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old players = injuries?


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yes jansen got hurt and arrington needs a scope--but look at 2 players who cant even get on the field in barrow and daniels--they are in there 30s and maybe to old

brunnell has been injured the past 3 yrs --he is also in his 30s

yes injuries can happen to any one---but older players seem to get hurt much more often and this could be a reason the skins are getting injury after injury--there are pld in many many spots--brunnell,brown,barrow,springs,daniels,harris,etc

also dont the skins belive in MRIs

heck if arrington got one after the tb game he would have had surgery 10 games ago

also barrows injury happened in camp and now we see he has a tear

other teams use MRIs right away --im wondering do we???

maybe there werent MRIs in 92

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i agree that old age does equal injuries. it's probably do to the fact that such much is expected of players and they are continuing to get bigger, stronger and faster. meaning they hit harder and play harder, which takes a toll on their body. so when it finally catches up with them and they try to continue doing what they've been doing, then they run into injuries. however, it could just be a coincidence since young players do get injured

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what about Charles Rogers, Correll Buckhalter, Anquan Bolden and a host of other younger players that are already lost for most if not all of the season? :)

I think injuries in most cases are an equal opportunity employer in the NFL. Any play can be your last for a season or even a career.

Just look at Bo Jackson or Joe Theismann. One minute you are a starter on an NFL team and a week later you're done.

What I will agree with is the observation that players that have shown a history of being guys that break are guys that seem to continue to break down :)

In the cases of Daniels and Barrow I think the team was just snakebitten.

Daniels has only missed a handful of games in the past 4-5 years. Ditto for Barrow who has been very durable.

Brunell on the other hand is a guy with the reputation of being brittle. he's not exactly a Brett Favre or even a Patrick Ramsey in terms of taking punishment in the pocket and getting up to make the big play.

Brunell used to be able to get away from the rush and make plays with his feet. He still can in spurts.

What he can't do is reprise his days as a consistent playmaking qb, and that is what this offense is chafing to come up with.

There are receivers to catch the ball, a running back that could use the pass to set up some big plays of his own, and a line that while not the best in the league at this point certainly is solid enough for a good qb to show productivity.

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