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WE Just Landed a Top Prospect


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With that last bonehead pick (and a few others) ...

We know know that we will get either Ramsey, a startging guard (Fointi, Kendall, Guarde), or our 3rd ranked WR (Gaffney or Reed)

That's it how you maximize your value. You trade down to the piont where you can still statify yoru primary need with a top ranked candidate.


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Now we are golden. I'm a huge BC fan, but Columbo is a RT who did not exactly dominate in college, and is not a great run blocker. He's nasty, and has a nice frame, but that was a reach.

Now we are definitely getting a player.

Heck, with the Number of Top Guards still on the Board (3), and top WR's still on the Board (2), and Ramsey ...

We could conceivable trade down a few more, and make Buffalo play for it with another 3rd.

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A waste pick because he doesnt dso squat for us this year and as I said earlier what will Danny and S Double do if Sage grabs the job and performs so well in camp and preseason games in front of us that he has to be the starter.

Now the Cowpokes have the two guys Roy Williams and Gurode that makes the first day an A+ thus we will be hearing smack about immediate and major impact for them and about this draft not doing diddly for us this year

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ND, you're so blindly in favor of guards that your criticisms of Ramsey make absolutely no sense. OK, let's assume that Ramsey indeed does nothing for us this year. What success exactly do you expect us to have with even a top guard like Gurode, but with Sage, Wuerffel, or Matthews at QB?

We aren't playing for this year, and I think you know that deep down. Relax. We've done well. And we can still get a guard that contributes later on in the draft.

And if you're worried about what the Cowboys think about us, or how well they do, then your focus is all wrong. Who cares about them. If they do well, bully for them. I'm focused on our success.

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