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Jeff Blake has yet to come to terms with where he is career-wise. He missed more than half of the 2000 season with a serious injury and then was a backup for the 2001 season behind Aaron Brooks.

He isn't going to command a $2M or $4M signing bonus as he was alleged to be after a few weeks ago from Buffalo and Washington.

The fact both Mendes and Donohoe said, 'thanks, but no thanks' to Blake and his agent indicates that good football people don't believe Blake has an upside worth that kind of bonus.

What Blake has shown before is that he can throw the ball and put up numbers playing streetball, pitch and catch with Darnay Scott and Carl Pickens in Cincinnati, etc........

He has yet to start or win a playoff game.

And his pro bowl appearance was 6 years ago as an alternate!

You look around at what Trent Dilfer got last year in terms of money and what Chris Chandler got and compare their accomplishments to Blake.

Dilfer and Chandler both took teams to Super Bowls in the past 3 or 4 years. Both played well in pressure games to get there.

Blake hasn't proven that ability as of yet.

when you combine that history with some questions about nagging injuries, you aren't going to end up getting a prime contract without proving yourself first. :)

I thought Blake was going to prove himself here in an offense friendly to quarterbacks who like to throw the intermediate routes for a year or so.

But Blake got greedy and now he is going to end up signing on somewhere like Baltimore, where most of the talent has left and taken up residence elsewhere.

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