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Bucs sign TE Ken Dilger

One Dollar

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Gruden sure is using FA to offset the draft picks lost for him.

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I think that Dilger is better than anyone the Bucs could have drafted in the 3rd round, and he is an upgrade over Battaglia and Moore. He came to Tampa to play for less Money because he wanted to play for Gruden. Get that. He left Dungy and wanted to play for Gruden. Who woulda thought.

The Bucs are definately getting BIG with FA

Check out the size of the guys Gruden has got so far:

G Kerry Jenkins (Jets) 6-5, 305

QB Rob Johnson (Bills) 6-4, 212

WR Joe Jurevicius (Giants) 6-5, 230

WR Keith Poole (Broncos) 6-0, 193

RB Michael Pittman (Cardinals) 6-0, 218

TE Marco Battaglia (Redskins)

TE Ken Dilger (Colts) 6-3, 249

LB Jack Golden (Giants) 6-1, 240

DE Greg Spires (Browns) 6-1, 265

Ok now back to your regularly scheduled Redskin talk :)

$1 (resident Buc fan)

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I thought the Colts dumped him not him wanting to play somewhere else.

The colts have kept their Offensive coaching staff so I dont see Dungy being the reason for an offensive player to leave.

This is where us signing Trotter would be a plus because wit the size and lack of speed fom their receivers the bucs may use slants alot which would lead them into free Tattoos from Trotter and Shade.

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These big boys that Gruden is getting can give out some tattoos also (Dilger is 6-3 and 249lbs) :) Also, just try and tackle Pittman or Alstott without 'getting some' in return.

plus Gruden is FAR from done. look for a speedy FA WR after June or in this years WR stocked draft.

And if your talking about our only matchup, it will be in Pre-season and I'm sure Lynch & Brooks are looking to give some tattoos to Anthoney and Green :):) (now those smurfs will be hurtin')

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