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Jerry Jones named as a defendant in sexual assault case....

Wacky Ralph

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Cowboys' Underwood faces assault charges

Foster City, CA (Sports Network) - Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Dimitrius Underwood had a lawsuit filed against him by a woman who is alleging sexual assault.

The plaintiff has accused Underwood of assaulting her in the team's hotel on October 7, while the Cowboys were in town to play the Oakland Raiders.

Underwood is accused of forcing his way into the plaintiff's room at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Foster City. The complaint alleges negligence, sexual assault and battery, and imprisonment. The hotel is also named in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit alleges Dallas owner Jerry Jones and the Cowboys are liable for the player's conduct. Jones is also named as a defendant in the lawsuit.

04/17 16:03:32 ET"

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This is ridiculous. The alleged victim is a capper looking to score a big hit.

First of all, the state didn't find enough evidence to even detain Underwood, let alone charge him with a crime.

The lady is filing a civil suit and looking to hit the lotto. Jerry Jones was names solely because he has deep pockets.

The only reason this is making headlines is because it's a Cowboy in the news. NFL players are sued every other week. No one else makes the news.

So let's stop this silliness.


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Originally posted by Bufford

I agree with 9. This COULD be legit to a certain level with if it were Cletus in urbana, alabama......nobody would care.

it's all about the $$$$ here.

Of COURSE it's probably nothing. But still, it's significant when an owner of an NFL franchise is named in a sexual assault lawsuit.

And I'll tell you THIS-- you never hear about Danny Snyder sexually assaulting anyone. But that's probably just because he's too short to reach a girl's breasts.

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