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My week by week: Skins PRediction to a 9-7 record


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Well, here's my week by week prediction to my predicted: 9-7 Skins Record

Bucs: In Gibbs first home game in 12 years; the atmosphere is electric and Skins beat the Bucs 23-16 to go 1-0.

@Giants: Skins suffer a slight letdown as we lose a close one in the final minute: 20-23 and fall to 1-1.

Boys: Skins rebound in this MNF game and round one of Gibbs-Parcells go to the Skins, 31-13 and we improve to 2-1.

@Browns: The pounce on the hapless Brownies and win 41-10 to improve to 3-1.

1/4 of the way and some Skins fans are already thinking superbowl.

Ravens: Ravens defense knock Mark out of the game and Patrick has to finish. Alas, Skins have their first bad game of the season and lose: 3-16 to fall to 3-2.

@Bears: The Skins hold back Mark to recoup from his concussion in last game. Patrick starts and leads the Skins to a win: 31-17 and we improve to 4-2.


Packers: In a high scoring affair, Brett Farve leads a last minute drive to beat us: 34-31 and we fall to 4-3. Both Bret and Mark pass for over 300 yards in this one.

@Lions: The Skins take out their frustrations on the poor Lions and we win: 44-14 to improve to 5-3.

Bengals: In a defensive slugfest, we lose a close one 9-12 to fall to 5-4.

@Eagles: In flashbacks to the bodybag game of 1990; Mark and Patrick get knocked out of the game. Mark hurts his throwing shoulder and Patrick sprains ankle. Matt can't do much and we lose horribley 10-31 and fall to 5-5.

@Steelers: Patrick starts but has a horrible game and Matt finishes the game and leads a near comeback but we fall to the Steelers 17- 23 and we fall to 5-6.

Some Skins fans say Gibbs has lost it and all the usual gripes comes about. Even worse news as it's discovered Mark shoulder injury in the Eagles game will keep him out for the rest of the season but he would be available for playoffs if needed.

Giants: Patrick proves his doubters wrong as he outshines Eli Manning and we win 31-13 and improve to 6-6.

Eagles: Skins get revenge for the Son of the Bodybag game and win 27-17 and improve to 7-6.

@49ers: Patrick has a career day as he passes for over 400 yards and Clinton Portis rushes for 200 yards and we crush the Niners and win 55-0 to improve to 8-6.

Skins are back in the playoff picture.

@Boys: Parcells wins this rematch and it turns out this game hurts our playoff bid. We lose 20-27 and fall back to 8-7.

Vikings: Skins beat Vikings 28-27 and improve to 9-7.

Alas, The Skins lose out on tiebreakers to the Panthers for that final wild card spot. Damn those Boys. Thinks do look bright for 2005 and Patrick earns Gibbs trust in how he finishes the season and erase the fans doubts.

The Skins could win more but something tells me we win about 9 games and just miss the playoffs.

Only 13 hours and 15 minutes to game time!

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