illinois

Mike Collins Ohio State

Jovon Bush Clemson Jacksonville

Jeremy Slechta Nebraska

Curry Dawson Angelo State

Anthony Fletcher UCLA

Ma'ake Kemoeatu Utah

Ken Kocher UCLA

Derrick Pickens Iowa

Ryan Neilsen USC

Antwan Lake West Virginia

Jerry Togiai Kansas State

any insight on these guys?

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Qasim Mitchell is a big boy from North Carolina A&T. He was given a 3rd round grade and I have no idea why he slipped. He is big and is a tough SOB. He has a big upside and the last time I checked the skins could use some guards.:)

What really sucks is that we didn't get LB Trev Faulk. He was the heart and soul of the LSU defense last year.

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And Mitchell is in some way connected with Mendes. Apparently, before Mendes was given the V.P. of Football Operations job he was working as a consultant/conditioning guru for several agents... one being the agent for Qasim Mitchell. So.. he's seen him up close and should have a good evaluation of him.

I think if I remember correctly, the take on him is that he'll look like a HOF in practice but completely forgets technique and leverage when he gets in game situations. With some coaching, this guy could be the all time sleeper of sleepers.

Mendes will know better than any of us.

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