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Now that we have Trotter..

Zen-like Todd

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OK guys, I've swung back to the other side. Trading up to get Harrington wouldnt freak me out, but to fill our spots this year, I think we should trade down to the mid-late twenties.

Pick up an OG (I saw footage of Fonoti today, he's scary big, but he doesnt look nearly as mobile or versatile as Gurode, who can pull, and play all three interior line spots effectively) in the late first round, pick up the best remaining DT in the 2nd (Freeman, Weaver, whateva), and with our newfound third rounder, see if anyone interesting drops at DE, OG, or WR. Trade the 7th for Shane Matthews just to get him here before June 1st and into camp so he can hang with his teammates. Sign another low-priced vet at DT for depth/competition with our 2nd round DT, and we go to war.

I know this doesnt sound terribly original, but I've been trying to figure out what my big picture preferences were, and this is it at the moment.

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I just heard Detriot is leaning towards HArrington which would be alright with me, that way we trade down and get a low first round and maybe (if we are lucky) a 2nd but atleast a third.

Jeremiah is a Redskin :cheers:

Will become a good friend of mine..... :D

sorry just feel like singing bet your glad ya cant hear me :D :puke:

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nice song skins 57,

it would be nice if we could pick up a 3rd rounder. OG, DT, DE, S would be my first four priorities. After that WR, TE, RB would be good spots to look for late in the draft. I dont think we should bother to go for a high WR like some others do. I think we have a good corps of receivers as is and I would only look to add a WR who can be a good return/special teams guy.

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I personally hope the Skins trade down and stock up on 2nd and 3rd round picks. An article I read said that trading out of the first round, saves a team approximately $8 Million over fourth years, assuming all players involved int eh trade turn out to be starters.

Given that our picks are destined for WR, S, and OG ... I think it's fair to say that our 2nd and 3rd round picks will net us starters.

I just hope we don't trade away all of our Day 1 picks for Harrington. Apparently the Raiders have called us about trading down to #23. I'd do it, and take their 3rd and 5th rounder for it. And then I'd trade down again & completely out of the first round and pick up a 2nd and 3rd rounder for doing it. Giving us two 2nds, two thirds, plus extra picks on Day 2.

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W&M, I'm with you. I know we need a franchise QB to make it all work, but there's a great class of QBs coming out next year, and I'd rather the team look to plugging holes in the lines with some young prospects now.

If Harrington fell then you have to take him of course...but the price of trading up looks to wipe out any other first day picks.

Then again our new head coach will likely want his man in place from day one. Can we afford to 'waste' a year until that happens?

Anyway, time to do the Dallas salute:


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