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Not that anyone cares, but in SE Va, we have a guy that has his own sports talk show and he was blasting Gibbs this evening.

Please note, these are not my opinions, I"m just throwing this up for everyone to read that didn't hear the guy.

He says that-

-The play calling was terrible. Sure certain players struggled at times by the coaches did nothing to help.

-Why continue to call long passing plays after Ramsey was picked off twice.

-Why no screens and draws using Portis, the teams best player, even though he fumbled, it is uncharacterist of Portis, so why be scared of going back to him.

-Why no Taylor Jacobs to stretch the field, Coles isn't as fast for some reason.

-Why is Rod Gardner still playing?

There was a lot more but it's hard to remember. THe weird part is that I didn't hear too many people calling in to defend Gibbs. So I did. I said that even if a play has a long route included, that doesn't mean that Ramsey is required to throw long and I agreed with him on the Portis points (you have to agree with something or they kick you off....:D).

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Originally posted by Saqs

Good point code. I do think we might have went away from the run too early. But whats done is done. Time for the Cowgilrs :P

True.... Very true.

I got my wife the shirt that says:

The rivalry Returns (on the front) and

We Want Dallas (on the back) for the game Monday night.

If we kick their ass, this game won't hurt so bad...:cheers:

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Sorry people that are bashing Gibbs after two games have been just waiting for us to lose. I am sorry, but the coaches put the players in position to win over and over again yesterday.

On the Joe Gibbs show he said that Ramsey had receivers running short routes on the long passes that he threw interceptions. Ramsey admitted he felt a sense of urgency and decided to go for it all. That is the QB decision. The play called has options. Ramsey admitted he made stupid decisions. How can you blame the playcalling when the playcalling has options. If you run everyone short, no one clears the safety.

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