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Phil Simms said this on nfl.com:

The Redskins have more questions than the Cowboys, but one thing they have going for them here is home-field advantage. FedEx Field, with Joe Gibbs back as coach, has become a tremendous home-field environment for this team.

They had over 90,000 for the home opener two weeks ago, which is awesome. My son, Chris, was there on the sidelines for the Bucs-Redskins game, and about his only comment to me was, "It was really, really loud." He couldn't get over how loud it was -- and he was a spectator many times in RFK for the Giants-Redskins games when I was playing.

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I thought so too. Extremeskins members need to take the lead and keep it going during any lulls.

It only takes one or two to get it going. I think most are motivated this year so lets do our part.

When opposing players are making comments like that you know we can have an effect.

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