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Is #21 too high for Ramsey?


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I think it is . . . but hey, what the hell do I know? . . . I say we take an OG -- and that doesn't stand for Original Gangsta -- then a DT, sign Shane, and pick our franchise QB next year when the pickins are a lot beefier . . . so long as we hold on to our #1 pick in 2003, we outta get one of the franchise QBs coming out either by standing pat with it or by offering a relative pittance to move up for that guy . . .

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Once again we have no idea what our front office is going to do...

Theme of the off-season...

It's the suspense that kills me. What would be the talent difference in a WR chosen at #21 versus if we were to trade down?

Do we stay and draft OG, or trade down again and pick a mid grade starter prospect type guard?

Again, with Ramsey still there, is #21 to high? Why not trade down and get him a couple picks later? Is there anyone that would be willing to trade up?

Tick, tick, tick...

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I think the WR talent level drops off a bit after Lelie and Gaffney. I don't think you'll get a sure starter after them. However, missing out on them would be OK. I'm tired of drafting WRs in the first round. Lelie is intriguing to me, but I believe we would be better served building the lines. I don't know, maybe NavyDave has rubbed off on me. :)

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