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Donte Stallworth


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Who watched NFL live at 7??

The drive of the week was the Saints GW drive.

And the final play Stallworth torched Ahmah Plummer for like a 20 yard TD catch or whatever it was.

They showed the route he ran, and the move was absolutely sick! He broke Plummer so bad, it was awesome.

Go Vols!!

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Good. More of these. I'm depending on him as my #3 WR in fantasy

Hell i'm trusting him as my #1 WR. I have faith in Donte, if he stays healthy, nobody can cover him. His speed, quickness, and agility is just remarkable. And to see him running these nice crisp routes with moves like that, whoa. He could really be something else.

Plummer is a good CB, and he just flat out froze him.

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