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I know how much NavyDave loves to read these types of reports but it's kinda interesting that both Fatsquarelli and Clayton both reports connections between Ramsey and the Skins today on ESPN's Draft Rumor Central. Here's what they say:

April 12: Clayton: Ramsey is quite an interesting player in the quarterback market. The Bills are expected not to take Joey Harrington with the first choice, and Ramsey impresses them. The problem is that there is no guarantee he will be available near the top of the second round. Why? Because Redskins coach Steve Spurrier and the organization like him, too. The Redskins have the 18th choice. That might be a little rich to take Ramsey, but never count out surprises in the draft.

April 12: Pasquarelli: Depending upon where Joey Harrington ends up, there are some scenarios now in which the Tulane standout could sneak into the bottom part of the first round. Redskins owner Dan Snyder took Ramsey to dinner earlier this week and came away impressed with the man regarded as the No. 3 quarterback prospect in the draft. Chicago is interested in developing a young quarterback for the future. The teams that like Ramsey may not be able to gamble on him lasting too deep into the second round and might have to "reach" for him in the opening stanza.

It might just be that we're going QB in the first round regardless if Harrington is there or not.

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Nothing but pure speculation, fortunately. I will go on a hunger strike if we draft Ramsey at 18, especially since there are so many QBs coming next year in what is probably the best QB class in years. So we'll take the third best QB in the draft this year and then wonder what went wrong when Grossman and Leftwich have stellar rookie seasons? I don't think our braintrust is that dumb.

Clayton also mentioned that Henderson's injury troubles probably won't prevent him from being a top 15 pick. Of course, what does he know? But indications are we may be looking very closely at Fonoti.

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