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The web, she is a-changin' ...

I suspect somebody around here will pony up ... and since posting a link won't work any more, should that person choose to ‘share' it will certainly rekindle the little discussion we had about cutting and pasting, attribution and the like.

Hey, I know: let's pool our funds and buy a subscription on behalf of Extremeskins. I'm sure ESPN would be okay with that as long as we promise that nobody who isn't registered will read it. cool.gif

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On a a macro level:

The reason I don't subscribe to ANYTHING on the net is because I can usually find whatever I want to read about, and the articles written by one columnist are usually not that different from another on a content basis (style is obviously another matter). I can usually read the latest rumors and get the breaking sports news fairly quickly. And I can find enough in-depth analysis to satisfy my needs (admittedly perhaps less demanding than some).

But perhaps all this info and rumor flies around the net because a lot of the services are free. Should the majority of them go subscription, and the number of actual contact sources associated them reqire a premium to access, then will all the news tidbits and rumors dry up?

My plan is not to subscribe to anything, and hope that the egos of some folks to want to 'scoop' everyone else, will allow them to subscribe, then break the news to me )and everyone else) in forums like this laugh.gif

On a micro level:

I followed the link to that SportsTalk page, and read the blurb. It seems that for a premium you get their writers, plus any late breaking info from ESPN. I assume they'll have some other content also.

Are their writers that good and that much on top of things to justify getting a subscription? Can ESPN add enough value to make it a site worth paying for?

[edited.gif by Terry on June 08, 2001.]

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